Galileo Thermometer


These Galileo Thermometers are sealed glass cylinders contain a clear liquid and several coloured glass vessels of varying density.

Available in three different sizes.

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Quirky? Cool? Conversation starter, conversation finisher? We have our Galileo thermometers in several sizes and have also introduced the teardrop thermometer too.

These sealed glass cylinders contain a clear liquid and several coloured glass vessels of varying density. As Galileo discovered hundreds of years ago, if the density within the vessels differs they bob up and down according to the temperature and the temperature is indicated by the brass tag on the lowest vessel. Well, we think that’s the theory.

For those scientifically inclined amongst our customers, we hope we have described the workings of these accurately. Our source of reference was Freddie Mercury’s Bohemian Rhapsody where he says Galileo several times in a high pitched voice towards the end of the track so he must have had one of these. We’ve just downloaded the track on i-tunes and the lyrics don’t refer to exactly how his one worked but he does seem quite excited about it.

Galileo thermometers – perfect gifts to accompany “Bohemian Rhapsody” or for those who have not quite saved up enough money for a lava lamp.

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18cms, 30cms, 44cms