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Bags of Seashells and Mixed Beach Seashells, Shell Assortments and White Seashells for Sale

Shell bag Information

Our bags of seashells and related items are all by-products of the fishing industry and are collected from aqua-farms among other sources.

The marine and shell items we sell are sustainable and are all sold in line with the rules set out by the convention on CITES.

We only sell online a small proportion of the seashells we sell in our shops, so if we're too far to pop down and visit, please call Jamie on 01202 285163 or email at if you can't find what you're after but you know it's out there and want to purchase from a reputable shell supplier.

We have large corporate accounts and frequently sell our shells to wedding parties and interior designers so if you are looking for wholesale sea shells, give us a call. We also frequently supply shells for use in schools and shells for offices, so if you are looking for bags of shells for sale, you've come to the right place.


Wholesale seashells from Dorset Gifts

White Shell Pack - DG4054

White shell pack

White shell pack

We frequently get asked for varied mixed seashell assortments in white and for many uses ranging from corporate table decor and weddings to children's party gifts. This year we have put together a shell pack in white which will perfectly cater for all needs. Each white shell pack measures 13 cms across. We have cellophaned them so they can easily be presented as gifts and also opened up for scattering. Please refer back to these seashells individually on our website but each pack will approximately contain a 6 cms white pointer starfish,  a 13 cms English scallop seashell, a couple of 3 cms pearlised trochas, 4 to 5 heart cockle seashells measuring 3 cms, 3 x 3cms  white strombus seashells and several 2 cms white tibia seashells. All in all the perfect combination and one put together with you, our customers in mind!  Maybe we should do these in green and brown too, but for now it's the "white shell pack".

These mixed white seashells are very popular as wedding shell packs for people planning a beach themed wedding or for use as wedding favours.

The pictures show the white seashell pack opened to reveal the contents showing the mixed beach seashells and starfish. Contents always white or pearlised but do vary due to newer batches.

13 cms across

£4.95 each
£13 for 3

Please e-mail for bulk purchases



Craft Shell Box - DG1116

Approximately 15 Philippine (so less ordinary) seashells in our little black box and excellent for crafting or an inexpensive seashell present.

These, we consider as good form for crafting and won't be A graded but have colour! No two boxes will be the same and only £2.95 a box.  

Seashells average 4 cms, some smaller some larger - box is 14 cms in height. Please email for bulk seashells.

£2.95 each
£5 for 2



Green Turbo Shells on a Scallop Pack - DGTS07

We've always liked green turbo shells as a display on a simple English Atlantic scallop and to add a dash of the sea in the bathroom, tables or elsewhere we recommend this simple but colourful combination with the scallop measuring approx 11 cms and each green turbo at least 5 cms. We have sold many of these to aquarium owners who are looking for natural seashells for a fishtank.


£3.95 per pack
£7 for 2 packs



Large Basket of 300 Seashells - DG4203


A perfect way to order a varied selection of colourful large seashells (mainly 7 cms up) and sent to you in a big wicker basket measuring 45 cms  x 45 cms x 27 cms in height.

Have a browse through our £2.50 seashells and you'll find lots of these in your wicker basket individually pricing this whole collection at in the region of £700. Whether to resell, use for a large seashell display, create nautical interior décor you'll be happy to find murexes, conches, cowries, trochas, tigerinas, cockle shells, mussel shells and some unusual shells with even more unusual names in our grand wicker basket!

So folks. buy 300 and you'll be owning an impressive collection of assorted seashells in the knowledge that they have cost you less than 60p per item.

This seashell assortment of mixed seashells is almost entirely brought to you from South East Asian waters.

If you are looking for specific seashells at wholesale, please get in touch with us.

Price was £199
Now £179



Our Smallest Beach Mix - DGSMIX


We recently had a lovely lady visit our shop and kindly complain that we didn’t have really really tiny seashells. After making all the excuses that immediately came to mind I did realise that over the years we have collected all sorts and types of tiny seashells which of course are perfect for craftwork. We have put in a couple of 5p pieces which I retrieved from my wife's purse to show just how small these are. To keep interesting we mix in a few slightly larger seashells but nearly all of these will be half a centimetre mixing up to a scattering of 2 cms seashells. Our mix is blended with interesting shells and if you go for a kilo these are being sold at the very best price. 

200 grammes at £2.95
500 grammes at £4.95
1 kg at £9.95


Shell Assortment Basket with Starfish 6ins - KT4052

Shell Basket with Starfish

Much larger than the usual shell baskets seen on the internet and with an interesting collection of colourful natural African and Asian shells. We do have smaller and larger sizes although the 8 inch baskets od assorted seashells represent the best value for money.

£7.99 each
£20 for 3

Please e-mail for bulk purchases



Large bag of polished shells

Bag of seashells

Selection from our bag of shells

Our larger sea shell bags of colourful beach shells and polished shells come with bigger shells than the smaller 350 grammes unpolished shell bags below. They weigh approximately 700 grammes and contain about twenty different and interesting varities of shell which are of a size that we could sell individually in the shop. They will include polished trochas, scallops, snails, murexes and cowries and represent great value showing lots of colours. A couple of shell bags will create a great shell display or theme for the home. A good way to buy an interesting variety of attractive shells. We have a picture here of the shells inside and outside the bag provided. There are about 20 shells in each bag measuring on average 7cms and most of them are polished having been sourced in the Philippine Islands.

£9.95 each
£18 for 2



Net Shell Bag 350g (15137)

Excellent roped bags of seashells weighing 350 grammes. An interesting selection of beach shells. If you are looking for a mixed bag of seashells please email us for special rates when considering bulk purchases of these beachcomber shell bags.

£3.99 each
£7 for 2
£10 for 3