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HMS Victory - DGBAT524

HMS Victory model ship

This is an exquisitely crafted model of Nelson's flagship, the HMS Victory. The most iconic of British ships, the Victory famously saw action at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805.

This wonderful large ship replica wooden model of the HMS Victory would make a stunning centrepiece for in a hotel or office setting.


75cms x 64cms



Cutty Sark Model

Cutty Sark large ship model

Cutty Sark  Wooden Ship Model

Cutty Sark Wooden Model Ship

Cutty Sark Model Ship
Cutty Sark Model Ship

A replica model of the distinguished tea clipper, the Cutty Sark built in 1869 in Scotland and destined for the tea trade. Although she never won the race across the globe from China to London, she had a legendary reputation. Now a museum ship at Greenwich in London. This Cutty Sark wooden model ship is a terrific 'toys for boys' gift or a fantastic decoration. If you are looking for historical model ships for sale, this should be on your shortlist.

Available in different sizes.

46cms - DG14193 - £42.95
32cms - DG14192 - £32.95
24cms - DG14191 - £19.95
20cms - DG14195 - £17.95


Size :





HMS Victory Model Ship

HMS Victory  Model Ship

HMS Victory  Model Ship
HMS Victory  Model Ship
Victory  Model Ship

Our replica HMS Victory model ship comes with the stand as illustrated. The HMS Victory participated in the Battles of Ushant, Cape St Vincent and Trafalgar. This HMS Victory wooden model sailing ship is educational and collectible.

46cms x 66cms - DG14183 - £62.00
33cms x 33 cms - DG14181 - £31.95
28cms x 28cms - DG14182 - £27.95
20 cms x 20cms - DG14163 -
16cms x 12 cms - DG14180 - £14.95

12 cms - DG14189 - £8.99


Size :




Titanic Model Ship

Titanic Model Ship

Titanic Model Ship

Titanic Model Ship

Titanic Model Ship

Titanic Model Ship
Titanic Model Ship

A high quality, keenly priced replica of the famous Titanic, the Olympic class passenger liner owned by the White Star Line which tragically sunk on 15 April 1912.

We have models of the Titanic available in three different sizes. This historical Titanic model ship is an ideal gift for a Titanic fan or any collector of nauticalia.

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This ready made Titanic model ship is available in three different sizes. The images here show the 50cms Titanic. The smaller sizes are crafted to the same specification.

50cms x 20cms - DG14151 - £58.95
30cms x 18cms - DG14150 - £32.95
20cms x 16cms - DG14144 - £24.99


Size :


SS Great Britain Model Ship

SS Great Britain Model Ship

This is a high quality replica model of the SS Great Britain which was the first ocean class ship with an iron hull. When the SS Great Britain launched in 1843 she was the largest vessel afloat.

This model ship is available for sale in different sizes and a great addition to any nautical themed office.

46cms - DG14107 - £48.95
33cms - DG14106 - £24.95
24cms - DG14108 - £19.95
20cms - DG14105 - £14.95


Size :


Golden Hind Model Ship

Golden Hind Model Ship

This historical model of the Golden Hind is available in two different sizes.

This ready made Golden Hind Model Ship makes a great piece for display in public office areas.

33 cms - DG14154 - £29.95
20 cms - DG14168 - £14.95


Size :



Mayflower Model Ship

This sailing ship model of the Mayflower is available in two different sizes.

33 cms - DG14156 - £32.95
20 cms - DG14164 - £18.95


Size :



Discovery Model Ship

This collectible Discovery model sailing ship is available in two different sizes. This is a popular item for nautical themed offices.

33 cms - DG14158 - £29.95
20 cms - DG14160 - £12.95


Size :