The Famous Dorset Knob Tin – BACK ORDER


It’s been on our mind for more than a decade and in the past we have sold hampers of Dorset products. We are selling a few of our classic food items but only if they come in a reusable tin and something we think those nautically minded might enjoy as an accompaniment on their or someonelse’s boat.  Moores Dorset Knob Biscuits are usually accompanied with a wry smile, laughter or a blush when purchasing in our shop. They do sell very well.  They do what is says on the tin — “Superior double baked savoury biscuits, made to the original Moores family recipe in the heart of Dorset and enjoyed throughout the world”. Moores have been established since 1880, that’s more than a hundred years longer than us but on to the biscuits – originally made from dough left over from a mornings bread production – most buyers now enjoy these with some mature cheese and back in the day they were eaten with sugar and hot tea poured on to them. 400 grammes in weight and the average weight of each knob is 10 grammes. That’s the biscuits done but what a superb tin!!! Something to keep in the kitchen for many years to come. Approx 20 cms high and 15 cms wide/deep.

Available on back-order

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