J-Class Yacht – Blue/Red Hull


These ever popular yachts are 36 cms long and 52 cms in height with the rich blue and red hull. These also come with the green hull below and take just a few minutes to assemble. If it does take longer we may not get feedback from you as powering up your computer will probably be beyond you. Packed nice and simply too in a long fairly flat box – great nautical home decor and one of our Top 20 internet lines.

36 cms long x 52 cms high


J-Class Model Yachts

These superb decorative J-class model display yachts have been painstakingly sourced over many years by our local supplier who we consider the market leaders for these type of model yacht and who, we have also been dealing with for nearly ten years now. They make excellent gifts and central features for the home or workplace. The yachts were originally designed between 1930 and 1937 and only ten were ever built in America and England. They were considered the best sailing yachts in the world and were sent to compete successfully in the Americas Cup. These were clearly one of the world’s most beautiful class of yacht and these latter day models will create maritime interest wherever they are moored! A perfect alternative to more traditional historical boats these are increasing in popularity year on year. A great yacht gift for the sailing enthusiast or nautical decor for an office.