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Nautically Themed Christmas Gifts for Women


Four Beach Style Necklaces

Beach themed necklaces - some for boys and some for girls and with seashells or a seaside look. These are great as stocking fillers and we will send four of our best sellers - not necessarily identical to the ones pictured but certainly current styles.


£9.95 for four necklaces



Four Beach Style Bracelets

Standard sized beach style bracelets and all four or four very similar at a bargain price of £7.99.


£7.99 for four bracelets



Nautilus Pendant - DGNP40

Nautilus Pendant
Pearlised Nautilus Pendant

These necklaces are made from a real nautilus shell and measure 40mm in length and 35mm width.

These have a 925 sterling silver mount.

Available In pearlised and natural.

£15 each without chain





Nautilus Shell - Natural

Nautilus Natural  Large Shell

Nautilus Natural

Nautilus shell natural


The Nautilus shell is from the Nautilidae family and a distant relative of the Octopus, you're looking at one of the Ocean's most fascinating shells which hasn't changed very much in 450 million years. The Nautilus Shell is a smooth perfectly proportioned shell which has fascinated scientists for centuries and is found living in colonies in Indo-Pacific waters. You're unlikely to ever witness a Nautilus Shell on a "swim through" as they inhabit depths of between 100 and 300 metres, usually feeding off shrimp and small fish on the deep slopes of coral reefs. The nautilus shell is a symbol of beauty and certainly the most majestic of shells which are considered "living fossils". A nautilus can live up to 20 years. A large shell you will keep forever and these nautilus shells make perfect shell gifts. We hold several of these in stock at any one time and will always hand pick the best from our collection. If you require prior images or larger Nautilus Natural shells please email us at

17.5 to 20cms



Nautilus Shell - Natural

We currently have a limited supply of smaller natural nautilus shells.

Minimum 13.5 cms

Price £23.50 each



Nautilus Shell - Pearlized

Nautilus shell - Pearlized Large Shell

Nautilus shell - Pearlized Large Shell

Nautilus - Pearlized

Pearlized Nautilus shell

Our wonderful Nautilus shells are described in detail above and these pearlized Nautilus shells have had their outer layer removed to show the "mother of pearl" inner layer. Nautilus is from the Greek word for "sailor" and these pearlised nautilus shells are so perfectly proportioned that they have become symbols of symmetry.

15 to 17.5 cms




Polished Red Abalone 2 to 4 inches - DG 4072

We have a limited supply of these absolute beauties and they come to our customers at a fantastic price. They are lightly polished, mainly red with a hint of pink and light polishing. The overall effect is stunning and these replace our kamatscha red abalones. Defintely a winner and the photos do not do them justice!  Just £1.50 each or 10 for £14.

£1.50 each
£14 for 10


Abalone Shells 15cms and up - QT4070

Abalone  Large Shell

These abalone shells are also known as ear shells and of oval shape with an iridescent inside surface. These strong abalone shells are mainly found in the cold waters of the Southern Hemisphere and will enliven your bathroom, making a superb soap dish or "stand alone" decoration.

£7.99 each



Wood and Shell Dish - DG7401L

These are a great idea as the shell has been encased to make them sit flat on a surface. We do sell a lot of abalones for use as bathroom sea shell soap dishes and they fit this purpose, but the rivershell dish can make life easier for the cleaner and designer with its flat bottom! The rivershell within has been pearlised. Lots of uses for the interior designer! A contemporary bathroom gift with its place in the living room or kitchen too. Great sea decoration and nautical bathroom accessories.

£9.99 each



Her Captain Mug - DG5892

Her Captain Nauitcal Mug

Her Captain Mug - it's all in the writing. Porcelain and the "Her" bit is up on the top of the anchor. There's a "His" Mermaid one on the site too! Nice romatic nautical gifts!

£11.95 each


Lighthouse Storage Tubs - DG12002

The price is for two and one of each colour, one red and one blue. These lighthouse storage jars, made of china are a unique idea and measure 19 cms in height and 15 cms at widest. The picture shows clearly how they open and these storage jars will be a nice addition to your collection of coastal homeware.

£14.95 for the pair


Lighthouse Tea Light Holder - DG7448

Pretty lighthouse tea light holders in metal and it's the standard treatment where you place the tea light in the tray at the bottom and very carefully place it somewhere safe for an ambient evening! The photo shows this item with our white washed driftwood pieces which are for sale on the Driftwood page.

20cms high from base to top of handle

£7.99 each
£15 for 2


Ollie the Octopus Trivet - DG6177

21 cms in diameter and these weigh in at approximately 240 grammes. Part of our best selling nautical trivet range.

£17.95 each


Multi Coloured Dolphin Pair - DGSJ5774

Dolphin wall art

Multi coloured dolphin pairs in wood for wall hanging and the price is of course for the pair. The larger dolphin measures 58 cms by 39 cms and the smaller is 38 cms by 26 cms. This dolphin wall art comes in vivid colours. We recently sold several of these Multi Coloured Dolphin Pairs to a beach bar where they get visiting dolphins! A lovely piece of dolphin wall art.

£24.95 each


Metal Seahorse Towel Rail - DG8637

Matching our loo roll holder above, this is another good maritime bathroom accessory for your nautical or coastal themed bathroom.

40.5 x 15.5 x 5.5 cm


£12.99 each


Cloisonne Starfish - DG18606

Cloisonne Starfish

Cloisonne Starfish
Cloisonne Starfish

These beautiful enamelled cloisonne starfish are a popular nautically themed gift. The image shows the starfish closed and also opened. We sell real starfish, we sell wooden starfish, we sell starfish pictures, we sell starfish gifts so we thought we'd bolt on cloisonne starfish to our ever increasing product range as they make a terrific marine gift.

3 cms high x 9 cms long



Resin Cats Paw Coral - DG7694L


24 x 20 x 11cms

£14.99 each
£25 for 2



Resin Cats Paw Coral - DG7694S


15 x 13 x 7.5cms

£8.99 each
£15 for 2



Nice, Normal Family Sign - DG2832


Every family home should have one - measures 39 cms by 14 cms.

£8.99 each


Glass Fishing Float 5cms - 15215

Glass Fishing Float

Glass Float

Glass Floats

These glass fishing floats for sale in Blue or Green and are very popular in our shop where buyers seem to purchase mainly for decorative purposes in the bathroom. These are 5 cms in diameter across the width of the glass sphere.

If ordering 4 please stipulate the colours you require in the Special Request box on the checkout page when ordering the item. Images shows 7.5cms floats mixed with 5cm floats in both colours.

£3.99 each
£12 for 4




Seagull Wall Art in Silver Colour -  DG2558S

Seagull wall art

Seagull wall art

Flying seagulls wall art

Attractive seagull wall art in a silver tin style and measuring 53 cms in length and 33 cms in height. Just right for any nautical wall!

£13.50 each
£22 for 2



White Shell Pack - DG4054

White shell pack

White shell pack

We frequently get asked for varied mixed seashells in white and for many uses ranging from corporate table decor and weddings to children's party gifts. This year we have put together a shell pack in white which will perfectly cater for all needs. Each white shell pack measures 13 cms across. We have cellophaned them so they can easily be presented as gifts and also opened up for scattering. Please refer back to these seashells individually on our website but each pack will approximately contain a 6 cms white pointer starfish,  a 13 cms English scallop seashell, a couple of 3 cms pearlised trochas, 4 to 5 heart cockle seashells measuring 3 cms, 3 x 3cms  white strombus seashells and several 2 cms white tibia seashells. All in all the perfect combination and one put together with you, our customers in mind!  Maybe we should do these in green and brown too, but for now it's the "white shell pack".

These mixed white seashells are very popular as wedding shell packs for people planning a beach themed wedding or for use as wedding favours.

The pictures show the pack opened to reveal the contents showing the mixed beach seashells and starfish. Contents always white or pearlised but do vary due to newer batches.

13 cms across

£4.95 each
£13 for 3

Please e-mail for bulk purchases



Paddle Key Rack - DG7435


Our suppliers describe these as paddle coat racks but they're 40 cms long and 7 cms deep so we're going with key racks - everything about these says "keys" and not "coats" but check the size and hang from the paddle what you feel comfortable with. It's certainly a dainty nautical good selling line (for keys).  

£9.95 each
£18 for 2


Rustic Boat Bookcase

Rustic Boat Bookcase distressed white

Rustic Boat Bookcase


Rustic Boat Bookcase

Rustic Boat Bookcase

From £85 - available in three sizes.

These beautiful hand carved boat bookcases will bring an old world feeling of the sea in to any room and are made in Indonesia from Albesia wood, which is a fast growing sustainable tree which can grow to 70 feet in just a few years and is found all over South East Asia. These pieces of nautical furniture have been lightly painted brown but can also be bought in a rustic lighter brown colour or painted white. Great for books and other home ornaments as well as making a great nautical feauture in any beach style bedroom or lounge.

These boat bookcases are a little less ornate than the boat bookcases featured below with oars but serve a very practical purpose due to the size of the shelves and the boat bookcases themselves. We tend to sell these more to customers in pairs as a complete room theme and also sell them on to retailers as they are a perfect way of displaying retail products as well as books. The rustic colour tends to sell best but for no extra charge we will paint these white for you "in house". The large ones are a whopping 197 centimetres high and even the smallest are a respectable 97 centimetres in height. The small one has the one shelf as well as the base shelf and the medium and large ones have two shelves as well as the base. Practical and attractive nautical furnishings and these look really good in white with our large shells displayed. These are a made from natural wood and as such, there will be blemishes and some uneveness in the design, however the overall effect is stunning. Great piece of nautical furniture or as beach house furnishing.

The image shows a small boat bookcase.

Please email for a quotation for mixed sizes or bulk purchases.


Small Size - 97 cms high - 37cms wide - 40 cms average depth max

£85 each or £150 for 2


Medium Size - 150 cms high - 46cms wide - 50 cms average depth max

£115 each or £220 for 2



Large Size - 197 cms high - 58 cms wide - 60 cms average depth max. The Large Rustic has extra shelf.

£179 each or £340 for 2




Nautical Tea Towels

These Galley Cloths or Nautical Tea Towels as you landlubbers call them, are the ideal addition to a coastal decor themed kitchen on land or on the sea. The nautical teatowels are 75cms long.

Rules of the Inn Nautical Tea Towel
Rules of the Inn

Shipping Forecast Nautical Tea Towel
Shipping Forecast

Knots Nautical Tea Towel

Knots and Flags Nautical Tea Towel
Knots and Flags

Harbour Terms Nautical Tea Towel
Harbour Terms

Points of Sail Nautical Tea Towel
Points of Sail


£6.99 for 1 item
£10.00 for 2 items
£14.00 for 3 items

If you are ordering multiple quantities, please choose 'Mixed Selection' from the drop down menu and specify how many you want of each item in the Special Request box on the Checkout page.

Amount :

Type :



Boat Tray Table - DG7856

Boat Tray Table


Blue and white boat tray table on the weathered side with oars as legs. Not suitable for heavy weights and definitely not suitable to double up as an ironing board as someone in our family humourlessly suggested. These are selling fast and making their way to nautical homes with style. Only so many here at any one time and one of our faster selling furniture lines. The paddle legs come away from the boat part of the table making this easy and attractive to store and saving space - perfect for a beach hut!!

64 cms long x 36 cms wide x 70 cms high  

£49 each



Large Lady in Swimming Costume

Large Ladies in Swimming Costume

Large Lady in Swimming Costume

Large Lady in Swimming Costume

The large lady in a swimming costume is traditionally a rather good selling line down here on the Dorset Coast. Our ever so slightly large sitting ladies come in resin with swimsuits in one of two colours. A "tongue in cheek" seaside line and these do of course shape around a shelf, like our sitting fishermen, so can reside anywhere where a drawer doesn't slam to knock them off their perch. The flatness of each derriere secures the perfect shelf sitting position.

Approx 4" high and 2" deep

£4.99 each
£9 for 2




Silver Coloured Metal Starfish Trivet - DG770

Starfish trivet

These metal starfish trivets will work wonderfully for those piping hot seafood dishes! No need to ruin the oak any more and we think 3 or 4 scattered around the table increase  the effect. They also look the nautical part on their own we think, but the three little rubber bungs underneath mean that this starfish is doubling up as a Timothy trivet.

20cm diameter

£12.95 each
£22 for 2




Shoal Fish Trivet - DG1977

Fish design trivet

This attractive fish design trivet with a shoal of fish design would look great on any kitchen counter and will protect your surfaces against heat damage. Obviously not all heat damage - hot saucepans and frying pans mostly. It wouldn't be much help if you directed a blow torch at your kitchen counter, although it might leave a nice burnt stencil design on your worktop. We're just musing here - don't try this at home.

20cm x 20cm

£14.95 each
£28 for 2