Ships Wheel Mirror in Blues.


At 43 cms in diameter and in shades of blue we have an alternative here to the ships wheel mirror entirely in white which is approximately the same size. These have a fixing on the back  and come in two shades of blue and white. And thank you so much for looking in. By clicking on Dorset Gifts you’ll be paying a little towards the NHS ( our health service if ordering from abroad ).  May be a little towards social care too as we are UK based and pay our taxes here. We are not suggesting that the NHS use our mirrors ( although we may tap them up ) but we pay UK corporation tax and VAT at 20 per cent not only on your purchase  but also on the postage. What a great way of supporting the UK!!! There’s a few other sites that have made their owners more money than Malta but we will leave you to figure out how much of the tax revenue ends up on hip replacements. And now back to the mirror, such a lovely item to be  shipped from Great Britain.