The Purbeck Shell Collection


Just perfect for anyone seeking an interesting colourful collection of seashells for somewhere in the home or office and there are some unusual specimens in here. Centrepiece would have to be the Large Brown Cockle which can be left paired or easily broken open and this measures on average 9 cms in length. We have added 2 pieces of whitewashed driftwood at about 8 cms each to give a nautical alternative look to the collection. There’s a Tiger Cowrie in here too at about 8 cms and some pretty Conches from 7 cms to 10 cms with two light brown Mussel Shells to complete. We often look at little collections and discuss what we would add. It’s all in here at a great price. Including the driftwood there are 9 pieces which would need a space of 20 cms by 10 cms to present stylishly. SEASHELLS CAN VARY SLIGHTLY DUE TO SEASON