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Lighthouse LED in Wooden Effect Frame - DG15566

Light up LED model lighthouse in a wooden effect frame and just requiring an AA battery to light up the frame.  This measures 30 cms by 18 cms  and is light and easy to hang on the wall no need for an electricity point, just occasionally change the battery.

£29 each



Our Biggest Light Up Lighthouse - DGSD15565

We have been selling lighthouses for 20 years, actually the chap who owned our shop before us sold them for 10 years and rumour has it that the original owner of our shop was a lighthouse man opening the shop in 1982 and rather than selling lighthouses he accumulated scrumpy from the Purbecks and concentrated on  bottling the strong stuff. He'd probably seen enough lighthouses. This one is substantial hence difficult to photograph and stands 37 cms, the LED shines through the top and needs a double AA battery if you want to display it all lit up.  It's about 7 cms wide, and this lighthouse model is made of resin with a wooden effect and arty pastel colours.

£39.95 each



Red Maroon Lighthouse and Cottage LED - DG15564

This lights up  a double AA battery beneath the lighthouse lights up the very top bit of the lighthouse  which stands  27 cms in height and 9 cms wide. A sturdy resin nautical ornament in rustic blues and reds. One for the window sill.

£24.95 each



Large Decorated Lighthouse in Wood - DGL8751

Wooden large lighthouse with beach themed decorations including wooden floats. Measures 37 cms in height and base diameter approximately 12 cms. We have introduced a few lighthouses with LED lights run on batteries, however this one is non lighting up and one of our best sellers in the shop. A striking lighthouse ornament. Our shop on Poole Quay is open the best part of 330 days a year – always worth phoning us first if you are making a long journey as we are prone to opening a few hours later if the weather is particularly severe and we fancy a lie in.

£16.95 each



Rustic LED Lighthouse in Pastel Colours - DGL6987

Rustic LED Lighthouse in Pastel Colours

Rustic LED lighthouse with sea themed décor – these are LED lighthouse and take AA batteries which are not supplied and measures 27 cms in height. 10 cms deep and 8 cms wide.

£24.95 each



Dorset Tin Metal Lighthouse Tea Light - DG75137N

14 cms in height, made of tin and nautically decorated with a hanger on the top. Simply place a tea light in the bottom of the lighthouse and you’re seafaring! Great price and perfect for nautical decoration.



Wooden Rustic Lighthouses in Box Frame - DGL6999

Wooden Rustic Lighthouses in Box Frame

Box framed nauticals art work in wood are a new look and one that is catching the eye of our repeat customers. We have several more of these in the shop so if you are looking at different designs drop us an e mail. Lighthouses are our forever gifts so probably best to put a lighthouse in there at least. Something a little different and measuring 22 cms in height and 22 cms in width with a 5 cms depth.

£19.95 each



Ceramic Navy Blue Tea Light Lighthouse - DGL5686

Classic useful nautical design and a pretty item for the garden or beach cottage in the Summer. Tea lights can be slid in to the bottom and you’re off. Measures 25 cms in height, 11cms in width and depth.

£14.95 each



Blue Lighthouse with LED Lights - DGL8794

Measuring an impressive 40 cms in height and in blues. These just take one of those little AA batteries and hey presto or captain… a cracking little light up lighthouse for that window sill facing the harbour. 14 cms wide and deep.

£19.95 each



Tall Wooden Red Lighthouse Lamp - DGL7906

At 154 cms – it’s a lighthouse and you will be needing a big area for this beauty in traditional reds. Other measurements are 42 cms by 42 cms and it runs off a socket so you will need electricity running in to your house if you want the lighthouse on. It comes with a smashing shade.

£149 each



Wooden Lighthouse Design - DGL8163

Not so small wooden lighthouse in blues. Measures 26 cms in height, 14 cms across and 9 cms deep.

£14.95 each



Blue and White Large Lighthouse - DGL7057LB

Large attractive wooden lighthouse made of woodand measuring 50 cms in height and 15 cms in width and depth. White with some additions in deep blue.

£19.95 each



Lighthouse Tea Light Holder - DG7448

Lighthouse Tea Light Holder

Pretty model lighthouse tea light holders in metal and it's the standard treatment where you place the tea light in the tray at the bottom and very carefully place it somewhere safe for an ambient evening! The photo shows this item with our white washed driftwood pieces which are for sale on the Driftwood page. These nautically themed t-light holders are popular for weddings and the home. And makes a lovely lighthouse gift.

20cms high from base to top of handle

£7.99 each
£15 for 2


Metal Model Lighthouse with Tea Light

Metal lighthouse with t-light

Have you got a lighthouse near you? Well you could have now and these emit a lovely flame from the tea light which is not included and sits snugly at the base. Every lighthouse fancier should have one and these make great nautically themed t-light candle holders for wedding decoration!

DG7058 - the red model lighthouse with a blue base measures 20 x 9 x 9 cms.

DG7059 - the taller blue and white lighthouse comes in at 28 x 10 x 10 cms.

£12.99 each
£24 for 2

You can mix and match these items by ordering one of each from the drop down menu. And if you require t-light holders in bulk, then please contact us.




Lighthouse Tea Light Holder DG 46702 (28cms) and Lighthouse Tea Light Holder DG 46704 (20cms)

Lighthouse T Light Holder
DG 46702 (28cms)

Lighthouse Tea Light Holder
DG 46704 (20cms)

These lighthouse t-lights look really good on their own and are made mainly of polyresin. Standing at 28 cms or 20 cms in height, they're not so small either, but where these lighthouses come in to their own is when you light a tea light and place it in the bottom. It's a great way to illuminate your nautical or sea themed room. We do have these lighthouse candle lanterns occasionally in red and white so please ask if these colours are preferred - we'll see what we can do!

These come in two sizes:

DG46702 at 28cms high - £14.95 each
DG46704 at 20 cms high - £9.99 each

The DG46704 (20 cms high) does not have a seagull at the top.


Lighthouse Tea Light Holder
Lighthouse Tea Light Holder


 Red Stained Glass Lighthouse 32 cms

Red Stained Glass Model Lighthouse

Always popular, and a great size at 32 cms with space for a tea light in the bottom. Nautical decor and these are a deep red which helps create a moody attractive look for any nautically themed area.

£29 each


Metal Lighthouse Tea Light Holder, mainly white  - DG7182

We've always had the popular blue one and the funky red one so this year due to popular demand we have sourced a predominantly white one which measures 21 cms in height. Rustic blues at the bottom and the top and the tea light sits down in the base lighting up the windows. A great lighthouse candle holder and if you require t-light holders in bulk or wholesale, please contact us.

£11.95 each



Giant Rustic Lighthouse - DG7392

At 100 cms  this will be our largest lighthouse this year and she comes with nets and floats in rustic blues and whites - certainly a feature piece and expected to be a good selling product around the coastline. So if you are looking for a large lighthouse as an ornament, this might be just the job.

£79.95 each




Pair of Lighthouse Salt and Pepper Pots - DG12007

Measuring approximately 7 cms  by 3 cms  and made of china probably in China. The price is for the pair which contain no salt or pepper but no doubt will.

£4.95 for the set


Lighthouse Storage Tubs - DG12002

The price is for two and one of each colour, one red and one blue. These lighthouse storage tubs, made of china are a unique idea and measure 19 cms in height and 15 cms at widest. The picture shows clearly how they open.

£14.95 for the pair


Ceramic Plaque Lighthouse

Design A

Design B

Design C

40 cms high x 15 cms wide

Felt padding and hooks for hanging on the reverse side.

£24.50 each
£39 for 2
£58.50 for 3




Small White Lighthouse - DG7057S


23 x 9 x 9 cms

£6.99 each



Lighthouse Lamp - DG7897

Rather nice blue and white lighthouse lamps, how about one on each side of the bed? You'll never be shipwrecked, nor sink should the en-suite flood.

Shade included

47 x 27 x 27cms



10 cms Lighthouses - 15120

Model Lighthouse

Model Lighthouse
Model Lighthouse
Model Lighthouse
Model Lighthouse
Model Lighthouse

Lighthouses are always popular gifts in our shop and these 10 centimetre wooden types sell very well here in Dorset. Nice bright colours and design make them a popular gift and we will mix three different popular designs or send the full range of five. Keep one and give two away as inexpensive presents. Great model lighthouses for kids.

£3.99 each
£10 for 3 mixed designs
£15 for 5 mixed designs

Amount :

Design :


Cloisonne Lighthouse

Cloisonne Lighthouse

Cloisonne Lighthouse

Cloisonne Model Lighthouse

New products in our lighthouse range are these beautiful intricate cloisonne lighthouses and red still sells best! A quirky lighthouse gift for the lighthouse enthusiast.

13 cms high by 5 cms wide

£21.50 each




White Polyresin Lighthouse DG46701

All the lighthouses in this range are made of polyresin and we can also source these in this rather nice white design – great table centrepieces, bathroom or garden features. You just need a tea light for this great lighthouse candle holder!!

28 cms high

£14.95 each



Wooden Lighthouse 15cms - 15121

Wooden Lighthouse Model

Another popular sized lighthouse at 15 centimetres and these wooden lighthouses come in red, light blue and dark blue. Please select your colour. If purchasing 6 we can send one of each design.

£6.99 each
£18 for 3
£30 for 6



Any 2 of the red designs (stock limited) for £9.50.

Please specify which designs you would like in the Special Request box on the checkout page.


Large Wooden Lighthouse 20 cms - 15122

Large Wooden Lighthouse Model

Our largest decorative wooden lighthouse available in 4 different colours schemes. Excellent feauture pieces and beautifully crafted. These large wooden lighthouses are often bought for wedding table displays which are nautically themed.

A- Black and White
B- White and Dark Blue
C- White and Red
D- White, Dark Blue and Black

£7.99 each
£15 for 2
£28 for 4




Lighthouse Light Pull 7cm - 13624

Lighthouse Light Pull

Available in red, dark blue, light blue and black - these will add a subtle nautical touch to your property, be it a cottage on Dartmoor or your "second home" lighthouse off the Atlantic coast!

Beach Hut light pulls are also available on the Beach Huts page!

If you would like to order three items in different colours, choose '3 items' in the Amount box, add to your shopping basket and let us know in the Special Request box on the next page, which colours you would actually like us to send you.

£3.99 each
£10 for 3




Lighthouse - DG 15112

33 cms

Only available now in Red and White Stripes

£19.95 each





Rustic Finish Lighthouse and Napkin Rings - DG 15126

Decorative lighthouse and napkin rings made of wood.

19 cms

£5.99 each
£10 for 2




Red/Cream Light up Wooden Model Lighthouse - DG12110

A rustic look with shades of red  and standing 21 cms in height, the LED shines through the very top "windows" of the lighthouse - we should have a video of it! These are also 10 cms weight and 8 cms deep so not one of our largest model lighthouses but an interesting seaside look and perfect for sea themed window sills in your home. Takes 2 AA batteries (not included).

£29 each OUT OF STOCK