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J-Class Replica Model Yachts

These superb decorative J-class racing model display yachts which are great for a nautical window display have been painstakingly sourced over many years by our local supplier who we consider the market leaders for J-class display model yachts and who, we have also been dealing with for nearly ten years now. These replica J-class historical model yachts make excellent gifts and central features for the home or workplace. The classic J-class yachts were originally designed between 1930 and 1937 and only ten were ever built in America and England. They were considered the best sailing yachts in the world and were sent to compete successfully in the Americas Cup. These were clearly one of the world's most beautiful class of yacht and these latter day model boats will create maritime interest wherever they are moored! A perfect alternative to more traditional historical boats these decorative model boats are increasing in popularity year on year. A great wooden yacht gift for the sailing enthusiast or nautical decor for an office or as a display item for a shop window or a nautical themed room.


Wooden Classic J Class Yacht - DGL6589

Our preferred model boat in this size category and measures 68 cms in height, 52 cms in length and 8 cms deep, perfect for window sills, perhaps perfect for mantle pieces too. Our favourite in this size and showing J Class credentials with a blue and white hull and sleek clean white sails. The hull is already assembled and on dispatch we place the sails on the top of the hull so they require fixing. This wooden model yacht should only take about 15 minutes to assemble with a coffee break. We will always price match if you have found a boat of the same quality at the same price.

£59 each



Rustic Greek Sailing Yacht - DGL6587

Our preferred boat in this price category and we call this our Greek yacht as I saw one quite similar to this off the coast of Corfu about 35 years ago. Interesting sail configuration and off white hull with a red line. Unfortunately we couldn't source a sailor having a swig of ouzo from the stern – that’s how I remembered it! Measures 42 cms in height, 30 cms in width and 6 cms deep.

£25 each



Atlantic Classic Yacht - DGL6588

Highly recommended. A beautifully styled model yacht which comes with the hull and base fixed and ready – you merely have to set up the sails. Beautifully crafted hull in a natural teak and maroon red colour. If looking for a display yacht with the height being around 60 cms this is our choice. Measures 62 cms in height, 42 cms in length and 8 cms deep – these have a beautifully coloured hull in teak and deep red.

£49 each



J-Class Yacht Model - 14040 Maroon/Blue

J-Class Model Yacht

J-Class Model Yacht

J-Class Model Yacht
J-Class Model Yacht
J-Class Model Yacht
J-Class Model Yacht
J-Class Model Yacht

Another elegant racing yacht model for displaying in a nautically themed room or as an eye-catching nautical window display. These J-class model yachts come with the rich maroon red and blue hull, with thin white lines and a simply detailed hull in line with our racing yachts. It's worth mentioning that we do also sell traditional boats online. All our boats come boxed and can be simply assembled. Bases are fixed to hulls. Please add a note in our "Additional Instructions" box on checkout if you are sending this as a gift and we will of course ensure that no invoices etc are left in the packaging. For larger quantities and discounts please email

42cms long x 60 cms high

£39 each

J-Class Model Yacht


J-Class Enterprise Model Yacht - DG14046

J-Class Enterprise Model Yacht

J-Class Enterprise Model Yacht

On our classic J-class Enterprise model yacht, we like the bright white sails and blue and white hull. You will also note a pencil thin red line on the white painted part of the hull. The J-class Enterprise is a classic racing yacht. We have sold a number of these wooden model display yachts recently as nautical decor for a restaurant but if you are looking for a model yacht with sails these would also work well in any nautical themed room or as a nautical window display in a home or office.

51 cms long x 67 cms high

£59 each




J-Class Vigilant - DG14047


J-Class Yacht Vigilant model yacht

J-Class Vigilant Display Model Yacht

We think these J-class Vilgilant model yachts warrant a brighter spot in the home as the sails are a crisp bright white with a dashing red and white hull - a modern looking racing boat. She's big too with a lot of height so do carefully measure the space the Vigilant will occupy. Our classic authentic wooden model boats do of course all come complete with a fixed stand unless otherwise mentioned and all you need to do is insert the mast in to the hull and arrange the rigging. This J-class Vigilant boat model is a great piece for using as nautical pub or restuarant decor or in any boat themed room. A classic wooden boat model.

80 cms length x 82 cms height

£79 each






J-Class Yacht - DG140442 Blue/Red Hull

J-Class Model Yacht


J-Class Model Yacht

J-Class Model Yacht
J-Class Model Yacht
J-Class Model Yacht
J-Class Model Yacht
J-Class Model Yacht
J-Class Model Yacht

These ever popular yachts are 36 cms long and 52 cms in height with the rich blue and red hull. These also come with the green hull below and take just a few minutes to assemble. If it does take longer we may not get feedback from you as powering up your computer will probably be beyond you. Packed nice and simply too in a long fairly flat box - great nautical home decor and one of our Top 20 internet lines. We've sold a few of these model yachts with sails as window display props.

36 cms long x 52 cms high

£39 each




J-Class Yacht - DG14044 Green/White Hull

J-Class Model Yacht

Our yachts in this size come with the blue/red hull above or the green/white hull shown here. Looks great in any boat themed room in a home or office.

36 cms long x 52 cms high

£39 each




J-Class Endeavour with red and blue hull - DG14046A

J-Class Rainbow Model Yacht

This is our second best selling yacht and customers seem to like the red lower and blue upper hull. It's sleek and we like the simple tall sails.

51cms Length x 67cms High

£59 each




Lulworth Model Yacht - DG14062 and DG14063

Lulworth Model Display Yacht

Lulworth Model Yacht
Lulworth Model Yacht
Lulworth Model Yacht
Lulworth Model Yacht
Lulworth Model Yacht
Lulworth Model Yacht

A racing cutter with a Dorset connection! This gaff rigged cutter was built in Southampton in 1920 and if you're looking to buy a boat as a present with West Country connections for somebody, this should probably be the one. The boat's name does of course come from the family at Lulworth Castle of current Camp Bestival fame but at one time, the second owners of this beautiful boat. We have connections with Lulworth Castle too, because it's where we walk our dog! The cliff top walk from the village car park to Durdle Door is recommended, but back to the boat... Due to wood shortages after the First World War, the original lower mast had to be made of steel instead of spruce wood. In 1924 the rig had to be re-designed with a wooden lower mast and went on to achieve much racing success. She was saved from the scapheap in 1947 and finally re-launched in 2006 (bit like some of the acts at Camp Bestival). She is now the world's largest racing cutter. This beautiful authentic classic model of the Lulworth has lovely cloth sails and an attarctive light coloured wooden hull. A great classic model yacht for nautical window displays.

This model yacht is available in two sizes:

DG14064 - 95cms long x 99cms high - £102 each
DG14063 - 65cms long x 72cms high - £69 each



Columbia Model Yacht - DG14057

Columbia Display Yacht

The racing cutter, The Columbia was designed by Nathaniel Herreshoff and won the America's Cup against Sir Thomas Lipton's "Shamrock". The hull is a lovely nautical brown at the bottom with white to the top and we particularly like the detail on the deck. A nicely sized display classic model yacht with an interesting history and appearance. A great wooden model boat for nautical window displays or as nautical decor in a doctor's or dentist's waiting room.

60cms long x 60cms high

£49 each



Old Fashioned Style Model Yacht - DG14032

Old Fashioned Style Model Yacht

Another strong selling classic model yacht which is a great size and has been a winner for us, we think because of the neutral cream/off white colour on the hull and the unusual quirky shape of the sails. We had a corporate client order these model sailing yachts recently as table centrepieces for a nautically themed dinner. They stood them on a raised base and used a gold leafed pen on the cream part of the hull to write the name of each guest on the table. can just display one in the window!!

58cms to the end of the bowsprit

£65 each




Yacht With LED Lights - DG14068

25cms long

£23.50 each


Britannia Class Yacht Models

Our sleek racing-like Britannia decorative model yachts come in two sizes - 60 and 90 centimetres and also come at a fraction of the price we have seen them being sold for in several nautical and West End stores. We are occasionally asked by customers if we can apply the multibuy discount to a Britannia class yacht and a J-Class yacht. Just select the '2 Items' choice from the drop down menu and add a message in the Special Request box on the next page that you require one of each style of yacht. These ready made display yachts come to us from the same local supplier who provides us with J-Class yachts and we are therefore confident that they are the best quality and price you will find on the market. Like the J-Class yachts, they come complete with fixed base for display purposes.


Britannia Class Model Yacht - DG14042

Britannia Class Model Yacht

Britannia Class Model Yacht

Here we have a version of the Britannia which we also sell in the larger size, so it follows the same specifics but on a smaller scale! Ideal for those not wanting quite as Royal a presence in their living room. Very interesting and detailed rigging design at a competitive price. We sell a lot of our model sailing yachts and selected boats and aim to be the most competitive in relation to pricing on the internet - please let us know if anyone is beating our prices, we will refund the difference as a matter of course!

50cms x 60cms

£42 each

For larger quantities and further discounts please email





Our Favourite Window Display Yachts

We have used this as a group description for our 6 favourite yachts pictured and priced below. "Window Display Yachts" is quite a general description but these decorative model boats are to be found in cottages and houses as window display items along country lanes backing on to the Dorset coast. Perhaps we have sold some of them to the owners - we'll have to check the descriptions against internet orders! We stock about 20 different types of window display wooden model boats in this range but these are our most popular half a dozen and we offer bulk discounts for corporate or larger orders so when ordering more than 6 please email us at for a "best price" beforehand. These boats are of the same quality and design as those you may have seen in city stores, but probably half the price. Our own favourite is the 3 mast traditional yacht which is a great model yacht for offices!


Varnished Yacht with Bowsprit - DG14041

Varnished Yacht with Bowsprit Model

Varnished Model Yacht with Bowsprit

A varnished yacht, so nice and traditional and the 80 cms includes the bowsprit which is the pole extending to the front of the boat. These can be of considerable length on tall ships and gives this boat a unique look. One of our favourite looking yachts!

80cms long x 94 cms high

£69 each


Model Sailing Boat with Oars - DG14039

Model Sailing Boat with Oars

Wooden sailboat about a foot long on a fixed stand.

30cms x 32cms

£22.95 each



Sailboat with Oars - DG14022

Model Sailboat with Oars

22cms x 22cms

£14.95 each



Canadian Bluenose Model Yacht - DG14058

Canadian Bluenose Model Yacht

Canadian Bluenose Model Yacht

Model Canadian Bluenose Yacht

One for the die-hard salty seadogs of Canada where this boat originates from.  The Canadian Bluenose was a fishing and a racing boat built in 1921 and an important Canadian symbol in the 1930s. Bluenose was in fact a nickname for hardy Nova Scotians in the 18th Century. We think their blue noses would have had more to do with the weather than the whisky!

40 cms long x 35 cms high

£35 each



Canadian Bluenose - DG14059

Model Bluenose Yacht

This is a larger version of the Canadian Bluenose and measures  80 cms in length and approximately 49 cms in height. Not only a racing ship but also a fishing vessel. Charming nautical feature for your home.

80 cms long

£89 each



Large Pond Yacht - DG14067

Not really to be used in ponds but a traditional looking pond yacht on a classic stand varnished and made of wood - lovely looking nautical addition to one's home or place of work. 

64 cms in length and 60 cms in height. Sizes are approximate.


£59 each



Three Mast Yacht - DG14065

60cms x 58cms


£65 each



Traditional Yacht

A slightly smaller but detailed feature yacht of traditional design and at a good price! Nicely worked hull and interesting sail configuration. We have larger traditional yachts too but this classic yacht has always sold well and can fit snugly in to a smaller space!

These are available in two sizes:

40cms x 40cms - £35 each

84cms x 88cms - £79 each


Size :



Falmouth Oyster Boat - DG14036


50cms × 52cms



Dawlish Racing Yacht - DGN6904

Named by us! It’s based on a modern racing yacht design that we have never seen in South Devon but it’s a lovely name for it. Stands 43 cms high and 30 cms in length.



Antique Style Pond Yacht - DGN6588

Antique style pond yacht

A little bit of antique styling here on this pond yacht – subtle aged paintwork and a natural canvas sail.  Length 42 cms.



Clyde Puffer Boat - DGN605

Oh yes, the Clyde Puffer and these  were mainly built on the Clyde for supply runs around the west coast and Hebrides Islands. These stumpy boats were made up until the late 1930s although your model is likely to be made in China  within the last several months! They were fairly flat bottomed  puffers enabling them not to have to rely so much on piers.  One for the window sill (especially if you are in beautiful Scotland).  20 cms in length.



Open Yacht - DG14034

Open Yacht Model

Open Yacht Model

Open Model Yacht

Beautiful wooden open racing yacht for nautical display. All our boats are made of wood with cloth sails and the stands are secured to the hull of the boat in most cases. They come sensibly and conveniently packed in a long cardboard box which will encompass the shape of the hull and the mast and sails are packed flat on top of the hull in the box. Fixing instructions are simple, shipmates, there is one sheet of paper which will show you were to loop the sails etc. The ship's monkey could assemble these, and then all you need to choose is where to moor your new purchase.

42cms x 59cms

£27.50 each