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Glass Wall Art

For this season we're offering online the best selling half a dozen glass and metal wall art lines we stock. These are being sold at about half the price you'll see similar glass wall art lines being retailed in city retail units and our personal favourites are the 62 centimetre swordfish and the 47 centimetres glass striped fish. The stained glass on all these items is very beautiful and they look charming anywhere around the home or garden although we feel the glass looks more vibrant in naturally bright light. Apart from the hanging fish skeleton, which hangs..... all the other lines have hooks on the back and come securely packaged.These items are allgreat nautical design ideas.


Seaside Scenes with Yachts and Lighthouse in Glass - DG15304

Popular glass seaside scenes measuring 33 cms by 23 cms as a picture with a coastal theme. These  are light and the picture is on thin glass so ideal for conservatories or bright areas where the sun can catch the colored glass.  We have more of these in our shop on Poole Quay but just have the best seller online.

£16.95 each



Seahorse Plaque in Metal and Glass

This is the newest addition to our glass and metal seahorse plaques and with a hook behind to attach to the wall, they measure 24 cms in length and 12 cms at the widest point.




Glass Based Rainbow Fish - DG17421

Glass Based Rainbow Fish Wall Art

Glass Based Rainbow Fish

This striking piece of glass fish wall art would make an eye-catching addition to any nautically themed room.

28 cms high x 38 cms long



Glass Based Striped Fish - DG17422

Glass Based Striped Fish Wall Art

Glass Based Striped Fish
Under artificial light

Glass Based Striped Fish

A striking piece of glass fish wall art.

27 cms high x 47 cms long



Glass Sailboat Wall Art with Tea Lights - DG55499

We have a great range of glass wall art on a nautical theme and were often being asked if tea lights could be incorporated in front of the glass to add an evening light.

This has been a great seller and with hooks on the back it can be hung safely with the sail boats flickering once the tea lights are added. 

This is 57 cms in length and made of glass and metal - we think that two of them next to each other on the balcony look even better! A nice piece of sailboat wall art for any sailboat enthusiasts.





Glass Wall Art Seahorse Plaque DG17411 and DG17412

Glass and metal Seahorse Plaque

Glass Seahorse Plaque

This metal and glass seahorse is the best selling line in glass wall art and we've never had it on our site before for some reason. We expect this to sell really well online.

DG17411 - 24 cms high - £8.95
DG17412 - 45 cms high - £19.95


Glass Seahorse Plaque