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Dorset Gifts
A family run business trading in Dorset since 1982

We have a popular range of rocks. gemstones and jewellery. Our suppliers take their social and environmental responsibilities very seriously and we have statements from them regarding how they source our products, which are imported directly to Dorset - a stone's throw from the amazing World Heritage Jurassic coast.

We can also supply spectacular display pieces to include amethyst, huge ammonites, superb labradorite pieces, citrine madonnas and many more. Naturally, no two of these are anything like the same and should you be interested in a display piece we can photograph and describe the piece in great detail while offering you an industry leading price. Should larger display pieces be your main interest please e-mail your requirements to

Enjoy scrolling down through our collection of smaller best selling mineral and fossil lines.




Ammonites, beautiful ammonites and also beautifully described in geological terms by many experts on t'internet. But we're giving it to you straight and as it is.

These were out and about in ancient times. They came and went with the dinosaurs and were very good swimmers. If there ever were the dinosaur Olympics ammonites would have got medals for Oceania in most of the swimming events. Dare we say that they are related to the octopus and we sell in several sizes.

If you need photos please ask but for now our sizes are below and refer to the diameters.

DGAM15 - 10 to 15 cms - £45
DGAM20 - 15 to 20 cms - £75
DGAM30 - 20 to 30 cms - £135
DGAM50 - 40 to 50 cms - £325
DGAM60 - Over 50cms - £575

Size :



Cut and Polished Ammonite Pair AP12

Pair of ammonites, cut and polished

Cut and Polished Ammonite

This is a whole Madagascan ammonite cut in two and expertly polished to reveal crystal structures in the shell chambers. It makes a stunning unique display piece over a hundred million years old, and a fascinating link to the Earth's past history for your home. These ammonite pairs have been meticulously cleaned and finished with a smooth polish. Like our coastline here in Dorset, yet from another sea, they are Jurassic in age. Please note that shapes are irregular so many of our pieces are difficult to measure, but we are committed to sending you the best grade Cut and Polished Ammonite Pair we have in stock. Please email for larger sizes, best prices and photographs personalized to your enquiry. We aim to not be beaten on price.

7.5 inches by 6 inches each

£195 for the pair


Amethyst Candle Holder CH07

Amethyst Candle Holder


No two of these amethyst candle holders are the same and they make a unique gift. They can be used with either Tea Lights or small aromatic candles and this popular purple violet variety of quartz emits a gorgeous glow. Amethyst was used as a gemstone by the Egyptians and Greeks thousands of years ago and one of their beliefs (apart from empire building) was that the amethyst gems could prevent intoxication. We don't sell many to the licensed trade, but lots to discerning buyers looking to create a calming peaceful atmosphere.

Single Candle Holder £29.95

Pair of Candle Holders £50


Rose Quartz Candle Holder CH01

Rose Quartz Candle Holder

Smoother than the Amethyst candle holder above and emits a pale pink to rose red hue. Again, suitable for use with Tea Lights or small aromatic candles and creates that lovely warm glow which associates this mineral with self love, healing emotional wounds and forgiveness. It brings in the positive and also makes us money!!

Single Candle Holder £14.95


Pair of Candle Holders £25


Fossilstone Three Hole Candle Holder ON38

Fossilstone Three Hole Candle Holder

A quality gift for the home and mainly finding their way on to marble work surfaces in contemporary kitchens, although just as pleasing by the fireplace. No two of these are exactly the same so truly an unique gift and given the name "fossilstone" because of the beautiful fossilstones which are fossilized shells markings. These pieces are actually carved from a fascinating limestone found at the foothills of the Himalayas.

Single Three Hole Candle Holder £7.50


Pair of Three Hole Candle Holders £12



Fossilstone 4 Inch Round Candle Holder ON14

Fossilstone 4 Inch Round Candle Holder

Another interesting attractive fossilstone candleholder. Every piece is unique and this contemporary design has been crafted from Himalayan limestone as overdescribed above!

Fossilstone 4 Inch Round Candle Holder £8.95


Pair of Fossilstone 4 Inch Round Candle Holders £15


Cut Base Thick Agate Slices CBA

Cut Base Thick Agate Slices

Agate is a variety of quartz which is one of our most popular products. No gemstone has been more wonderfully striped by nature and each slice is of course unique. They come in an assortment of creative colours and the average size is 3.5 inches by 3.5 inches. You will get 2 to 3 pieces per kilo which we hand pick to offer a mix of the most popular colours. Pieces this size really show off the striking natural layers and rich colours of agate, which in ancient times was said to quench thirst and protect against fever. Persian magicians used agate to divert storms! They make superb decorative and unusual pieces for the home.

1 kilogram - £19.95

2 kilograms - £35

3 kilograms - £50


Amethyst Madonnas - various sizes and prices

Amethyst Madonna

Set on wooden bases for ease of display these stunning feauture pieces come in a variety of shapes and sizes. We have a 12" high Amethyst Madonna which looks perfect and complements the oak on a 16th century dresser in our home. Expect to pay approximately £200 for a piece 12" high and we have various sizes and prices from £65 to £400. Please e-mail us at for a size match, very competitive price and photographs of Amethyst Madonnas in your size and price range.


Set of Seven Mixed Marble 3 inch Eggs ON01

Marble Eggs

Egg shaped gifts have always been popular and can add interest to both your home and work place. All our 3" eggs come with small stands and are made from solid highly polished marble or onyx. Most of our buyers want a collection, hence we sell in sevens, and the eggs forwarded to you will be as close a match as possible to the ones shown in the picture.



Four inch Onyx Egg ON219

Onyx Egg

Our interesting range of unusual gemstone eggs includes these large 4 inch eggs made from semi precious onyx stone which has been acknowledged by the Ancient Greeks, Egyptians and Romans for its mystical properties. These eggs have been beautifully crafted and sell consistently year in, year out.

Single Onyx Egg £12.95
Two for £25
Three for £35


Gemstone Selection Box JE64

Gemstone Selection Box

This gemstone selection box is a lovely little starter kit for the young or novice collector, this real gemstone display box has an informative label on the back to help you find the name of the semi-precious gems inside. Excellent stocking filler.



Rock Box - DGRB123

Rocks and minerals come in an infinite variety! There are approximately 30 in this plastic presentation box including amethyst (purple), quartz (clear) rose quartz (pink) geodes (hollow with crystals) and smaller tumble polished gemstones.

The box is 3 inches long by 2 inches across and weighs 125 grammes.

£5.99 each
£10 for 2



Crystal Garden Pack SP02

Crystal Garden

We are delighted to offer you one of our best selling ranges. It takes nature thousands of years to grow crystals but you can do it in a few days! Simple, fun and educational. Full instructions are included. Excellent stocking filler. Here's some we prepared earlier!