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Nautical Wooden and Canvas Wall Art

Multi Coloured Dolphin Pair - DGSJ5774

Dolphin wall art

Multi coloured dolphin pairs in wood for wall hanging and the price is of course for the pair. The larger dolphin measures 58 cms by 39 cms and the smaller is 38 cms by 26 cms. This dolphin wall art comes in vivid colours. We recently sold several of these Multi Coloured Dolphin Pairs to a beach bar where they get visiting dolphins! A lovely piece of dolphin wall art.

£24.95 each


Turquoise Wooden Shoal of Fish - DGSJ5780

Turquoise Wooden Shoal of Fish

Turquoise Wooden Shoal of Fish

This one is popular (we keep running out!) Wooden wall art and a shoal of fish in turquoise measuring two feet which is 60 cms in length with a maximum height of 26 cms. They are approximately 2 cms deep. Got a theme going? Worth checking these alongside our azure dolphin pairs  which sell nearly as well. This Turquoise Wooden Shoal of Fish is a great seafood restaurant design idea for anyone looking for some nautical wooden wall art.

£19.95 each


Azure Dolphin Pairs - DGSJ5797

Azure Dolphin Pairs

Azure Dolphin Pairs

Set of azure dolphin pairs which come in to the shore at 50 cms by 23 cms and 40 cms by 19 cms . Made of wood with hangers on the back and striking colours - best seller this year and remember..the price is for the pair.

£14.95 each


Distressed White Wood and Tin Yacht - DGSJ4876

Distressed White Wood and Tin Yacht

We are working on variants of these but this wall yacht with a distressed look and made of wood and tin is the one that gets picked up most in our bricks and mortar shop down on Poole Quay. If the price is right this is a good indication that of all these boats this is the preferred design (by the masses!). She measures 45 cms by 33 cms with hooks on the back.

£18.95 each


Wall Yacht with Seagulls - DGSJ4278

Wall Yacht with Seagulls

Wall art doesn't often come as unique as our yachts with silver metal seagulls, and these measure 52 cms by 45 cms with a hanger on the back. Designed by Shoeless Joe, this Wall Yacht with Seagulls will brighten up a dull wall.

£28.50 each


Seahorse Wall Art on Wood - DGSJ4292

Seahorse Wall Art on Wood

Sea horse wall art made on plinths of wood with a sturdy hook at the top and standing 61 cms in height and 32 cms at widest. These have been a best seller since we began selling online back in 2006 (they call us a legacy site!) Some decorative items we change every 2 years but these seahorses, due to neutral colouring and a quirky design, just keep on selling. An ever popular piece of seahorse wall art.

£22.50 each



Nautical Paintings on Canvas

We've come a long way with nautical paintings and noticed the offerings from suppliers at the beginning of the year were lacking  that something different for the beach themed room. Take a look at these nautical pictures - each picture is shrink wrapped and waiting for the wall. You will find nautical paintings that look great as seaside wall art for bathrooms, nautical pictures for bedrooms, nautical pictures for living rooms or nautical pictures for offices.


Sailing in the Channel - DG7961 - Oil on Canvas

Nautical painting in oil on canvas.

40 x 100 x 2.5cm

£39 each


Collecting Shells on the Shore - DG7963 - Oil on Canvas

Nautical oil painting on canvas.

50 x 70 x 2.5cm

£29 each

You can also order this painting with 'The Tide is Out' at a special price of £55 for both.



The Tide is Out - DG7964 - Oil on Canvas

Nautical painting in oils on canvas.

50 x 70 x 2.5cm

£29 each

You can also order this painting with 'Collecting Shells on the Shore' at a special price of £55 for both.



Nautilus Canvas - DG55578


A tasteful shell print of a nautilus shell agaisnt a varied background.

30cms x 30 cms



Canvas shell prints - set of two - DG7465

Canvas shell prints - sea shell wall art

Continually our best selling seashell prints on canvas and we have most of these seashells for sale too on our Seashells page. Very nicely painted beach shells pictures, so if you are looking for beach pictures with shells, these hit the mark.

40 x 30 x 2 cms




Beach Hut Canvas Pictures - DG7284

Livley and colourful beach canvas wall art showing beach huts.

20 x 20 x 1.5 cms

£5.99 each
£10 for 2