Fleet Review Telescope



 The ultimate feature window piece for any home with a nautical setting. In the early 1900s grand clifftop and seaside homes would of course have been considered incomplete without an impressive brass and wooden telescope on the balcony to view the ships sailing past. You can still pick the antique ones up, but they have become very expensive collectors’ pieces. More often than not in the beachside homes you will perhaps occasionally see our reproductions which have been specially made by a former colonial manufacturer who still produces them for his home market. They are of course popular and sought after due to the elegant styling and the fact that this is a functional item, magnifying 14 times with an object lens of 50 mm. Focusing is by finger-tip twist control, from about 40 metres to infinity. The hardwood tripod, which is similar in appearance and feel to teak, has solid brass fittings and is height adjustable on each leg to compensate for any uneven surfaces. Can extend from 85 cms to 150 cms.