Dorset Gifts
A family run business trading in Dorset since 1982


Ships Propellor Hook - DGZY14108

Ships Propellor hooks to be fixed to the wall through the centre of the propellor ane measuring 14 cms from top to bottom, width 9 cms and depth 5 cms. These are very sturdy and capable of taking some weight.  They have a weathered look as all good propellors do.

£6.95 each


Small Fish Chalk Board - DGSG7

There's a lot of uses for our small fish chalkboards – not least for nautical events, shops, home decor etc. Made of wood and measuring 26 cms in length by 20 cms in depth to the top of the rope. Not sure what species the fish is and wouldn't really want to hazard a guess.

£4.95 each


Blue/Gold To the Beach Sign - DGZY67037

We like the gold arrow on our mainly blue “To the Beach” sign. Measures 23 cms in length and incuding rope hanger 18 cms in height. Made of wood. Don't forget your swim suit.

£6.95 each


Fish WC Sign - DGZY171

Made to hang from the loo door and in pastel shades, shaped like a fish –  approximately 23 cms long and height with rope is 17 cms.

£6.95 each


Lifering Mirror 50 cms - DG50MIRR

Welcome Aboard 50 cms Welcome Aboard mirror made from cotton canvas and to be hung from the rope surround for a real seaside seafaring look.

£19.95 each


Wooden Red Poole Tug Boat - DG15107

Tug boats, we seee them come and go in Poole Harbour – this model is made of wood and measures 26 cms in length with a height of approximately 15 cms.

£19.95 each


Nautical Telescope and Compass Set - DGHM1385

Presentation box with glass casing displaying a brass telescope, compass and …..a magnifier. The box measures approximately 20 cms by  13 cms  to help scale and an attractive nautical collection for the desk.

£29 each


Wood and Shell Bird - DGNS23

These beautiful seabirds, made of wood, are adorned with a little abalone shell decor on their main body creating a really different and interesting  look. Standing 30 cms from top to bottom  a nice sized nautical ornament.

£8.95 each


Starfish Toilet Roll Holder - DGP11111

We hope you like our starfish rustic looking toilet roll holders in soft blue. We don't know who the RNLI are towing back to Poole Quay in the background but whoever they are, let's hope they had one of these when the boat broke down.   23 cms high and 15 cms wide, naturally made of wood and takes a standard size loo roll (not included).

£25 each


Dorset Diamonte Dolphin - DGCLB

Lovely gifts for dolphin lovers and there are many amongst us! Stands 13 cms high with a “diamond” look on one side.

£4.95 each


Wooden Whale Hook - DGP15105

Wooden whale hook with whale proportions  as this is approximately 15 cms wide and 15 cms from top to bottom. And with a whale dressed in blue and white. Unique and every whale friendly room should have one!

£5.95 each


Purbeck Yacht with Striped Sail - DGZY176

Purbeck yacht in all the blues and standing 30 cms in height (all assembled).  Shabby look and a nice whitewashed hull – simple and  recommended.  Poole harbour as the background (opposite our  shop).

£11.95 each


Lobster Wall Clock - DGML2

Lobster “served daily” in pale blue and made of MDF.  We admit that this is one of our favourite clocks  and a bit larger than the rest as diameter is 34 cms. These have a hook on the back and a look on the front!

£12.50 each


Welcome Aboard Clock with Nautical Centre - DGWE4

30 cms in diameter (to the canvas edge) excluding the rope and takes one double AA battery. We like the inset map and nautical feel – it's actually a map of Europe and a happy edition to your nautical theme.

£9.95 each


Red/Cream Light up Wooden Lighthouse - DG12110

A rustic look with shades of red  and standing 21 cms in height, the LED shines through the very top "windows" of the lighthouse - we should have a video of it! These are also 10 cms weight and 8 cms deep so not one of our largest model lighthouses but an interesting seaside look and perfect for sea themed window sills. Takes 2 AA batteries (not included).

£29 each


Tin whale beneath sail boat - DGS6857

Our tin whales, and we like these a lot are excellent and interesting wall art with the little sail boat above this  beautifully crafted mammal measuring 50 cms in length and 20 cms at widest.

£24.95 each


Tony the Tin Seahorse - DGS6856

Measures 48 cms in height and 15cms wide, excellent tin based nautical décor and aspirational sea themed wall art.

£24.95 each


A school of seahorses - DGS6923

Measures 20 cms long and 10 cms high. What a lovely little ocean themed ornament. We still have some rare seahorses here off Studland Bay and this happy little line at 20 cms is just the right size to fit in to all nautical nooks and crannies.

£9.95 each


Just Keep Shoaling Wall Art - DGS6881

Measures 50 cms wide, 27 cms high and approximately 5 cms deep. A very clean look and these  look best up on the wall on their own  in their own special place. Currently launching  some very pretty wall art in nautical style and continuing to  lead the way in retailing seaside design. Can't see exactly what you are after? It's always worth e mailing and we will try and reply with a friendly e mail.

£22.50 each


Whale Pairs as Wall Art - DGS6880

Measures  34 cms in heightand 39 cms wide. The depth is approximately 5 cms deep. A different style for us but we saw these in a fish restaurant in Cornwall and decided to source as have a clean look and are great on smooth neutral backgrounds – we always try to be competitive on pricing. Give us a call on 01202 285163 for any special offers this month.

£35 each


Seas the Day Yachts - DGS6884

Measures 52 cms in length, height 39 cms. Another clean look and we spotted these in Corfu in a quay side tavern – may be seeing a few more of these along on our islands from now on.

£35 each


Three Silver Coloured Sailboats - DG6868

Measures 60 cms in height and 45 cms wide. A good look and as usual from these guys, great style. Can't see exactly what you are after? We have thousands of nautical products and sometimes one offs. There are many ways of getting hold of us. Here are the preferred options from our position.  
2.Text 07711247762  
3.Telephone 0771247762 
4.Phone 01202 285163
5.Walk in to our shop on the middle of Poole Quay – sat nav BH15 1HJ
6.Telepathic messaging. 

We always do our best, but emailing is always on the go and probably best for the fastest answer.

£49 each


Shoal of fish under a Yacht - DGS6959

Measuring 16 cms high, 9 cms wide and 2.5 cms deep. Metal based and very different. Who likes different? If you really like different by all means text us your email on 07711247762 and we will send images of one offs we occasionally acquire which we can send out off the website.

£8.95 each


Seagulls on Lookout Groynes - DGS6215

Measuring 10 cm wide, 8 cms high and 2.5 cms deep. And we like these!  Text us on 07711247762 with your email to go on our Bargains List where we clear or acquire and sell unusual nautical items which often don't make it on to our website. Looking for seashells? Always worth a peep at our dedicated seashell site

£7.95 each


A Puffin Party on Wood - DGS6903

Our puffin party on wood measures 13 cms wide, 5 cms high and approximately 3 cms deep.  Pretty and unusual nautical décor, probably an item your neighbours can't easily find. We have lots of one offs in our shop if you are near Poole.

£9.95 each


Seagulls and Fish on driftwood - DGS6931

26 cms wide and 7 cms in height with a depth of approximately 3 cms these look out seagulls and fish fit snugly on the wooden base and sell most excellently as a stand alone touch of nautical decoration.

£22.50 each


Avocets in Reeds - DGS6941

12cms long by 9 cms in height. Made of wood. Quite unusual. How about these for a sea themed corner of the bathroom?

£9.95 each


Porcelain and Metal Clam Shell - DGS6898

Measures 10 cms in height, 9 cms deep and 9 cms wide. Atractive unusual design based on the design of a clam shell and made of porcelain.

£8.95 each


Small Ceramic Cottage Lantern - DG5636

Smaller ceramic cottage lantern. 12.5 cms high excluding handle,  8 cms wide and 7 cms deep with an open hole at the back to place t light.

£9.95 each



Quayside Ceramic Plate - DG5635

Quayside styled ceramic plate measuring 30 cms by 16 cms at highest point – unique nautical styled dining.

£11.95 each


Quayside Ceramic Planter - DG5640

Chunky substantial ceramic planter consisting of a row of Quayside houses. Oh the many uses for planters – granted you could grow herbs in this but they really can stretch your imagination! These large planter measures 33 cms in length by 16 cms in height and 9 cms in depth.

£24.95 each


Ceramic Pauline the Pink Flamingo - DGQT5683

A pink ceramic flamingo measuring 26 cms in height and we've never had a flamingo on our website – certainly not in ceramic pink.  Great detail and a cool look to remind you of Africa or the Discovery Chanel.

£11.95 each


Ceramic Starfish Bowl - DG5662

Another winner from this line of ceramic tableware which includes the fish, ammonite and seahorse plate.  Nice sized turquoise bowl  which measures  20 cms by 7 cms. Plenty of room for a big bowl of corn flakes!

£9.95 each


Ceramic Lighthouse Tea Light Holder - DG5675

Ceramic tea light holder and the lighthouse extends to 28 cms in height and 12 cms across the base where to the back is an open space to place t lights.   The design is quite elaborate with scallops, starfish and othger sealife making up the nautical look.

£19.95 each


Ceramic Sidney the Stork - DG5682

Here we have Sidney, we were going to call him Margarine,  the ceramic stork and he's a beauty – 27 cms in height and a photogenic long legged bird! Light ceramic with metal legs, we sold the one in the picture two minutes after taking the picture and putting him on the shelf  here in our shop.

£14.95 each


Ceramic Turquoise Fish Plate - DG5658

And to compliment the ammonite and seahorse ceramic plates we had to introduce a fish. Not sure what type of fish it is. These items have been imported from China  (china from China) so probably a fish that frequents the Bohai Sea. Measurements will be helpful (20 cms by 13 cms).

£5.95 each


Ammonite Plate - DG5656

We thought about putting a few prawns or a slab of smoked trout on this beautiful ammonite nautical ceramic item ( for you to get a sense of scale  of course ) but it got messy. Ceramic, part of a nautically themed range and measuring  20 cms by 17 cms.  Our one and only range of sea themed tableware delivered to your door and hopefully intact.

£10.95 each


Turquoise Seahorse Ceramic Plate - DG5655

Beautiful and measures 25 cms by 13 cms – you could get more than a starter on this! Made in ceramic and excellent nautical tableware – the picture's not great as it's raining where we usually take photographs so may end up being better than expected!

£5.95 each


Ceramic Beach Hut Planter - DG5642

Ceramic beach hut planter with a nice weight to it and the planting area is divided in to 2 compartments – 36 cms long and approximately 10 cms in height, 7 cms deep. This years colours!!!…if you're quick. New nautical decor and this is part of a range so do look at similar items which could also freshen up that nautical look.

£19.95 each


Blue Whale Tray - DG5665

A sensible size at 19 cms in length and 12 cms in height – pretty tableware showing an etched base in turquoise. Attractive seaside style tableware for a serving plate.

£6.95 each


Ceramic Two Beach Hut Planter - DG5653

The long awaited ceramic seaside planter in beach hut effect. One of our favourites this year  and measuring approximately 19 cms in width and 14 cms in height. In pastel colours and although a planter we are expecting to be some other creative uses for these.

£13.95 each


Ceramic Beachside House Lantern - DG5654

Another chunky ceramic house with a handle ( measurements exclude the handle ). It's definitely a house and definitely looks great alongside the chunky ceramic cottage. This measures  20 cms in height and 17 cms in width. A handy large opening where the back door could have been to place some tea lights or a candle to light up the many windows at the front and side.

£18.95 each


Ceramic Seaside Cottage Lantern - DG5622

Lovely nautical ceramics and one of our chunkiest is the ceramic seaside cottage with a handle you can use to move it and plenty of room for tea lights or a candle.  Lots of windows for the flickering lights.  22 cms high and 10 cms wide and deep.

£19.50 each


Beach Hut Block in Resin - DG8318


22 cms in length by 8 cms in height and here we a row of pastel coloured resin beach huts on a wooden effect base. We had to take a few looks to be sure this wasn't made of wood. We like the colours and think of these as exzcellent additional nautical decor for almost any room in your household.

£11.95 each




Huge Sitting Seagull - DG8330

40 cms long and 25 cms in height – big enough to confuse the real McCoy. As requested, here is our second largest seagull ever to be  listed online. The biggest one is still under construction. Made of plastic/resin composite and very life like – there's a few real ones down here on Poole Quay who will vouch for that!



Large South Coast Seagull - DG8331

This one has been tried and tested. At 30 cms in height when put on one of the benches outside the shop the herring gulls show her some respect. However …. she is very pretty, especially the way she has her head slighly turned out of the wind. Made of resin.  She's a good 23 cms wide too!



Stoneware Pelican - DG5684

Stoneware pelican with metal legs and a unique look!  Measures a healthy 19 cms  and we are pleased to report those delicate looking feet are not only attractive but very sturdy!



Wessex Sailing Yacht in Bottle - DG7996

12 cms long and 7 cms high – our Wessex yachts in bottles usually come with a hull consisting of a little red and green and are displayed on a wooden stand with cork in the bottle. Excellent fill in nautical decor.




Posing Lady in Red - DG8321

She's back and the book in her hand is almost finished. Our elegant reclining lady in red measures 13 xms at full stretch.  Sold singularly as one of these is enough.  She has managed to get coverage on our website so more poses elsewhere to be found.



Two Debonair Seaside Ladies - DG8319

Confident, stylish and charming  – our seaside ladies have reappeared and this time standing for a pose.  The props this time are a blue beach towel and a white lifering. The price is for the set as they go everywhere together. Each lady is approximately 12 cms high.



Stylish Lady in Deck Chair - DG8322

A very stylish lady made of resin and beautifully groomed, resplendent in a traditional deckchair measuring 12 cms in height and 6 cms in width.



Seaside Ladies in the Shade - DG8323

These rather happy and content ladies are enjoying one anothers company on a sunny afternoon with the help of a big blue umbrella.  Tghey're ceramic and the umbrella's tin.  14 cms in height and 9 cms wide.  Includes book, binoculars and a pair of sunglasses.



Dapper Ceramic Ladies - DG8320

Well we took this pic straight off the shelf in our shop. We sell these in twos – sorry if you've dropped one, actually give us a call if you want a replacement on 07711247762.  As these sit on shelves they do occasionally through no fault of their own take a tumble! Approximately 9 cms high and they're up on here because they are slightly different.  £9.95 for the pair.



Brittany Sail Boat - DG55596


We have had a few similar to these over the years but not at anywhere near this price for a wooden yacht that measures 22 cms in height and has a maximun width of 16 cms. Nice details with the small wooden buoys on the sail and the cloth additions. Oh, the back is the same but just does not  have the number 16 on the hull.

£6.95 each




Studland Beach Hut


For identification purposes only  we have named this lovely beach hut ornament ( which doubles up as a money box ) the Studland beach hut although it has absolutely nothing to do with Studland, Dorset or anywhere else along our beautiful coast.  You would have to spend a long time searching for a beach hut in Studland matching this and your search will probably end up in our shop several miles to the east which opens seven days through the season from 10am to sometimes as late as 10pm depending how I'm getting on with the wife. Measurements .16 cms in height, 10 cms deep and 12 cms wide.  I suppose we can still call this shabby chic which remains a defining term for something that has been painted perhaps in the dark. This does have lovely shades of white blue and grey and a ships wheel on the front. Like all our merchandise this comes highly recommended.

£7.95 each



Sandbanks Beach Hut - DGN55520


Named after the pretty colours you don't see on the beach huts down at Sandbanks and poignantly doubles up as a money box, although these really look best as wooden ornaments. I'm not sure why we have reduced these as they're well worth recommended retail price but the property down there is currently having a bit of a wobble so we hjave passed the discount on.  16 cms high, 12 cms wide and 10 cms deep.  Great colours. pinks. blues  and whites with some sustainable seashell additions and an anchor.

£7.95 each



Welcome Puffins Ceramic Sign - DG55428

Simple cute small ceramic hanger showing 2 puffins and oval in shape with a rope above.  Measures  9 cms in width and  6 cms maximum height. Excellent little nautical addition which can be hung or laid flat.

£4.95 each

Plain Blue Bermuda Rigged Yacht - DGN2791

Stained glass Bermuda rigged yacht  at 26 cms in height.



Blue Stained Glass Bermuda Rigged Yacht - DGN2792



We have these in pale blue and this is the mid blue variety of our stained glass Bermuda rigged yacht.  Measures 26 cms in height.



Dawlish Racing Yacht - DGN6904

Named by us! It’s based on a modern racing yacht design that we have never seen in South Devon but it’s a lovely name for it. Stands 43 cms high and 30 cms in length.



Norfolk Broads Yacht - DGN7491

Length is 92 cms and height is 86 cms.   Designed to appear like the early 20th century  cabin cruisers found on the Norfolk Broads.



Antique Style Pond Yacht - DGN6588

A little bit of antique styling here – subtle aged paintwork and a natural canvas sail.  Length 42 cms.



Victorian Style Pond Yacht - DGN6692

Those old postcards of the pond yachts on the Round Pond in Kensington Gardens in the Edwardian and Victorian era. These have been precision modelled to create a little bit of that era, although you’d have to be three numbers now to remember those days. These have a hollow hull constructed of wood and sewn cotton sails as well as raised gunwhales. One for the front window sill in the West Country holiday home?  88 cms in length.



Gaff-rigged Breton style Fishing Boat - DGN6594

These were indeed also used in the UK or certainly in UK waters. The red sail is the Breton giveaway and the length of this fishing boat with sails is 56 cms.



Brixham Trawler - DGN7433

A Brixham Trawler – they still copy the form of this trawler today. Breton red and white sails  and this one is 52 cms in length and 49 cms in height.



Clyde Puffer Boat - DGN605

Oh yes, the Clyde Puffer and these  were mainly built on the Clyde for supply runs around the west coast and Hebrides Islands. These stumpy boats were made up until the late 1930s although your model is likely to be made in China  within the last several months! They were fairly flat bottomed  puffers enabling them not to have to rely so much on piers.  One for the window sill (especially if you are in beautiful Scotland).  20 cms in length.



Brass and Copper Diving Helmet - DG7123

Brass and Copper Diving helmet. 26 cms top to bottom.  This is a replica and not for trying to see if it works when fun is being had at a beach party. Like the originals this is made from solid brass and copper. It wouldn’t be too tricky to illuminate these and make a “centre feature”.



England Expects Cap - DG6224

100 % cotton baseball cap and embroidered over a white Ensign (flag of the Royal Navy). These have a strap adjustment so fit all head sizes!



Greek style rustic sail boat - DG52904

Is it Greek style, we personally think and it has got nothing to do with the fact that we have so many boats on our website that most names hav already been taken. Having said that, I could see these on the tables of a small Greek taverna overlooking the monastery island in Corfu.  23 cms high and 20 cms wide. Rustic colours and a new one for us that’s selling well.



The Love Camper Van - DG6658

Metal painted model camper van and this is one of the three we are selling this year.  A decade ago when we began selling online, a long time before Etsy and the other one beginning with A we had a great pale blue camper van and it sold so well we took all our suppliers’ stock. It has since been a problem finding similar style and quality but perhaps we have it here. These measure 27 cms in length.



Metal Painted Camper Van - DG6660

A little smaller than the Love Camper van but a nice length at 20 cms  and painted in the tradition and popular pale blue.



Camper Ice Cream Van - DG6659

It’s 27 cms long and the ice cream mr whippy van. New design for this year and metal painted. Excellent nautical seaside sun and love décor.



Welcome Aboard Lifering in Blues - DG78057

Another style for our Welcome Aboard life rings in cotton canvas and one of the most recent in alternative blues. Measures 21 cms in diameter.



Wooden Lifering with rope - DG52860

We have been frequently asked for a plain lifering in wood and with a diameter of 30 cms these are new for this year - with the stylish roped detail we expect this to be very popular, not least because customers could very easily personalise these.



Metal Art Dolphin - DG52847

Part of the range in metal to include the metal art lighthouse and this measures 44 cms in length. Attractive nautical wall art.



Navigation Electric Lamp


We have these in green, red and clear to cover all the options.


£49 each




Nautical Wall Light


The theme is inspired by guiding and navigation lights  and we don't only have these in red for port but also in green for starboard and Masthead which is clear.  The nikel plated casing measures  6 inches across and the E14 bulb is not supplied with product. These are not suitable for outdoors and unless you are requiring a call out from your local lifeboat best not used as navigation lights either.


£39 each




Helmsman Rotating Ships Wheel Clock- DG6765N

The Helmsman's Clock - every serious sea dog of the seven seas should have one! Appropriately monuted on a pedestal so the wheel can rotate  while keeping the clock in a fixed position! Made of brass and the clock has a quartz movement. The wheel diameter is 25 cms and the height is 30 cms. Product requires 1 x LR1 battery which is not supplied.

£129 each


Brass Cutty Sark Tribute Compass - DG3821

These are cast in solid brass and measure 6 cms in diameter - a really lovely little gift  with a functioning compass. South London or near the River Thames? This has got to be the best gift for under £25. Just bought a million pound flat on the river near Greenwich? Spend a little more.  Ther compass has been engraved in tribute to the Cutty Sark. They all have photo etched imges on the lid and a historical profile etched inside. One to keep!

£24.95 each


His Mermaid Mug - DG5893

To go with the "Her Captain Mug" and also made from an excellent porcelain is our "His Mermaid" mug. One of each would? How romantic is that? We are working on nautical tea bags!

£11.95 each


Her Captain Mug - DG5892

Her Captain Mug - it's all in the writing. Porcelain and the "Her" bit is up on the top of the anchor. There's a "His" Mermaid one on the site too!!

£11.95 each


Wife’s Permission Campfire Mug - DG6285

"I am the Captain of the Ship and I have my wife's permission to say so" Campfire effect mug but made of porcelain. Strangely, this is microwave and dishwasher safe, two useful kitchen appliances that have saved us men some time in the kitchen!

£11.95 each


Captain’s Word Porcelain Campfire Mug - DG6287

Currently just listing the best sellers in our Campfire range of porcelain mugs - not the tin ones that scold your hands and leave, well..a "tinny" taste to your tea!. These are made to look like the originals but microwave and dishwasher safe - as observed  on all good camp sites! The message in a sea faring mid blue - "The Captain's Word is Law".

£11.95 each


Grumpy Old Man Campfire China Mug - DG6294

We have a few of the best selling campfire mugs for sale on here but these are made from a good quality porcelain that is dishwasher and microwave safe! So not the tin we all remember but certainly with that effect and the strong selling and potentially accurate statement ..."Grumpy Old Man".

£11.95 each


Ship Faced Tumbler - DG5877

We have a range of these in our humble shop on Poole Quay but this for some reason is a constant best seller - we are sure the nautical play on words helps. These hold an impressive 235ml so present the opportunity to add plenty more rum  from the bottle!

£8.95 each


 Red Stained Glass Lighthouse 32 cms

Always popular, and a great size at 32 cms with space for a tea light in the bottom. Nautical decor and these are a deep red which helps create a moody attractive look for any nautically themed area.

£29 each


 Turquoise Wire Fish Tea Light Holder- DG52794

Turquoise and green wired pot tealight with swimming fish and made in to a 10 cms high tealight holder. Unique nautical sea themed decor.



 Ceramic Blue and White Tea Light Lighthouse - DG52851

Ceramic blue and white lifering lighthouse which sets that nautical look both inside and out. Great for outside bars, bathrooms, well just about anywhere - even on the beach. Tea lights not included because they are really cheap in bulk! It's a whopping 26 cms tall and probably our best seller in lighthouses with the new sea themed cool colours!



Beach Starfish Sign - DG52826

Wooden Beach sign with hanging rope and ornamental starfish to help spell out the theme!  42 cms long.

£11.95 each


Noughts and Crosses with Wooden Box - DG576

Noughts and crosses with brass game pieces In a polished wooden box. An ideal gift.

Height 5cm x Depth 13cm x Width 13cm.



Silver Resin Fish - DG8802

Our silver resin fish stand upright on their own and are 18 cms long and 13 cms tall with a depth of about 5 cms. Anglers amongst you could perhaps inform us of the species of fish!  He's looking handsome though and with apologies he doesn't have any green sheen, that's the reflection of the trees behind us!  

£12.95 each
£25 for 2



Silver Resin Long-tailed Fish - DG8804

I'm quite sure that while snorkelling in the Maldives, I have been overtaken by one of these - and with both eyes fixed on me! Our resin silver long tailed fish measures 21 cms in length, 15 cms long and at £15.95 you can save the airfare.

£15.95 each


Resin Silver Starfish - DG 8805

What's more enchanting than a resin silver starfish  measuring 15 cms in diameter and 4 cms deep. Priced to sell at £6.99 or 2 for £12. One of these with a lobster?

£6.99 each
£12 for 2



Silver Resin Lobster - DG8806

Super sized for a classic nautically themed decoration at 36 cms long,  8 cms high and 15 cms wide. One of our best sellers this year.

£24.50 each
£45 for 2



Silver Resin Plaice - DG 8807

In our range of resin silver sealife our plaice is the only item that can be wall hung with an area on the back large enough for a nail. It measures 33 cms long, 23 cms high and 5 cms thick. Looks shiny!

£18.95 each
£35 for 2



Silver Resin Trumpet Triton - DG8808

Designed to look like one of the worlds most beautiful seashells - the trumpet triton. It's impressive in size at 28 cms long, 10 cms high and 8 cms deep - could be used as the feature shell if displayed with the tonna and the murex shell.

£18.95 each
£35 for 2



Silver Resin Bursa Bulba Shell - DG8809

Resin silver bursa bulba shells are chunky at 14 cms long, 10 cms high and quite deep at 8 cms. A compact medium sized resin silver sealife ornament. Can also be displayed lip down.

£14.50 each
£25 for 2



Metal Conch Seashell - DG8502

Probably not the best picture of these beautiful silver coloured metal conch shells but very much the look this year and we promise to add a few more pictures!  19 cms in length,  16 cms high and 12 cms deep. Limited in supply and these look rather nice displayed with the other metal seashells we have added to the site.

£35 each


Beach Hut Coat Hooks - DG43126

These beach hut coat hooks are 38 cms long with 4 hooks in pastel colours - we sell a few beach hut hooks and these have been strong sellers for a few years. At a great price too. £8.99 or 2 for £15

£8.99 each
£15 for 2




Lighthouse Egg Cup - DG78680

Best selling nautical egg cup. Ideally suits a medium free range organic egg from the West Country but most shapes fit. Go to the beach on an egg.

£3.95 each
£7 for 2




Stafish Egg Cup - DG52575

Our starfish egg cup is a similar design to the lighthouse egg cup above. You can buy one of each for £7 below.

£3.95 each
£7 for 2




Lighthouse Egg Cup and Starfish Egg Cup - DG78680 and DG52575

Get both egg cup above at the knock down price of £7.

£7 for the pair


Blue Fluffy Baby Bird - DG55864

When our suppliers reduced the price of these we hastily arranged a board room meeting to discuss why such a unique colourful fun filled item (standing all of 15 cms we may add) could be reduced at such a level for us to pass them on to the end user at 3 for a fiver. Some companies invest in oil, others in property or gold. We're investing in Fiffie the Fluffy Fledgling seagull and we are going to prove the rest wrong. Go on then - press the add to basket tab!

£0.99 each
£2.50 for 3



Wooden Rustic Beach Photo Frame - DGK7329

Measures 20 cms by 16 cms to hold a picture that is 12 cms by 8 cms and these have quite lovely detail with netting, life buoys, a sailing boat and resin pointer starfish. Shelf standing.

£5.95 each
£10 for two




Crab Salt and Pepper Pots - DGK8769

All our salt and pepper pots sell well, these crab pots have the advantage of a china base to compliment the pots, which are also made of china. The base is about 15 cms by 10 cms and the pots themselves are 8 cms.

£5.95 each set
£10 for 2 sets




Serious Looking Pirate - DGK6526

He looks like a pirate with a plan and has not just a dagger but a sword too. He's a chunky piece of resin standing 15 cms high and yours for £6.95. Can also be ordered with his identical twin brother at £12 for both.

£3.95 each
£7 for 2



Seahorse and Marlin Pair - DG55286

We like the size of our seahorse and marlin pairs and the price of course is for the pair. They measure 22 cms in height, are very detailed and are made of resin. Predominantly white with some yellow on the bodies. Unusual and very good sellers.


£4.95 for the pair



Blue Ceramic Beach Hut Clock - DG15291

One for the beach hut, these blue ceramic beach hut style clocks will set the theme and keep the time in any nautical corner of a sea themed room, beach hut  or seaside themed outbuilding in your garden. These do not include the battery for safety reasons and this will be just one of those little double A things found in all good corner shops. Measures 22 cms by 22 cms, Also available in red.

£12.95 each


Beach Sign with Clock - DG15527

Part of a range and we have some lovely similar products online to include other beach signs  but as you can see this attractive wooden hand painted item at under £10 also has a clock (batteries not included for safety reasons). This measures 37 cms in length by 13 cms in height and stands on its own base. This does not include the fine weather or any part of Poole Harbour in the background and under distance selling regulations we confirm £9.95 is just for the clock.

£9.95 each


Nautical Fish Shaped Beach Sign - DG15535

A new Beach sign everybody.  All the usual suspects still remain but this one measures 50cms by 14 cms and will work best on the Western side of the British Isles as the sign points left. Made of wood and delicately painted with rope and excellent detail. Good seller in our shop on Poole Quay which you are more than welcome to visit and join the orderly queue. Always mention that you have seen us online, this could result in a member of staff ducking behind the counter but also qualifies you for one of 30 flavours of our lovely Marshfield ice cream (as a free gift).

£8.95 each


Wooden Ships Wheel with Fishing Boat - DG15433

A new wooden decorative ships wheel for us and measuring 22.5 cms. We often get asked if these work  outdoors. That really depends on how safe your neighbourhood is and how long you want it to last so probably best to ask yourself both these questions in no particular order whilst looking and assessing where you think it would look nice outdoors. Absolutely perfect for inside though and we do like the fishing boat which we think is a very thoughtful touch by the designers. Pretty rustic colours and with a hook on the back.

£8.95 each
£16 for 2


Sand and Sea Mirror with hooks - DG15503

Beach hut style mirror painted in wood  and part of our "sand and sea" range, these  are 47 cms in height and  29 cms across.  With our customers in mind we have thoughtfully included a couple of hooks under the mirror because that's the type of company we are. We are expecting this to be a best seller and to significantly increase the national retail spend for the coming quarter. We have lots of other mirrors but this is definitely being entered in to the "mirror of the month" awards.

£19.95 each


Storage Chest – Sand and Sea Range - DG15501

Part of our latest "sand and sea" range and added as we frequently get phone calls for a larger sized storage box. We don't encourage phone calls as much as we used to, as in the early days we had time to be nice but as we have gotten older, busier and less wise when the phone rings everyone now looks at each other and wonders what item someone is requesting the size for.  For the record this item stands 34 cms high  (a foot and an inch) and is 23 cms wide with all these lovely drawers, made of wood and in the most popular nautical colours. If you have the room we recommend one of these and look forward to the phone call to confirm the height (ask for Lisa).

£27.50 each


Sand and Sea Storage Chests - DG15512

We are now selling our storage boxes in sets of two. We were selling these individually but Lisa kept sending the wrong size out so to increase customer satisfaction and for a more accurate outcome how about both of them? They are made of wood with pleasant nautical detail and the largest measures  25 cms by 15 cms and the not so large comes in at 18 cms by 10 cms . This is length and width. The pleasure boat is not too scale in the background so you wouldn't be able to park it in the larger one. Latest look nautical décor here folks.

£19.95 for the set of two


Telescope with Leather Grip and Box - DG15634

One of a few telescopes that we stock and this one is very attractive in that the extendable  telescope has a nice leather grip and this comes with a wooden presentation box which measures 16.5 cms  across. The telescope extends a little longer.



Pair of Lighthouse Salt and Pepper Pots - DG12007

Measuring approximately 7 cms  by 3 cms  and made of china probably in China. The price is for the pair which contain no salt or pepper but no doubt will.

£4.95 for the set


Beach Hut Salt and Pepper Set - DG12004

Our beach hut salt and pepper pots have been strong sellers for several years and recently updated to make them a little more sturdy. They are made of china  and measure 7 cms in height and 3 cms  width. The price of course is for the pair.

£4.95 for the set


Lighthouse Storage Tubs - DG12002

The price is for two and one of each colour, one red and one blue. These lighthouse storage tubs, made of china are a unique idea and measure 19 cms in height and 15 cms at widest. The picture shows clearly how they open.

£14.95 for the pair


Shoal of Fish around a Pole - DGSJ5761

It's a shoal of fish around a wooden pole and the loo roll or toilet seat are not included. In fact, we are not completely sure why the loo roll is there as it doesn't fit perfectly due to EU legislation regarding loo roll holder sizes.

In any case, it's a thought and not a particularly beautiful one although the item itself at 40 cms in height probably is perfect for not pulling a back muscle. Any alternatives use suggestions please email to .   Beautifully carved in wood.


£29.95 each



Distressed Wooden Racing Fish on Base - DGSJ5766

Impressive at 47 cms  in length and the fish have the look of being in a race. A wooden product  with the wood having that distressed look. The entire ornament is 30 cms high and 11 cms deep.


£49.00 each



Energetic Wooden Fish on Wood - DGSJ4882

Our wooden energetic fish look good in pairs and measure 31 cms wide and about the same in height. The depth is about 11 cms.  These have recently been used as nautical wedding table centres not once, not twice, but three times.


£29.95 each



Hanging School of Sardines on Driftwood - DGSJ5839

We don't have many sardine products and seeing as Cornwall is a major destination for our merchandise we have sourced these driftwood hangers at 15 cms in length with several little sardines on them to set a Cornish scene, although sardine numbers aren't what they were we will try and keep our stock numbers up!  This hanger is about 7 cms high  and the depth is just over 2 cms.


£7.99 each



Hanging School of Sprats - DGSJ5838

After the success of our hanging school of sardines (which can be seen above) we put our thinking caps on and someone mentioned sprats. Dorset Gifts proudly presents the “hanging school of sprats” beautifully presented on driftwood and measuring 15 cms in length, approximately 7 cms in height and 2 cms deep. One for the kitchen?


£6.95 each



Marine Life Groyne - DGSJ5832

Our sealife marine groynes are all things nautical and when we first saw these we thought they were the perfect height at 13 cms. Made of wood, they are 13 cms wide and about 4 cms deep.


£18.95 each



Fish Shaped Shoal Wall Art - DGSJ5751

Fish shaped shoal made of metal and very artistically designed wall art measuring in at 45 cms in length and 18 cms at its highest. Pretty nautically themed wall décor. There's a plaice for this in your home, we are sure.

£24.95 each


Octopus Wall Art - DGSJ5754

Metal octopus wall art is a recent addition to our seagull wall art and several other suspects from the sea.  He/she measures 40 cms by 37 cms and is really for hanging from the wall.

£19.95 each


Multi Coloured Dolphin Pair - DGSJ5774

Multi coloured dolphin pairs in wood for wall hanging and the price is of course for the pair. The larger dolphin measures 58 cms by 39 cms and the smaller is 38 cms by 26 cms. Vivid colours, we recently sold several to a beach bar where they get visiting dolphins!

£24.95 each


Turquoise Wooden Shoal of Fish - DGSJ5780

This one is popular (we keep running out!) Wooden wall art and a shoal of fish in turquoise measuring two feet which is 60 cms in length with a maximum height of 26 cms. They are approximately 2 cms deep. Got a theme going? Worth checking these alongside our azure dolphin pairs  which sell nearly as well.

£19.95 each


Azure Dolphin Pairs - DGSJ5797

Set of azure dolphin pairs which come in to the shore at 50 cms by 23 cms and 40 cms by 19 cms . Made of wood with hangers on the back and striking colours - best seller this year and remember..the price is for the pair.

£14.95 each


Distressed White Wood and Tin Yacht - DGSJ4876

We are working on variants of these but this wall yacht with a distressed look and made of wood and tin is the one that gets picked up most in our bricks and mortar shop down on Poole Quay. If the price is right this is a good indication that of all these boats this is the preferred design (by the masses!). She measures 45 cms by 33 cms with hooks on the back.

£18.95 each


Wall Yacht with Seagulls - DGSJ4278

Wall Yacht with Seagulls

Wall art doesn't often come as unique as our yachts with silver metal seagulls, and these measure 52 cms by 45 cms with a hanger on the back. Designed by Shoeless Joe, this Wall Yacht with Seagulls will brighten up a dull wall.

£28.50 each


Seahorse Wall Art on Wood - DGSJ4292

Sea horse wall art made on plinths of wood with a sturdy hook at the top and standing 61 cms in height and 32 cms at widest. These have been a best seller since we began selling online back in 2006 (they call us a legacy site!) Some decorative items we change every 2 years but these seahorses, due to neutral colouring and a quirky design, just keep on selling.

£22.50 each


Coloured Fish on Driftwood Hanger - DK4294

Coloured fish on a driftwood hanger measuring 20 cms in length and 10 cms wide. Unique nautical décor and can probably be hung anywhere indoors!


£9.95 each



Two Birds in Reeds - DG5001

Here's a great nautical idea. On a light wood base and beautifully designed, two wading birds by reeds. Measuring 15 cms in length and 12.5 cms in height these waders compliment the single wader we also sell at Dorset Gifts. Any questions, we are always here to help at 01202 285163 and chances are you can catch us every weekend as we have one of those bricks and mortar shops which are apparently going out of fashion.

£9.95 each



Single Bird in Reeds - DG5002

A single wader with what they really like... reeds. A small interesting sea themed ornament standing 15 cms in height and approximately 8 cms in width. Made of a light coloured wood and another great little unusual design.

£5.95 each



Flying Puffins on Driftwood - DG4579

Puffins, they almost have cult status at Dorset Gifts and every now and then a new line comes along that creates interest. These small puffins designed in metal and standing on a driftwood base are about 15 cms wide and 13 cms high. Unusually, as we all know they like to hang about, these are designed in flight!

£14.95 each



Seagull T Light Holder - DG5014

Seagulls, seagulls everywhere. We have been on the look out for seagulls with t lights for nautical events and dinners recently and have sourced these wooden unique items standing an impressive 25 cms in height and not much short of 22 cms in width. Good value and we have had some customers buying these alongside our boat triple t lights. A sensible and "not to be beaten" price. If you can find these cheaper we will refund the difference.

£6.95 each



Beach Hut Milk Jug - DG52517

We think a lot of milky tea gets drunk in beach huts up and down the coast. Our selling agents say customers like gifts that are useful and practical these days, gifts that add value. And so the beach hut milk jug at 10 cms was born. More tea shipmate?

£6.95 each


A Pair of Nautical Egg Cups - DGLP92442

Priced of course for the pair, we have always done well with nautical ceramics and these sea themed ceramic egg cups, 5 cms high, are worthy of the best organic free range eggs (and are large enough !)

£5.95 each


Ship Salt and Pepper Pots - DG78019

Our little ships standing 8 cms high make perfect salt and pepper pots and being ceramic they don't float but will stand up to a good shake! A good seller and pretty nautical table décor to boot. Priced at £5.95 for the set.

£5.95 each


Walking Stick with Telescope - DG5862

At some time in the future we are all going to be able to make use of one of these, and to take your mind off the day and improve its' nautical appeal we have designed  one with a useful telescope on the top. Excellent gift, although you may not be thanked! 92 cms long attached.

£89 each


Anchor and Rope Lamp - DG79326

Standing at 41 cms in height our wooden anchor lamp has a little rope to add to the seaside look and of course comes with the shade. For overseas customers, we do electricity a different way to you all, so you will need to wire in an adaptor, just saying. One of our best selling lamps and pictures show the day and ambient evening views of the product! These Anchor and Rope Lamps also make a fine gift for someone with a nautically themed home.



Two Hanging White Anchors with Blue Hearts - DG4320


And. the price is for two of these lovely white wooden anchors with painted blue hearts. These are small anchors with the main body measuring 10 cms in length and 7 cms across. With the hanger they measure 20 cms  and make an inexpensive subtle small touch of nautical decoration for the home.

£4.95 each



Rustic Wooden Photo Frame Keepsake Box - DGTY8519


By popular demand, well not really, but occasional marketing sound bites should be used. We like them! 13 cms high and across and 9 cms deep. They have a lovely little picture frame on the lid and storage area below. We constantly sell out of these in the shop but have stocked right up for internet sales. Pretty nautical décor and made of wood. Look good alongside the rustic beach wooden storage tray.

£4.95 each



Rustic Beach Storage Tray - DGTY8527


Our No.76 rustic beach wooden storage trays are 6 cms  in height and 30 cms long, then 20 cms deep. These have nice work on them in that they have a wooden starfish and roping with real shells at the front too. What could you put in these? We fill them with seashells in the shop and they are pretty decorative seaside items for the home. Great price and popular product!

£6.95 each



Wooden Beach Hut Chest with Three Drawers - DGTY7217


Beach hut storage boxes have been good over the years, even beach hut moneyboxes. These beach hut chests with three drawers (do you like the way we have staggered them open? were best sellers this year in the shop and very keenly priced for such a good quality product. Just short of 30 cms in height and 20 cms wide - the three drawers could certainly hold several useful items in the bathroom or beach hut!

£9.95 each



Welcome to the Beach Sign - DGTY8521


A nicely crafted "Welcome to the Beach" sign measuring approximately 35 cms in length and 10 cms in height. We do have several such signs and there are a lot more on the market but our policy is to only sell online the ones that sell best in our shop. This hanging sign has been reduced in price and offers great value at £5.95. We're off to the beach.

£5.95 each