Glass Floats

Glass Fishing Floats

We have a wide range of fisherman’s glass floats for sale in a variety of sizes and colours. These glass balls were traditionally used by fishermen to mark the location of their nets but have been popular for many years as decorative items both indoor and out to give a festive maritime look to any space.

Glass fishing floats make great decorations for coastal pubs and restaurants or a nautically themed home. We sell these fishing floats in a variety of colours including blue glass floats, green glass floats, red glass floats, yellow glass floats, turquoise glass floats and purple glass floats.

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  • £6.95
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    Quad Glass Floats in Shades of Blue
  • £27.95
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    Turquoise Glass Fishing Floats
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    Triple Glass Floats 37cms
  • £14.95