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Lobster Boy Wall Art - DGS7874

Large lobster boy wall art, simple and very easy to fix with fixing to the back.  Please note this is the inedible version - every sea loving home should have one of these pieces of nautical wall art. Also would look good on the wall of a seaside restaurant.

21cms x 17.5cms x 8cms

New item - now in stock.

£29 each


Smaller Sperm Whale Wall Art- DGS7953

Small sperm whale wall art in blues. Best seller in our nautical sperm wall art section as it's the only one we have got.

33.5cms x 15cms x 1.5cms


£18.95 each


Sea Turtle Wall Art - DGS7951

Large stunning blue sea turtle wall art with one fixing to the back abd light enough to hang without taking the plasterboard, mortar or side of your house down. A nice piece of nautical wall art.

58.5cms x 56cms x 7.5cms

New item - now in stock.

£49.95 each


Sailing Boat Metal Wall Art - DG8788

Sailing boat wall art made in wood and metal with 2 hooks to the back and weighing 740 grammes. So we have 3 metal yachts and the 2 wooden ones creating a flotilla like no other with some roping on the wooden sailing boats. Apologies that we have not pictured this hanging as the hooks are on  each end yacht and it was a job too far to line the fixings this morning!

64cms x 29cms x 2.5cms


£24.95 each


Large Silver Seagulls Wallart - DGS5793

Our ever-popular wall art seagulls look great in any room of the house but we especially like them as nautical wall art in a bathroom.

53cms x 32cms x 1.5cms


£14.95 each


Hippocampi Wallart - DGS7954

Who can reisit these swimming hippocampi? Lovely family of seahorses make for a lovely piece of beach themed wall art.

28cms x 50cms x 2cms


£47.95 each


School of Mackerel Wall Art - DGS7949

These mackerel gracing your living room wall make a lovely piece of swimming fish wall art.

78cms x 42cms x 4cms


£69 each


Turquoise Ammonite Wall Art - DGS7947

This turquoise coloured ammonite is a striking piece of nautically themed wall art for your living room wall. We have also sold a few of these for use as decor in seaside hotels.

34.5cms x 39cms x 5.75cms

£45 each


Scallop Wall Art - DGS7946

This dramatic turquoise scallop shell would look great on a living room wall or gracing the walls of a fish restaurant.

34.5cms x 34.5 cms x 5cms

£42.50 each


Reef Coral Wall Art - DGS7945

Impressive coral wall art to add a touch of the coral reef to your walls.

32cms x 41cms x 3cms

£42.50 each


Stella the Stingray - DGS7872


This metallic looking stingray brings a dramatic touch to your wall.

27.5cms x29.5cms x 1cm


£14.95 each


Blue Crab Wall Art - DGS7440

This handsome looking blue crab is a great addition to your living room wall. We have also sold a few of these to fish restaurants and pubs in coastal areas.

2.5cms x 44cms x 30cms


£39 each



Beside the Seaside Wooden Wall Art - DG7566Q

Here’s a popular one! 40 cms high Seaside sign good to be placed anywhere. Wooden, 30cms wide and 1.6 cms deep. A rope at the top and it works anywhere round the world.



Follow the Leader in Blue - DGS6877

This is a striking piece of swimming wooden fish wall art to grace your home.

45cms x40cms x 5cms


£69 each


White Shoaling Fish Wall Art - DGN53159


We were asked to supply white wooden shoals of fish to a couple of West Country seafood restaurants,so on popular demand at 46 cms in length, this wooden fish wall art is now on sale to all.



Turquoise School of Fish - DGS6859

A shoal of turquoise fish to brighten up your wall! Fish wall art for the home.

53cms x 21cms x 4cms

£14.95 each


Turquoise Mackerel Swirl - DGS6860

A swirl of mackerel - a piece of wall art which will brighten up any dull looking wall. This would would look good on the wall of a fish and chip shop.

50cms x 38cms x 4cms

£22.50 each


Mariner's Lighthouse Wall Art - DGS7952

A wall mounted lighthouse for your nautically themed room.

19.5cms x 31cms x 1.5cms

£21.50 each


Large Sperm Whale Wall Art - DGS7955

Whale wall art

Interesting piece of whale wall art to liven up your empty wall.

28cms x 60cms x 7cms


£42.50 each


Delicate Seahorse Wall Art - DGS7447

Seahorse of a delicate look made of metal for wall hanging - the height is 49 cms and width is 31 cms with a depth of 2 cms. Classic colours and a cool design make this a nice piece of marine wall art - we do well with the silver seahorses and our coloured one follows on from their success. A nice piece of metal nautical wall art.

£35 each



Metal Swordfish Plaque Wall Art - DG17431

Metal swordfish plaque - Seaside metal wall art

Dappled sunlight in the background to show how our metal swordfish plaque glimmers on the wall. This fish wall art measures 31 cms in length and a hook already built in to the back.  These pieces of nautical metal wall art are really for indoor use but will last a while outside. We often get asked if our items are suitable for the exterior and mainly they are not, but it's always possible to put a weathershield on to the item for it to last a little longer in the garden. The background paint is Sandtex and called - Mid Stone - we are putting it everywhere.

£9.95 each



Octopus Wall Art - DGSJ5754

Octopus Wall Art

Metal octopus wall art is a recent addition to our seagull wall art and several other suspects from the sea.  He/she measures 40 cms by 37 cms and is really for hanging from the wall. We have sold a few of these recently as seafood restaurant wall decor! A nice piece of large nautical or coastal wall art.

£19.95 each



Silver Grey Whale Wall Art to the Left - DGS7437

Silver Grey Whale Wall Art

Silver grey wall art – it’s a winner, especially to the left for some reason. Actually we also have them doing a flip to the right and we can send you one of those instead but it might confuse things and your chances of getting the correct alternative would be significantly reduced. It may involve a phone call to the office, potentially an expletive over the phone and then the correct one arriving a couple of days later. If this is an option for you please order the one above and leave a note on your order that you really want one emerging from the sea with movement to the right – we will see what we can do. The wife just proof read this and she’s confused. That aside, this is a lovely piece of seaside wall art.

51cms x 20cms x 2 cms

£22.50 each



Rolly Wave Wall Art - DGS7364

Wave wall art measuring 44 cms wide, and 41 cms high with a depth of 3 cms. One for the surfers out there. This decorative fish wall art has brackets on the back for hanging. A nice piece of nautical decor which would look good on the wall of a fish and chip shop.

£32.50 each



Ring a Fish Wall Art - DGS7365

Ring a Fish wall art in silver measuring 34 cms in diameter and the depth is 3 cms. Attractive and unusual nautical wall art that our most excellent suppliers specialise in. If you’re not sure if you like this one then you probably do.

£39 each



Silver Coloured Nautilus Wall Art - DGS7366

Take a look at our wall art, there’s something for nearly everyone and these recently added silver coloured nautilus wall art measure 22 cms wide and a couple of centimetres in depth for the largest with the 2 others smaller as represented in the picture. Great nautical wall art to stand out and make the difference.

£39 for the three pieces



Silver Tin Starfish Wall Art - DGS6858

Silver Tin Starfish Wall Art

Sea Stars or Starfish make excellent sea themed wall décor and our silver metal starfish measure 50 cms in width and 42 cms in height. Weighing under 100 grammes if it did fall off the wall this starfish wallart shouldn’t cause too much damage but its lightness makes it nice and easy to fix on the wall with brackets on the back. A nice bit of coastal wall art.

£27.95 each



Twin Seahorses Wall Art in a Silver Colour - DGS6883

Seahorse metal wall art

A variation on a theme but one of our best sellers and two seahorses together joined and measuring 40 cms in height and 18 cms wide. Small loop hooks on the back and light enough to only need a very small nail, tack, pin to fix – another reason why we like this metal coastal wall art!

£15.95 each



Happy Fish Wall Art in a Silver Colour - DGS6946

Looking to the left and measuring 43 cms in length and 50 cms in height – these are coloured silver and are a contemporary piece of decorative fish wall art, of which we supply many styles not easily found on t’internet or indeed in shops – unless you are in one of those beautiful little towns or seaside villages in Cornwall – where you could source them, but they may cost more. Popular with fish themed restaurants.

£24.95 each



Jurassic Jellyfish Smack - DGS6875

A smack of jellyfish, the smack number three, these are the silver metal and wooden types of smack and if you’re wondering about the name…..have you ever come in contact with one. 55 cms high and 14 cms wide is the largest in the middle and the smaller smacks proportionally smaller as seen in the wonderful picture. Metal ziggy zaggy hooks on the back of each piece of seaside wall art.

£59 each



Silver Coloured Box Jellyfish - DGS6874

Unique nautical décor – this box jellyfish – in a silver colour– shouldn’t give anyone a sting. She hangs from high at 49 cms and is 12 cms wide with a depth of 7 cms. Wall art extraordinaire with ziggy zaggy metal hook on the back to secure on a wall (or groyne).

£22.50 each



Tin whale beneath sail boat - DGS6857

Our tin whales, and we like these a lot, are excellent and interesting nautical metal wall art with the little sail boat above this  beautifully crafted mammal measuring 50 cms in length and 20 cms at widest. So if you're looking for some whale wall art, look no further.

£24.95 each


Tony the Tin Seahorse - DGS6856

Measures 48 cms in height and 15cms wide, excellent tin based nautical décor and aspirational sea themed or coastal wall art.

£24.95 each


A school of seahorses - DGS6923

Measures 20 cms long and 10 cms high. What a lovely little ocean themed ornament. We still have some rare seahorses here off Studland Bay and this happy little line at 20 cms is a piece of nautical themed wall art just the right size to fit in to all nautical nooks and crannies.

£9.95 each


Just Keep Shoaling Wall Art - DGS6881

Measures 50 cms wide, 27 cms high and approximately 5 cms deep. A very clean look and these  look best up on the wall on their own  in their own special place. Currently launching  some very pretty wall art in nautical style and continuing to  lead the way in retailing seaside design. Can't see exactly what you are after? It's always worth e mailing and we will try and reply with a friendly e mail.

£14.95 each


Whale Pairs as Wall Art - DGS6880

Measures  34 cms in heightand 39 cms wide. The depth is approximately 5 cms deep. A different style for us but we saw these in a fish restaurant in Cornwall and decided to source as have a clean look and are great on smooth neutral backgrounds - a lovley piece of maritime wall art and we always try to be competitive on pricing. Give us a call on 01202 285163 for any special offers this month.

£14.95 each


Seas the Day Yachts - DGS6884

Measures 52 cms in length, height 39 cms. Another clean look and we spotted these in Corfu in a quay side tavern - may be seeing a few more of these nautical metal wall art pieces along on our islands from now on. Would make a nice piece of silver coloured nautical wall art in a nursery placed high up on a wall. Available in blue and silver colours.

£14.95 each




Seagulls on Lookout Groynes - DGS6215

Measuring 10 cm wide, 8 cms high and 2.5 cms deep. And we like this piece of beach themed or coastal wall art!  Text us on 07711247762 with your email to go on our Bargains List where we clear or acquire and sell unusual nautical items which often don't make it on to our website. Looking for seashells? Always worth a peep at our dedicated seashell site

£7.95 each


A Puffin Party on Wood - DGS6903

Our puffin party on wood measures 13 cms wide, 5 cms high and approximately 3 cms deep.  Pretty and unusual nautical décor, probably a piece of seaside wall art that your neighbours can't easily find. We have lots of one offs in our shop if you are near Poole.

£9.95 each


Seagulls and Fish on driftwood - DGS6931

26 cms wide and 7 cms in height with a depth of approximately 3 cms these look out seagulls and fish fit snugly on the wooden base and sell most excellently as a stand alone touch of nautical decoration.

£22.50 each


Avocets in Reeds - DGS6941

12cms long by 9 cms in height. Made of wood. Quite unusual. How about these for a sea themed corner of the bathroom?

£9.95 each


Metal Mackerel Wall Art - DG3081

Metal Mackerel Wall Art

Metal Mackerel Wall Art

You'll need a bit of room and a plain wall for this Metal Mackerel Wall Art piece. You'll also need to be open minded about just how much each fish really resembles a mackerel. If you have picky fishermen in your seaside cottage, just refer to it as wall art or better still "fish" wall art. These measure 51 cms in height and approximately 40cms across and mackerel or no mackerel, we recommend you purchase one. They're great and very popular decor in pubs and seaside hotels.

£35 each
£60 for 2 items



School of Fish Wall Art - DG2552 

School of Fish Wall Art 

Decorative fish wall art

Metal / tin school of fish wall art measuring a whopping 54 cms long and 21 cms in height. Plenty of space here for the whole school and swimming attractively in unison! This decorative school of fish wall art makes an ideal decoration for a fish restaurant or any seaside restaurant.

£27.50 each



Shimmer Fish Wall Art - DGS7442

Shimmering fish wall art measuring 60 cms in width, 38 cms in height and 2 cms in depth. Very easy to hang as they have brackets on the back and need no more than a small tack – you know, the ones that are smaller than nails that we all frequently miss when sorting out wall décor.

£59 each




Seagull Wall Art in Silver Colour -  DG2558S

Seagull wall art

Seagull wall art

Flying seagulls wall art

Attractive seagull wall art in a silver coloured tin style and measuring 53 cms in length and 33 cms in height. This Seagull Wall Art will make you feel like an extra in Alfred Hitchcock's film, The Birds. Better than the real thing these seagulls won't nick your chips. This piece of seaside wall art is just right for any nautical wall requiring seaside metal wall art.

£14.95 each
£25 for 2



Small School of Sprats - DG5837

Small School of Sprats Decorative Art


The Small School of Sprats on a driftwood base is an interesting little item measuring 10 cms in width by 8 cms in height. Shimmering sprats in silver on a piece of driftwood and sells well alongside our hanging school of sprats on driftwood. Sprattus are small oily swimmers better known by their common name of "sprat". They are prevalent in the Baltic sea so we will sit back and wait for the orders to come in from Finland, Latvia and Lithuania. Excellent shipping prices to Poland too. Not edible.

£8.95 each



Swirl Twin Anchovies Wall Art - DG6122

Swirl Twin Anchovies Wall Art


A little bit different. The theme is anchovies  and this just shows one type (there are over 140 varieties). The anchovy  doesn't have it so good and out of sympathy why not buy one? They're a significant  food source for anything predatory where they choose to swim. On the wall in your living room we feel they can relax and safely watch Blue Planet! Measures 43 cms in length and 36 cms high.

£35 each



Large White Crab Wall Art - DG6127

Large White Crab Wall Art


With a click of the mouse you can add more than a touch of coastal flair to your beach themed home  with this wonderful crab metal wall art sculpture.   As you can see from the picture this of all crabs is eye catching and unique and worthy of its place on the wall. Measures  45 cms by 36 cms.

£49 each



Trio of Seahorses Wall Art - DG6124


Silver tin trio of seahorses – best seller last year and probably going to be a few sales this year too. Our supplier ethically sources small manufacturers to work on their unique designs here in the UK and this makes us very pleased to partner with them as we can inform exactly where these were manufactured and to the buyer, you can rest assured that these have been produced in an environment where the manufacturer and workers benefit as much as the end user. These measure 34 cms in height and 23 cms in width.

£24.95 each



Scandi Chic Sailboat Wall Art - DG6125


We like Scandi - the name and the image. Especially when Scandi wood mixes with metal. If you're looking for something unique and beachy it's currently on your screen. Our designers, who come up with the very best of designs, have the edge and rarely continue production for more than three seasons.  So if you are after the Nordic look but not insistent that there is a resin Viking waving at you, could this be that piece of wall art? Measuring 40 cms by 45 cms.

£47.50 each



Whale Wall Art in Blues - DG4836

Whale Wall Art in Blues


The design is based on a sperm whale and handmade from reclaimed soft wood. Beautiful whales. These wooden  rustic whales make the perfect sea themed whale wall art and are finished in distressed blue and brown paint. We aim to have the best price on the internet for this product so please let us know if you think  our price may be being beaten, Measuring 58 cms in length by 31 cms in height and 3 cms off the wall. Two hooks on the back for easy hanging. Did you know whales are pregnant for 18 months?

£15.95 each



Three Leaping Dolphins Wall Art - DG4886

Three Leaping Dolphins Wall Art


Nothing like a super pod of dolphins leaping from the deep blue. Always an amazing sight.  Our Three Leaping Dolphins Wall Art has that rustic silver look and terrific as nautical wall art. Some friends of ours have this piece of dolphin wall art placed high up on a wall in their nursery. Measuring 41 cms in length, 23 cms in height and comes 6 cms off the wall.

£23.50 each



Fish Shaped Shoal Wall Art - DGSJ5751

Fish Shaped Shoal Wall Art

Fish Shaped Shoal Wall Art

Fish shaped shoal made of metal and very artistically designed wall art measuring in at 45 cms in length and 18 cms at its highest. Pretty silver coloured metal nautically themed wall décor. There's a place for this in your home, we are sure. A great seafood restaurant design idea.

£24.95 each


The Diving School - DG3422

The Diving School is not a place to get your PADI certification but a delightful collection of fish to grace any room or as a seafood restaurant design idea.

57 x 20.5cms

£29.95 each


Vertical Tin School of Fish - DGSJ4884

Vertical Tin School of Fish


This shoal of fish standing vertically on a wooden base and measuring 38 cms in height and 20 cms in width looks great as a single shoal but we must say, we saw three of these lined up together and the fish and tin sparkled. The Vertical Tin School of Fish will brighten up any empty corner or surface.

£24.95 each



Wall Yacht in Tin and Wood - DG3094

A lovely modern distressed looking yacht for your walls.

46 x 32cms

£17.95 each


 Large Shoal of Swimming Fish - DG7549L

We think there are about 10? Now that is a large shoal of fish for a nautical wooden ornament and one of our favourites (our favourites are usually the best sellers) - beautifully carved in wood and also on a wooden base - a real feature piece for the home - approximately 60 cms in length and 15 cms in height.



Union Jack Boat Wall Art DGFL5

Union Jack Boat Wall Art

Union Flag Boat Wall Art

Another large spectacular nautical boat metal wall art design, again made of metal with one larger cloth sail and more of the brass effect metal design. This one has a hook on the back. Approximately 60 cms from the top to the bottom and 65 cms at its widest.

£39.00 each
£60 for 2





Ceramic Wall Art Plaque Beach Huts - DG12161

Ceramic Wall Art Plaque Beach Huts
Design A

Ceramic Wall Art Plaque Beach Huts
Design B

Ceramic Wall Art Plaque Beach Huts

40 cms x 15 cms

These ceramic wall art plaques are available singly or as a pair.

Felt padding and hooks for hanging on the reverse side.

£24.50 each
£39 for 2




Large Metal Seahorse -  DG7954

Large Metal seahorse wall art

Lagre decorative metal seahorse model

We love the turquoise glass beads on these large metal seahorses and hope these pictures show them off well. The metal seahorses have a hook on the back for fixing too, but you can also hang from within the frame of the seahorse if space is tight. A beautiful "ocean style" of metal wall art.

65 cms long x 32 cms wide

£25 each
£45 for 2 OUT OF STOCK


Tin School of Fish on Long Base - DG5763

Tin School of Fish on Long Base


Tin fish on a wooden base. We sell lots because this is a lovely item! Measures 38 cms long by 13 cms in height.

£22.50 each