Decorative Mopani Wood


Mopani wood sold in kilogram units. Price given is price per kilo. One kilo mopani pieces are about 30 cms long.


Real mopani (or mopane) driftwood originates from the northern parts of Southern Africa and is found nowhere else in the world. It is one of Africa’s heaviest timbers and is sometimes even used for building houses, but here in the UK the wood is increasingly being used for interior and exterior decorative reasons as drfitwood decor.

Over the last year we have had more and more enquiries from interior designers and even other retailers to buy mopani wood for display and “stand alone” decor. This is a completely natural product and no two pieces are the same. They do of course vary in size and a smaller piece measuring several inches is likely to weigh around a kilo. Large pieces, of decorative mopane wood like the images shown are likely to weigh six or seven kilos and can be up to 20 to 24 inches in height and 18 inches in diameter.

For larger orders our prices will be below wholesale and the most competitive in the UK. Contact us with your requirements.

We hand pick the very best from large stock quantities but if there are particularly shapes you think you require please add a note in the shopping cart check out. The outdoor images are of a perfect piece which can be used as a feature in any room of the home and which jewellers and other corporate buyers have been buying for display purposes.

Please enter the weight you require below but bear in mind the smallest pieces will weigh about a kilo and be several inches long.

Oh and by the way… the nautical connection is tropical fish, because they absolutely love this stuff in their fish tanks (without the jewellery or Rolex watches though). Mopani wood for aquariums direct from Dorset Gifts!

If you have any questions about sizes or quantity (we have these large and small) please give Jamie a call on 07711 247762.