Dorset Gifts
A family run business trading in Dorset since 1982

Crab Nautical Box - DG15582

Wooden crab box, part of a collection which also includes our puffin box and best selling mackerel box.  Measures 15 cms by 10 cms.



Puffin Nautical Box - DG15581

Puffin box!  Nautical rustic style box with two puffins standing guard. Measures 15 cms by 10 cms.



Single Mackerel Box - DG15580

Mackerel design wooden nautical box measuring 22 cms by 7 cms by 5 cms.



Wooden Mackerel Box - DG15579

Wooden double mackerel box, a practical cool and nautical gift for someone else or your house. Measures 22 xms by 14 cms by 6 cms.



Sand and Sea Storage Chests - DG15512

We are now selling our storage boxes in sets of two. We were selling these individually but Lisa kept sending the wrong size out so to increase customer satisfaction and for a more accurate outcome how about both of them? They are made of wood with pleasant nautical detail and the largest measures  25 cms by 15 cms and the not so large comes in at 18 cms by 10 cms . This is length and width. The pleasure boat is not too scale in the background so you wouldn't be able to park it in the larger one. If you are looking for seaside decoration ideas you'll find the latest look nautical décor here folks.

£19.95 for the set of two


Nautical Mini Chest

Nautical Mini Chest

Nautical Mini Chest
Nautical Mini Chest
Nautical Chest

Nautical Chest

These cute little nautical mini chests suit a variety of purposes and each has a different nautical design. If purchasing one or two we will select the most popular but if purchasing all four we will add one of each of the four designs. Although a great kids line we also sell these for nautical interior or beach style decor purposes too. The boxes will hold open at varying levels - ideal for a small starfish! They look great in a beach style bedroom or even as wedding favours.

3 inches wide x 2 inches high x 2 inches deep.

£3.99 each
£7 for two
£12 for four




Nautical Chest


Rustic Trinket Box  - DG15467

Rustic Trinket Box

Rustic Trinket Box

We like the way these trinket boxes have been handpainted to give a distressed look and the fishing floats on the top of each box as well as the real shell and rope. These rustic trinket boxes are hinged at the back and the internal area is 9 cms x 4 cms.

11 cms long  x 5 cms wide 

£3.99 each
£7 for 2
£10 for 3



Dorset Trading Wooden Crate

We have used these as props and to display products in our shop for several years and our good mate Frank is now producing these for us and they are entirely recycled, being made from loose wood and old pallets.

Colours do vary and they are 20 inches long, 10 inches deep and wide and the size of a traditional Apple crate. Dorset Trading Company is how they come, and on the sides a five shilling similar stamp is displayed - let's keep Frank the crate man busy!!!



Great Ships Suitcases - DG7776

Decorative Great Ships travel trunks

Decorative Great Ships suitcase travel trunks. These make a great focal feature in a hall or in a shop window display or hotel foyer.

43 x 30 x 20 cms
38 x 23 x 18 cms
31 x 19 x 15 cms



Beach House style wooden trunks  - set of 2 - DG7279

Beach House style wooden trunks

These rustic beach house wooden trunks are a lovely decorative storage solution for a beach style bedroom or bathroom.

55 x 36 x 36 cms
48 x 27 x 27 cms

£99 for the set of 2



Ceramic Starfish Box - DG5601

Our ceramic starfish box measures 12 cms across, 13 cms long and about 8 cms in height and is the sister product of our ceramic scallop box. Great for nautical table décor and of course the starfish comes off when opening the lid.