Pirate Novelties

Dorset Gifts
A family run business trading in Dorset since 1982


Pirate Skeleton in Magic Coffin - DGTY1652

An inexpensive fun coffin pack with pirate stuff therein. This little collection comes with a pirate skeleton in a small coffin and various other tiny ornaments associated with the "pirate trade". Would fit in a child's pocket and we sell these in quantity for children's pirate parties!

£1.50 each


Black Pirate Ship - DG7748

One for the pirate theme - our mainly black pirate boats  are 30 cms long and 33 cms high. Wood and cloth and no doubt the faint smell of rum!

£19.95 each


Pirate Map in a Bottle - DGT6524

These dinky small bottles measure just over 4 inches in height and nearly 2 inches wide and come with a pirates map as well as sand and seashells!

£2.50 each
£4 for 2



Pirate Keep Out Sign - DGZY137

Pirate Keep Out Sign

A hanging wooden pirate sign with the a perfect to the point message - not too overbearing at 18 cms in length.

18 cms long

£4.99 each


Pirate "Keep Out" Sign - DGSKUPIR

Pirate Keep Out Sign

Pirate Keep Out Sign

Our favourite wooden pirate "Keep Out" sign - classic colours and one for children's bedroom door or to hang from on high. These are 36 cms high and 36 cms wide. They are 4 cms deep and only weigh 300 grammes. They are one of our best selling pirate lines.

Throughout our nautical website you'll find some of the best pirate lines and we are always stocking new lines in our shops which we do not always sell online. So if there is anything you have seen out there that you require do please contact us. Makes a great pirate gift for kids.

£9.99 each
£18 for 2



Pirate Novelty Snow Ball

Pirate Snow Ball

Pirates have yet again been a strong selling line this year and these small snowstorms are a great inexpensive gift for kids. We tried shaking the waterball to create a nice snowy effect in the picture but were not quite quick enough! These sell well alongside the small pirate boats.

Approx 7 cms high.

£3.99 each
£6 for 2



Wooden Treasure Chest Money Box - DG15134

Wooden Treasure Chest Money Box

Wooden Treasure Chest Money Box

A wooden treasure chest money box and the bad news is the slot is big enough for pound coins or bank notes. The good news is we send you a small decorative lock with a key we think you could easily lose. These wooden treasure chest moneyboxes make great little decorative additions and are made of wood with brass effect sides. They measure approximately 5 inches in length, 4 inches in depth and 3.5 inches in height, weighing about 125 grammes.

£9.95 each



Coconut Hanging Pirates

Coconut Hanging Pirates
Coconut Hanging Pirates
Coconut Hanging Pirates

Well, they're unique and eco friendly so will fit in well in any home - a great line for the kids' bedroom or the Summer House and they can free stand on a table, window sill or hang from the ceiling or wall, as they all come with hooks on the pirates' heads. They are of course made from coconuts, which will already have been eaten elswhere so you're doing your bit for recycling, and we think our one eyed coconut pirates are the best you'll find, with cloth heads and degenerate dissolute features! We got through 300 of these on our annual Poole Quay pirate festival (Harry Paye Day) but let us choose the pick of the bunch for your nautically themed room at home!

Approx 6 inches high and 5 inches wide

£6.99 each
£12 for 2
£20 for 3



Pirate Skull Money Box - DG11155

Pirate Skull Money Box

This grinning pirate skull moneybox clasping a dagger between its teeth scares the bejesus out of us. However kids will love it and will probably blackmail you to put money into the slot to take it away.




Black Pirate Ship Small - DG14120

Black Pirate Ship

Pirate Boat.

20 x 20 cms



Black Pirate Ship Large - DG14121

Black Pirate Ship

33 x 33 cms



Pirate Set - DG52218

Pirate Set

Ideal for children's seaside or pirate themed parties.

5 piece 48cms



Pirate's Cutlass with Eyepatch - DG52220

Pirate's Cutlass with Eyepatch




Pirate Pistol and Keychain - DG52226

Pirate Pistol and Keychain




Pirate Pistol Gun - DG52232

Pirate Pistol Gun




Child's Pirate Cap - DG64332

Child's Pirate Cap


£4.99 each



Six Panel Embroidered Pirate Cap - DG64333

Embroidered Pirate Cap


£5.99 each



Pirate Scarf - DG64896

Pirate Scarf

100 x 100 cms

£4.99 each


Pirate Bandana or Mask - DG64897

Pirate bandana or face mask

Pirate bandana or face mask

Pirate Bandana

A rare picture of the boss outside the shop modelling 2 items at the same time. At the top protecting a bald head is a Captain Baseball Cap but the item being sold as a bandana also can double up as a mask. If it fits round his mouth it should fit anyone.  Measures approximately 50 cms by 50 cms and made of cotton with the traditional pirate emblem depicting skulls and crossbones. Price is for the bandana/mask and not the Captain's baseball cap which we sell separately.

£4.99 each


Glow in the Dark Pirate Hat - DG65050

Glow in the Dark Pirate Hat


£4.99 each


Small Pirate Playset - DG52236

Pirate Playset


£2.50 each