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Seashell Special Offers

From time to time we will add some very interesting shells to our Shells Special Offers page. These will never be slow selling shells but always shells we have negotiated very good prices on and which we are able to sell on to you, our customers, at almost wholesale prices. When these are gone thse shells for sale cheaply really are gone at the prices advertised. There will be something for everyone in this section - impact shells for table decor, shells for bathrooms, weddings, nautical garden areas or just something unusual to add a touch of the sea to your life. So if you are looking for bargain shells, cheap shells or shell special offers, this is the page to visit.


Strawberry Trocha Shells x 4 - DGTROCHLTD


Four beautiful strawberry trochas - a limited offer as they will sell out at this price.  These are all approximately 3 cms in length and called strawberry because.

£2.95 for four




Orange Mitre Shells x 3 - DGMITRLTD


Limited Offer of 3 orange mitre seashells measuring approximately 5 cms, smaller and more delicate than most but beautiful additions to any seashell collection.

£3.50 for three




Foxhead Seashells x 3 - DGFOXLTD


A limited offer for three good sized foxhead seashells - these are sometimes referred to as tulip shells and at approximately 10 cms in length you are getting 3  for the price of one and we are not sure how we do it!!  Lots of similar limited offers online for the next few months!

£2.95 for three




Brown Screw Shells x 4 - DGSCRELTD


Not one, two or three but four screw shells approximately 8 cms each and popular for seashell craft work as well as general decor. From shallow waters in the Philippines.

£2.95 for four




Brown Tonna Cep Shells x 4 - DGBTCEPLTD


Beautifully coloured shallow water seashells and the price is for all four on a limited offer. Approximately 7 cms so a lot of seashell and a more than competitive price. Please phone for bulk orders.

£2.95 for four




Polished Brown Cowries x 4 - DGCOWLTD


Beautifully polished cowries and the price is for all 4 measuring approximately 5 cms. There are many different species of cowries but these are one of our favourites.

£2.95 for four




Knobbly Starfish x 4 - DGKNOBL


Limited offer on our rustic coloured knobbly starfish and these are approximately 9 cms to 10 cms. These do vary in colour and are of interest to dogs! A good opportunity to stock up on these at this limited price.

£2.95 for four




Abalone Shells x 3 - DGLIMAB


3 pretty abalone seashells measuring a minimum of 10 cms and in natural but cleaned form which highlights the iridescent interior.  These opalescent seashells always make an attractive display and one of our best selling seashells at a very good size. Please contact for larger quantities.

£3.50 for three




Pointer Starfish

A very special price on pointer starfish at minimum 8 cms. For sale while stocks last.

Available in Blue (DGBLUE) or Pink (DGPINK).

£1.95 for four starfish




Nautilus Pendant - DGNP50

Nautilus Pendant
Nautilus Pendant in White

Nautilus Pendant in Black
Nautilus Pendant in Black

Nautilus Pendant in Blue
Nautilus Pendant in Blue

Our very real, rare and beautiful nautilus pendants are handmade and consist of a genuine nautilus shell 50mm in length surrounded by a 925 sterling silver mount.

These are truly unique pieces of seashell jewellery.

This nautilus pendant is quite stunning, eye-catching jewellery in real silver with a real nautilus shell and nice nautical gift for the woman in your life.

Available In white, black, blue and natural.

£19.95 each without chain



Nautilus Pendant
Nautilus Pendant in Natural


Nautilus Pendant - DGNP40

Nautilus Pendant
Nautilus Pendant in Natural

Like our larger pendants above, these necklaces are made from a real nautilus shell but are slightly smaller in size, coming in at 40mm in length and 35mm width.

These too have a 925 sterling silver mount.

Available In pearlised and natural.

£15 each without chain





Nautilus Pendant - DGNP35

Nautilus Pendant
Nautilus Pendant in Natural

Our smallest nautilus pendant, like its larger cousins is a real nautilus shell surrounded by a 925 sterling silver mount. It measures 35mm by 25mm and is only available in natural.

£9.95 each without chain




Large Basket of 300 Seashells - DG4203


A perfect way to order a varied selection of colourful large seashells (mainly 7 cms up) and sent to you in a big wicker basket measuring 45 cms  x 45 cms x 27 cms in height.

Have a browse through our £2.50 seashells and you'll find lots of these in your wicker basket individually pricing this whole collection at in the region of £700. Whether to resell, use for a large seashell display, create nautical interior décor you'll be happy to find murexes, conches, cowries, trochas, tigerinas, cockle shells, mussel shells and some unusual shells with even more unusual names in our grand wicker basket!

So folks. buy 300 and you'll be owning an impressive collection in the knowledge that they have cost you less than 60p per item.

These are almost entirely brought to you from South East Asian waters.

Price was £199
Now £179



Flat White Pointer Starfish

White Pointer Starfish Craft Shells

A much smaller and flatter starfish but popular for craft ideas or just a cute little present for friends. They measure 5 to 7 centimetres and are virtually flat. We have talented craftspeople making picture frames and mirrors with these. They look pretty scattered in amongst larger starfish in a shell decoration themed home too.

5 to 7 cms

£1.25 each
£10 for 10
£16 for 20

Also available at the larger size of 8 to 10 cms

£1.35 each
£11 for 10
£25 for 30
£40 for 50

Or the largest size, size of 10 to 15 cms

£1.50 each
£12 for 10



Tiger Cowries 5-8 cms - KT4013

Tiger Cowrie

Tiger Cowrie Shells

Very interesting to look at and these dome shaped tiger cowrie shells have been used as currency in several parts of the world over the centuries, although we prefer payment in sterling. Tiger Cowries are probably the most popular seashells for sale in our shops bought by adults for children and one for them to listen to the sea in. Please e-mail or phone for bulk orders.

5-8 cms (2 to 3 ins)

£1.25 each
£10 for 10



Scallop Shells - 13 to 15 cms

Scallop Shells

The fishermen take their boats out upon the seas off the coast of the British Isles where some of them fish for scallops. Most of those scallops end up in restaurants throughout Britain and this makes for a very ecological reason to use the scallop shells for other means in the home. Our customers clean them and use as a dining plate, with tea lights, as soap dishes or as shell craft objects ..... they're beautiful. It's a British beach shell from our home waters so sits comfortably in our homes - make use of a few. Please Dorset Gifts customers - these scallop shells are straight from the ocean so may need a little cleaning. Please e-mail for bulk buying discount

99p each
£8 for 10
£15 for 20



Pectin Scallop Shells 5 to 8 cms - QT4033

Pectin Scallop Shells

Double sided in assorted colours. These beautiful light pectin scallop shells come in mixed colours. We will evenly sort out a balanced mix of colours for all bulk purchases. If you are choosing one shell than we usually send a lighter colour unless your order is accompanied with a specific colour request.

£0.99 each
£8.00 for 10

Please e-mail or phone for bulk prices



Net Shell Bag 350g (15137)

Excellent roped shell bags weighing 350 grammes. An interesting selection of beach shells. Please email us for special rates when considering bulk purchases of these shell bags.

£3.99 each
£7 for 2
£10 for 3



Dorset Gifts Special Shell Selection - DGSS

Just occasionally we get customers asking what makes a good selection of shells or may even ask us to select for them. We've put a collection together for your display, your bathroom, your office or your school project and we've included in the selection of ten shells, a beautiful small cowrie map shell with lots of mini cowries, which we're sure you'll agree sets all these beautiful caramel, brown and ivory seashells off a treat. These seashells are not rare but they are not an easy find either with a stunning firebrand murex, rapana shell, babylon shell, Judd's scallop shell, a knobbly starfish and conches too. Even a beautiful cone shell and most in the 2 to 3 inch size bracket!

All these for under a tenner? We don't think it can be beaten on the internet and some of these shells are for sale on other websites for £5 each - so go on, you know it makes sense! It's a special Dorset Gifts Special and very much while stocks last!

£9.95 for a 10 shell pack
£18 for 2



Firebrand Murex DG749 - 3 to 4 inches (8 to 9 cms)

Firebrand Murex shell

Nicely sized. It's always worth checking the size of our seashells (and the quality) when comparing us with our pretenders. We aim to sell at an equivalent price but a larger size - please let us know if we are failing. Our firebrand murex are pointed at both ends so stand very nicely and have subtle lined shades of brown as their camoflauged colour of choice. Interesting fact - they have the capacity to drill through other seashells in pursuit of dinner. Their favourite place to hang out is near coral reefs in South East Asian seas.

£1.50 each
£13 for 10



Polished Red Abalone 2 to 4 inches - DG 4072

Polished Red Abalone Shells

Polished Red Abalone Shells

We have a limited supply of these absolute beauties and they come to our customers at a fantastic price. They are lightly polished, mainly red with a hint of pink and light polishing. The overall effect is stunning and these replace our kamatscha red abalones. These polished red abalone shells are defintely a winner and the photos do not do them justice!  Just £1.50 each or 10 for £14.

£1.50 each
£14 for 10


Beach Mix

Unless you live in Manchester, London, Birmingham or anywhere 50 plus miles from the coast we’re sure there is a school of thought along the lines of, why not head off to the beach and harvest some beach mix yourself? The trouble is, you’d have to go as far as the Phillipines for beach mix of this quality. The seashells range from approx 1 centimetre to 5 centimetres in length, with the average being about 2 cms, and we insist on interesting shells such as trochas, cowries and shallow water cockles or mussels which make for a colourful display. These seashells are perfect for scattering, craft work, themed events and many other uses. 200 grammes would be approximately 50 shells, 500 grammes approximately 125 and as always, if you require these in large quantities please email us for an unbeatable wholesale price.

200 grammes - £5.99
500 grammes - £9.99



Large Beach Mix - DG4327MIXL

You wouldn't be looking at this unless you were thinking BIG.  By big, we mean 12 shells per half kilo pack (500 grammes) and the shells average 5 to 7 cms - they have travelled several thousand miles and impress us. Occasionally we throw in a few extras from one of our shell displays but this very much depends upon whether he's had time to walk the dog and how problematic he judges you to be as a customer... just ask for an additional couple of shells when checking out. There's no guarantee but if you haven't phoned him several times about your order he's beyond accommodating... large shell mix... great for weddings, divorces, funerals and bar mitzvahs. Not edible.

200 grammes - £5.99
500 grammes - £9.99


Single sided polished river mussel shell 15 cms long - DG4005

These are a spectacular size and polished on one side for display either way up, but we think these are best displayed on their own, not with a bar of soap! As these are one half of the river mussel shell they display beautifully with the inside flat on a surface and displaying the whole side of the polished outer of the shell.

£4.99 each
£9 for 2


African Cardium Cockle Shell Pairs 10 to 13 cms - DG4330

Stunning seashells for many uses. We sell these in pairs which are glued together so you have the whole cockle shell which has been split in two. These are large and up to 13 cms. They are mainly found off the coasts of East Africa. We like seeing a whole shell displayed - big enough to create great nautical display.

£2.95 for 1 item
£8 for 3 items



Pink Murex Shell 2 to 3 ins

These have always been a popular shell for table decor / weddings etc, so although we are selling larger ones on the website we have sourced a good supply of 2 to 3 inch pink murexes which we are selling on at a wholesale rate if you choose the quantity offer. All our pink murexes are between 2 and 3 inches and if taken in batches of 30 these will enable you to create excellent seaside decor at a very reasonable price. Further description of our murex shells and larger examples below. For larger quantities please email us for a quotation. We intend to never be beaten on price and love the pink lip to these pretty decorative seashells.

£0.60 each
£5.50 for 10
£10 for 20