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Pick 'n Mix - Sea Shells and Gemstones

10 shells or gemstones for £25

All of the sea shells, gemstones and minerals for sale below can be bought as Pick 'n Mix - 10 items for £25.

Have a look at the shells and gemstones, decide which ones you want, then use the Pick 'n Mix form at the bottom of the page to place your order.

The discount will only appear in the shopping basket if you add a minimum of 10 items and use the form to order.


Rocks, Gemstones and Minerals

Rocks and Mineral gemstones make great gifts, display pieces for the home or educational items. These are the perfect size to start a collection or to give away as little presents. Both children and adults love our rocks, gemstones and minerals and they will be forwarded to you packed in gift tissue and well protected. Quartz, amethyst and agate slices mixed together make a simple but hard to find gift idea for friends or family. We have listed our best selling Top Ten rocks and minerals which you can buy at a discount if mixing in small quantities. For larger purchases do please email us at where we can quote an even more competitive price.

Quartz Points

Quartz Points
Minimum 4cms
Quartz Points are a member of the quartz family, these exotic points are believed to help realign imbalances in our body's nervous system.


Minimum 2.5cms
Ammonites are fossils from an extinct group of marine animals of great educational interest. A good one for school teachers to use when giving examples of the natural world.

Citrine Points

Citrine Points
Minimum 4cms
Citrine Points are classic yet unusual bright golden yellow citrine colour with excellent clarity!

Agate Slice

Agate Slices - Mainly Blue for Boys
Minimum 4cms
Beautifully unique coloured agate slices primarily in blue colours for boys.

Agate Slice

Agate Slices - Mainly Purple for Girls
Minimum 4cms
Beautifully unique coloured agate slices primarily in purple colours for girls.

Amethyst Point

Amethyst Point
Minimum 4cms
Amethyst Points are a sensible purchase for their spiritual uses associated with healing and meditation.

Fools Gold

Fools Gold
Minimum 2.5cms
This is a pyrite but better known by its nickname "Fools Gold" and interestingly, small quantities of gold are sometimes found in pyrite but we got here first!



Minimum 4cms
This purple from of quartz is probably the most popular variety within the quartz family and certainly the best seller in this section. Several pieces of Amethyst make for a stunning display.

Rose Quartz


Rose Quartz

Minimum 6cms
Another best seller in our "most desirable" list and the pink colour symbolizes love and warmth. Rose Quartz is often mistaken in our shop for Turkish Delight but slightly less chewy!

Natural Geodes

Natural Geodes
Minimum 3cms
Wonderfully dyed natural geodes which contain deposits of crystal which sparkle out from the hollow.

Mixed Mini Geodes

Mixed Mini Geodes
Minimum 2.5cms
These dyed mixed mini geodes also make lovely miniature display pieces when grouping two or three of the colours together.


Sea Shells

We buy sea shells from the two most reputable shell suppliers in the UK and are probably now their biggest clients. All our sea shells for sale come with ecological certification and are sustainable. Scroll through our listings and it won't take you long to realise that most of these products have been partially eaten first. And that's the way we want to keep it. Our best selling starfish are washed ashore and our children understand the importance of preservation as well as we do. Charitable donations through our shops are weighted towards the RNLI and marine conservation. We only sell online a small proportion of the seashells we sell in our shops, so if we're too far to pop down and visit, please call Jamie on 01202 285163 or email at if you can't find what you're after but you know it's out there and want to purchase from a reputable sea shell supplier. We have large corporate accounts and frequently sell our shells to wedding parties and interior designers as shell decorations, as well as selling sea shells in bulk or wholesale. As market leaders we promise to see you right with our best price shells!

Strawberry Trocha Shells x 4
Four beautiful strawberry trochas all approximately 3 cms in length

Orange Mitre Shells x 3
Three orange mitre seashells measuring approximately 5 cms

Foxhead Seashells x 3
These are sometimes referred to as tulip shells and at approximately 10 cms in length

Brown Screw Shells x 4
Four screw shells approximately 8 cms each and popular for seashell craft work

Brown Tonna Cep Shells x 4
Beautifully coloured shallow water seashells and the price is for all four on a limited offer. Approximately 7 cms

Polished Brown Cowries x 4
Beautifully polished cowries and the price is for all 4 measuring approximately 5 cms

Knobbly Starfish x 4
Rustic coloured knobbly starfish and these are approximately 9 cms to 10 cms.


Abalone Shells x 3
Three pretty abalone seashells measuring 6 to 7cms

Green Turbo Silvermouth
Often requested by nautical wedding planners as this particular sea green is sought after.

Knobbly Starfish
Of all the starfish we sell these are the ones that our customers pick up, look at and feel the texture.


Longspine Murex Indivia
These shells are renowned for their ornate structure and spiney body which makes them prickly to touch.

Conus Figulinus
These sea shells have striking markings and they are also known as fig cones.

Banded Green Turbo
A pretty polished seashell with a pearlized band carved through the back of the shell.

Turbo Silvermouth
These are the pearlised versions of our other turbos so are a very pretty silver in colour.

Harpa Shells
Part of the family Harpidae, these harpa sea shells are in rich shades of caramel and brown.

Murex Haustellum
These unique delicate sea shells have along spike growing away from the base that almost looks like a tail.

Murex Negrispinosis
Beautiful additions to shell collections and displays and for use as white shell decorations at weddings.

Cloth of Gold Cone Shell
Also known as textile cones these are popular as wedding seashell decorations.


Map Cowrie Shell
The top of the shell has a wonderful caramel brown colour and they look good displayed in groups.

Lambis Scropius
Beautiful species of large sea snail and are more delicate and pointed than other conch shells.

Pointer or Finger Starfish
Super delicate little gifts which look great anywhere in the home too.

Tiger Starfish
Light, brightly coloured compact and hardy with an interesting shape.

Egg Cowrie
Egg cowries are from the same family as the tiger cowries but white with some colouring inside the lip.

Orange Spider Conch
These orange spider conchs are a little more orange around the lip than our other small conchs.

Carved Marlin Spike
These beautiful carved and polished auger Indo Pacific shells are one of our favourites.

Tonna Allium
These tonna allium shells are stunning with soft brown and cream lines.

Spondylus Chinensis
These beautiful spondylus sea shells are sought after by collectors.

Pink Cabibe Mussells
Stunning shells and at a whopping minimum of 4 inches across are big enough to display all on their own.

Murex Shell
Twisty turny shells with lots of interesting shape to them and can be displayed pink lip up or pink lip down.

Saddle Shell Wind Chime
These purple saddle shells are very unusual and when a light wind is blowing the sound they make is quite beautiful.


Sputnik Sea Urchins
Interior designers like to buy these sputnik sea urchins in bulk.

Tigerina Mussels
Another striking shell with good weight behind it.

Pearlised Troca Shell
We love our cone shaped pearlised trocas. They're hardy, heavy, chunky pieces.

Carved Pearlized Trochas
Spiral pearlized trochas have been carved to create this unique spirally effect.

Marble Cone
These polished intricately patterned marble cone shells are the most popular and collectible in the shop.

Mitre Shells
These brightly coloured, vibrant orange mitre shells are named after the pointed hats worn by members of the clergy.

Lambis Chiragra
An Indo Pacific shallow water shell with fingerlike projections and pretty markings.

Unpolished Abalone
These natural abalones are the colour of the sea on the outer shell and pearlised in the middle.

Mini Cowries
These are a minimum of 3 centimetres in length and they have a slight polish. Sold in sets of 5 shells.


Mitre Regina Seashells
These small mitre regina seashells have absolutely stunning colours and are often used as craft shell decoration.


Set of four Saddle Shells
Beautiful saddle shells from the Philippines, nicely sized at 3 to 4 inches.


Sugar Starfish
Their granular texture which gives the appearance (but certainly not the taste) of sugar is the reason for their name.

Polished Turtle Limpet Shells
Our turtle limpet shells are polished and it really brings out the beauty of their colours.

Codakia Tigerina
These have a coral coloured back and are characterised by the pink edge they have around the inner lip.

Turbo Pethoratus
These have a very slight green hue but come mainly brown and measure at 1 to 2 inches.

Banded Turbo Pethoratus
These make for a very pretty banded small shell with quite lovely colours at 2 to 3 inches


Banded Frog Mussel
Great looking seashell, polished but also leaving the natural colour in stripes.


Frog Mussel 8cms
These have been paired back into one and have interesting texture resulting in them often being purchased for art work.

Mother of Pearl Discs
These seashell pieces are excellent for craft décor.

Sea Shell Discs
These sell very well alongside our assorted mother of pearl discs for those keen shell crafters.

Zodiac Cowrie
Tiger cowrie seashells with carved zodiac signs - approximately 8 cms in length.


Blue Pointer Starfish x 3
Minimum width of 8 cms.
These are great for craft work.

Pink Pointer Starfish x 3
Minimum width of 8 cms.
Great for craft work or mixed with other starfish in a display.

Green Pointer Starfish x 3
Minimum width of 8 cms.
The striking colour makes these great for displays.


Seashell and Gemstone Pick 'n Mix

10 shells or gemstones for £25

Have a look at the items, decide which ones you want then enter the number of items required against their name and click on the 'Add to Basket' button below.


Gemstones, Rocks and Minerals

Quartz Points


Citrine Points

Agate Slices - Mainly Blue

Agate Slices - Mainly Purple

Amethyst Point

Fools Gold


Rose Quartz

Natural Geodes

Mixed Mini Geodes



Strawberry Trocha Shells x 4 - DGTROCHLTD

Orange Mitre Shells x 3 - DGMITRLTD

Foxhead Seashells x 3 - DGFOXLTD

Brown Screw Shells x 4 - DGSCRELTD

Brown Tonna Cep Shells x 4 - DGBTCEPLTD

Polished Brown Cowries x 4 - DGCOWLTD

Knobbly Starfish x 4 - DGKNOBL OUT OF STOCK

Abalone Shells x 3 - DGLIMAB

Green Turbo Silvermouth - 5 cms

Knobbly Starfish OUT OF STOCK

Longspine Murex Indivia

Conus Figulinus

Banded Green Turbo Shell - DG017 OUT OF STOCK

Turbo Silvermouth DG4143S - 5 to 8 cms

Harpa Shells - DG039

Murex Haustellum

Murex Negrispinosis

Cloth of Gold Cone Shell OUT OF STOCK

Map Cowrie Shell

Lambis Scorpius

Pointer or Finger Starfish (Min 7ins)

Tiger Starfish 10 to 15 cms - QT4111

Egg Cowrie Shells

Orange Spider Conch - DGSH71

Carved Marlin Spike Sea Shell

Tonna Allium Sea Shells

Spondylus Chinensis - DG098

Pink Cabibe Mussel Sea Shell 10cm (4ins) OUT OF STOCK

Murex Shell 8 to 10 cm

Saddle Shell Wind Chime OUT OF STOCK

Sputnik Sea Urchin 5 to 8 cms

Tigerina Mussels - polished 7 to 8cm

Pearlised Troca Shell 5 to 7 cm

Carved Pearlized Trochas

Marble Cone - Conus Marmoreus 8-10 cms - QT4010

Mitre Shells 4 to 5 inches - QT 4026

Lambis Chiragra - Spider Conch 5 to 6 ins

5 x Unpolished Natural Abalone - DGS1211

Mini Cowries - minimum 3 cms x 5 shells

Mitre Regina Seashells - DGSH106 OUT OF STOCK

Set of four Saddle Shells OUT OF STOCK

5 x Codakia Tigerina - DGS109

Turbo Pethoratus

Banded Turbo Pethoratus OUT OF STOCK

Banded Frog Mussel

Natural Frog Mussel 8 cms - DG4372

Mother of Pearl Disc

Sea Shell Disc

Zodiac Cowrie Shell
(please specify star sign under Special Request at checkout) OUT OF STOCK

3 x Blue Pointer Starfish min. 8 cms - DG4019B

3 x Pink Pointer Starfish min. 8 cms - DG4019R

3 x Green Pointer Starfish min. 8 cms - DG4019G

Sugar Starfish 4 to 6 cms OUT OF STOCK

Sugar Starfish 10 to 15 cms OUT OF STOCK

Polished Turtle Limpet Shells - DGSH87 OUT OF STOCK