Lifering Clock in Wood


This Lifering Clock in Wood measures 21 cms. This does mean that it is smaller than the majority of our clocks and if you are looking for a larger clock please look at some of our others on this site. Clocks do occasionally find their way back to us in good time because they are indeed smaller than expected so this simple description should make you, the buyer, aware that it is 21 cms and not 41 cms. This is also not inches and is centimetres so this might be worth considering before adding this item to the shopping cart. The rope at the top is on this occasion not part of the diameter of the clock but for hanging to the nail or tack that you will have to whack in to the wall to create a sturdy lifetime fixing. We do love these 21 cms in diameter clocks.  And once again, a wooden Welcome Aboard Clock measuring 21 cms in diameter and 4 cms in depth. Takes an AA battery to further improve your enjoyment of this 21 cms diameter clock (in a lifering). The lifering is not suitable for lifesaving occurrences.