Coral in Resin - Resin Faux Coral

Ever since we started selling natural shells, we have had the environmentally friendly policy of not trading in natural coral in order to protect this endangered product. We do not deal with companies who bribe corrupt officials in the source countries to change manifests to make it appear that the coral is old stock from before restrictions on its sale and movement were introduced.

We do appreciate however that there is a demand for naturally beautiful coral and so we aim to meet this demand by purchasing replica resin coral in designs based on actual coral pieces. These fake corals are reasonably priced, convincingly natural looking pieces of artificial coral and can be used in freshwater and saltwater aquariums unlike real coral which is only suitable for marine aquariums.

Resin coral – realistic fake coral made of resin. Artificial faux coral which is so like-like it looks like the real thing. Artificial coral or fake coral made of resin including a resin clam shell, resin starfish. Ideal for an aquarium or as nautically themed decor.

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    Sputnik Seashell in Resin
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