Brown Screw Shells x 4 – Limited Offer


These seashells will make beautiful and interesting additins to collections. Not one, two or three but four screw shells approximately 8 cms each and popular for seashell craft work as well as general decor. From shallow waters in the Philippines but  similar screw shells are also found in Western America and West Africa. The posh name for these is Turritellidae and unlike many seashells these are vergetarians. We all like our relatives and these are related to periwinkles. They can be found in the sand.   They are one species in a family of 100. Again, a great shell due to the shape for shell craft work. Didn’t the Victorians just love making things with seashells? When we refer to Indo Pacific seashells this is the richest shell region in the world stretching from East Africa to Polynesia – a very colourful area characterized by tropical waters and coral reefs.

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