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Decorative Ship's Wheels

Wooden Ship's Wheel

Wooden Ship's Wheel

Wooden Ship's Wheel

Wooden Ship's Wheel

Our wooden ships' wheels are made to a traditional style and of solid timber. They make a great nautically decorative item or maritime gift. These wooden ships wheels are of course decorative and not to be used for serious seagoing pursuits! Measurements are from spoke tip to tip and the brass centre hub looks as good on the wall as it does in the picture. They are available in a variety of different sizes.

30 cms diameter DG15605
£29 each

41 cms diameter DG15603
£39 each

56 cms diameter DG 15604
£49 each

75 cms diameter DG 15603/75
£89 each


90 cms diameter DG 15603/90
£99 each


110 cms diameter DG 15603/110
£155 each




Wooden Ship's Wheel - DG7335

Wooden Ship's Wheel

Wooden Ship Wheel

Heard the one about the pirate who walks in to a bar with a wooden ship's wheel attached to the front of his trousers? The barman says to the pirate..."What's the ship's wheel for?" and the pirate replies "I haven't got a clue but it's driving me nuts". Well we have now decided to sell these at Dorset Gifts just so that you can break the ice, crack the joke and not get a laugh too. These ship's 'steering wheels' are a substantial 62 centimetres in circumference and don't come polished like our others but with a natural rustic look. This rustic looking ships wheel is great as nautical wall decor and a must if you are looking for nautical design ideas but not recommended as a spare on your boat! These ships wheels are for decorative purposes only!

62 cms across

£42.50 each
£80 for 2



Turquoise Ship's Wheel - DGL 6374

Turquoise wooden ships wheel – as requested, and now added to our website with pleasure. Measures 43 cms in diameter and 3 cms deep with a fixing on the back.

£16.95 each



Wooden Ships Wheel in Mid Blue - DGL8773

Larger wooden ships wheel in mid blue and whites. Measures 62 cms in diameter with 5 cms depth and a fixing on the back. Attractive nautical décor and we do have some excellent items to support this.

£24.50 each



Helmsman Rotating Ships Wheel Clock- DG6765N

The Helmsman's Clock - every serious sea dog of the seven seas should have one! Appropriately monuted on a pedestal so the wheel can rotate  while keeping the clock in a fixed position! Made of brass and the clock has a quartz movement. The wheel diameter is 25 cms and the height is 30 cms. Product requires 1 x LR1 battery which is not supplied.

£129 each



Ships Wheel Clock in Brass- DG6763N

24 cms diameter from spoke to spoke and apologies for having to go a little over £100 but still feel very good value for a machined brass clock set within the hub of a wooden brass ship's wheel. If you've nearly finished the nautical room then this will make the feature and we think that the recipient of this as a gift would be more than pleased!

£119 each


Ships Time Clock- DG7115N

Ships Time Clock within a hard wood Ship's wheel and excellent interior nautical décor for those with a sea theme in mind.  External diameter is 63 cms tip to tip.  Porthole diameter is 19 cms. It runs on one AA battery which is not included for postal reasons. Lovely too look at and lovely to own, very unlikely to ever go out of fashion!

£195 each


Metal Ship's Wheel - DG8527

Metal Ship's Wheel

These metal ship's wheels are cast in the heavier metal style and we advise a strong fixing as would in all probabilities cause damage if it landed on you.

40 x 40 x 3cm

£79 each


Metal Mermaid Door Knocker - DG8622

We're big fans of knockers here at Dorset Gifts and this Mermaid and ship's wheel is a fine example.

15.5 x 12 x 6.5 cm


£9.95 each


Wooden Ships Wheel with Fishing Boat - DG15433

A new wooden decorative ships wheel for us and measuring 22.5 cms. We often get asked if these work  outdoors. That really depends on how safe your neighbourhood is and how long you want it to last so probably best to ask yourself both these questions in no particular order whilst looking and assessing where you think it would look nice outdoors. Absolutely perfect for inside though and we do like the fishing boat which we think is a very thoughtful touch by the designers. Pretty rustic colours and with a hook on the back.

£8.95 each
£16 for 2

Whitewashed Ships Wheel with Rope - DG7440

Whitewashed Ships Wheel

From the spokes on one side to the spokes on t'other side we have approximately 40 cms radius to steer the boat away from troubled waters. We like the care our suppliers have shown with the roped finish too. Shipmates, these are white, we say "white washed" as we live on the edge, but will get some more images up for this item soon.  Something for the wall and at under £20 a solid wooden bargain if ever there was one.

£19.95 each
£35 for 2