Lulworth Model Yacht


This beautiful classic model of the Lulworth has lovely cloth sails and an attractive light coloured wooden hull. A great classic model yacht for window displays.

This model yacht is available in two sizes:

65cms x 72cms    £79
95cms x 99cms    £120


A racing cutter with a Dorset connection! This gaff rigged cutter was built in Southampton in 1920 and if you’re looking to buy a boat as a present with West Country connections for somebody, this should probably be the one. The boat’s name does of course come from the family at Lulworth Castle of current Camp Bestival fame but at one time, the second owners of this beautiful boat. We have connections with Lulworth Castle too, because it’s where we walk our dogs! The cliff top walk from the village car park to Durdle Door is recommended but very in vogue now……but back to the boat… Due to wood shortages after the First World War, the original lower mast had to be made of steel instead of spruce wood.

In 1924 the rig had to be re-designed with a wooden lower mast and went on to achieve much racing success. She was saved from the scrap heap  in 1947 and finally re-launched in 2006 (bit like some of the acts at Camp Bestival). She is now the world’s largest racing cutter.

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95cms long x 99cms high, 65cms long x 72cms high