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Our large boat bookcases have a base and three shelves as pictured on the left in the image above. Our medium bookcases - as seen in the centre, have the base and two shelves and our small rowboat bookcases have the base and one shelf. If you have any queries, we are always here to help! If you are looking for nautical decorating ideas including boat bookcases and wooden boat shelves, we think you'll find some below.

Please note that we can only ship items of furniture within the UK.


Rustic Boat Bookcase

Rustic Boat Bookcase distressed white

Rustic Boat Bookcase


Rustic Boat Bookcase

Rustic Boat Bookcase

From £85 - available in three sizes.

These beautiful hand carved rustic boat bookcases will bring an old world feeling of the sea in to any room and are made in Indonesia from Albesia wood, which is a fast growing sustainable tree which can grow to 70 feet in just a few years and is found all over South East Asia. These pieces of nautical furniture have been lightly painted brown but can also be bought in a rustic lighter brown colour or painted white. Great for books and other home ornaments as well as making a great nautical feauture in any nautical themed bedroom or lounge.

These boat bookcases are a little less ornate than the boat bookcases featured below with oars but serve a very practical purpose due to the size of the shelves and the boat bookcases themselves. We tend to sell these more to customers in pairs as a complete room theme and also sell them on to retailers as they are a perfect way of displaying retail products as well as books. The rustic colour tends to sell best but for no extra charge we will paint these white for you "in house". The large ones are a whopping 197 centimetres high and even the smallest are a respectable 97 centimetres in height. The small one has the one shelf as well as the base shelf and the medium and large ones have two shelves as well as the base. Practical and attractive nautical furnishings and these look really good in white with our large shells displayed. These are a made from natural wood and as such, there will be blemishes and some uneveness in the design, however the overall effect is stunning. Great piece of nautical furniture as beach house furnishing or nautical office design.

The image shows a small boat bookcase.

Please email for a quotation for mixed sizes or bulk purchases.


Small Size - 97 cms high - 37cms wide - 40 cms average depth max

£85 each or £150 for 2


Medium Size - 150 cms high - 46cms wide - 50 cms average depth max

£115 each or £220 for 2



Large Size - 197 cms high - 58 cms wide - 60 cms average depth max. The Large Rustic has extra shelf.

£179 each or £340 for 2




White Boat Bookcase

White Boat Bookcase

White Boat Bookcase

Our bestselling nautical furniture line!

These terrific white boat shaped bookcases with two shelves just fly off the errrr... shelves. They look good in a classical or contemporary setting and are great value for money if you are looking for nautical decorating ideas for a lounge. A nice bit of seaside furniture for a nautical themed bedroom or lounge.

Don't forget to buy a few pieces of our beautiful resin coral to place on the top shelf!

Both medium and large white boat bookcases have an extra shelf as depicted in these pictures.

Medium Size - 150 cms high - 46cms wide - 50 cms average depth max - £115 each

Large - 197 cms high - 58 cms wide - 60 cms average depth max. - £179 each





Balinese Boat Bookcase 100 cms - DGBI100

Balinese Boat Bookcase

One of our Indonesian or specifically Balinese boat bookcases made of a soft wood and available only in this rustic brown colour. These Balinese boat bookcases are 100 cms in height and don’t just look good standing up as these can be laid down on their hull too.

£79 each
£150 for 2



Wooden boat shelves - set of three - DG7055

Wooden Boat shelves set

These wooden boat shelves which come in a set of three, are terrific pieces of nautical furniture decor and look great in any nautical style interior or nautical office design.

74 x 30 x 12 cms
63 x 25 x 10 cms
49 x 20 x 8 cms



Boat shelves - set of five boats- DG7890

Boat shelf set

Another piece of nautical furniture that looks great in any coastal style interior.

103 x 45 x 17cms
92 x 38 x 15 cms
74 x 30.5 x 12.5 cms
62.5 x 26 x 10.5 cms
48.5 x 20.5 x 9 cms


These boat shelves are also available to buy individually and make great nautical bedroom accessories.

103 x 45 x 17cms - £70
92 x 38 x 15 cms - £69
74 x 30.5 x 12.5 cms - £59
62.5 x 26 x 10.5 cms - £39
48.5 x 20.5 x 9 cms - £29





Boat Tray Table - DG7856

Boat Tray Table

Blue and white boat tray table on the weathered side with oars as legs. Not suitable for heavy weights and definitely not suitable to double up as an ironing board as someone in our family humourlessly suggested. These Boat Tray Tables are selling fast and making their way to nautical homes with style. Only so many here at any one time and one of our faster selling furniture lines. The paddle legs come away from the boat part of the table making this easy and attractive to store and saving space. This boat tray table is perfect for a beach hut or as a nautical decorating idea for a bedroom!

64 cms long x 36 cms wide x 70 cms high  

£49 each



Solid Wood Suitcase Chest of Drawers - DG9718


We think that this stylish, witty and unusual chest of drawers is just a touch nautical. Whoever went on a cruise on the high seas without their suitcase? We've sold a few of these recently for nautical shop window displays! So if you are looking for an eye-catching piece for a shop window or some nautical restaurant ideas, this piece might suit you.

118 x 62 x 48cms

£295 each



Boat Shelf with Four Drawers - DG8736

Boat Shelf with Four Drawers



Wooden boat shelves and nautically themed with oars each side at 133 cms in height, 78 cms wide and 27.5 cms deep. This Boat Shelf with Four Drawers is a great nautical addition to the home and limited stock. Super for the bedroom or other themed rooms or just as a nautical home accessory.

78 x 27.5 x 133cms

£249 each



Giant Beach Hut Display Stand - DG9042

Beach hut display stand

Beach hut display stand

Our huge beach hut display stands are a super line for our business customers out there seeking a really big sea themed display stand. These are available in brown or white and stand a whopping 212 cms with a width of 96 cms and depth of 38 cms. They have six shelves including the base so lots of room for those nautical accessories. Try one of our Welcome Aboard Liferings on the eaves at the top! Would look rather good within a beach hut too and if you've got one of those huts that cost £200,000 then you could take a "belt and braces" approach with one of these items! This Giant Beach Hut Display Stand would look great in a nautical shop window display or a nautical themed restaurant.

£295 each
£550 for 2


East 96 Wooden Drawers - DG9084

East 69 wooden chest of drawers

New for the 2015 season these are another great seller in the East 96 range of nautical furniture and stand  an impressive 108 cms  by 56 cms in width with a depth of 36 cms  We recommend these with the bedside tables DG9092 to complete the theme.

£249 each
£480 for 2





Beach Hut Wall Shelf Unit - DG9074

Beach Hut Wall Shelf Unit

Wooden old England style beach hut wall shelf unit and the term we use - beach hut - doesn't really refer to this having the shape or style of a beach hut but having the look to fit perfectly into a beach hut or nautically themed room. We're thinking of a term or use of words to describe better the look of nautical furniture - because there isn't really a great one - suggestions on a postcard please. These nautical style cupboards are 83 cms high and 65 cms wide and have a depth coming off the wall of 20 cms. The Beach Hut Wall Shelf Unit is great for storing or displaying your seaside inspired ornaments.

£129 each



Large Beach Hut Cupboard - DG8727

Large beach hut cupboard

One for the beach hut or the bedroom? Our large beach hut nautical cupboard is 120 cms in height, approx 27 cms wide and 36 cms deep - In pastel blues and white this is a new nautical furniture piece selling well this year. A stylish nautical cupboard and a nice piece of seadie furniture.

£149 each



Tall Beach Hut Cupboard - DG8718

Tall nautically designed beach hut nautical cupboard measuring 118 cms in height, approx 32 cms across and 23 cms deep, this is our favourite nautical cupboard. Call us on 01202 285163 to discuss nautical furnishings in this range or email us for further images -

£139 each




 East 96 Wooden Bedside Table - DG9092 

East 69 bedside table

Part of the East 96 nautical furniture bedroom decor brand, these measure 55 cms in height, 33 cms in width with a depth of 23 cms. A great nautical decorating idea for a bedroom.

£125 each OUT OF STOCK



Boat Book Case - 11002

Boat Book Case with Oars


Smaller version of our best selling bookcase above. Again, these wooden boat shelves come complete with oars. These have proven very popular as nautical furnishings and seaside themed shop window displays. A nice piece of coastal furnishing or nautical furniture for beach decor themed houses or nautical office design.

90cm high





Wooden Boat with Drawers - DG7196

Wooden boat with drawers - nautical storage drawers

Our very nautical wooden boat with drawers are hand painted and measure 135 cms in height. Not just for the bedroom but also other sea themed rooms. These come with 4 drawers and the top drawer allows for a shelf on top. 58 cms at widest and approximately 27 cms deep. Free postage is one of the benefits associated with this item as well as somewhere to put your socks. We like these wooden boats with nautical storage drawers displayed with our white wooden boat shelves. A great boat dispaly unit.


£175 each



Small Row Boat Book Case - 60 cms

Boat Book Case

Boat Book Case

Free standing nautical furniture. This rowing boat shaped bookcase is made by the same company that manufacture the 90 centimetres bookcases above and to exact but smaller size and description. Still big enough to hold smaller books but mainly sold as free standing bathroom seaside furnishings as they are perfect to display shells or other small maritime items. We've seen these in many places in nautically themed rooms and this piece of nautical furniture is beautifully made with much attention to detail.

60 centimetres high, approx 16 centimetres deep.

£99 each





Pair of Row Boat Bookcases 60cm and 90cm

Row Boat Bookcases


Row Boat Bookcases


We're expecting these pieces of nautical furniture to be our best selling row boat shaped book shelves this year and stock is now arriving in Dorset. We're frequently asked for pairs of row boat book shelves and can now sell an identical pair but at different heights. The big one is 90cm in height and his little brother stands a proud 60cm. These arrive assembled and row boat nautical furniture will add a maritime theme to practically any room in the house. Having shelves, you are of course purchasing a practical piece of nautical furniture too. We do have to add a small disclaimer regarding these boat bookcases being for use as seaside furnishings and they are not for sailing or to be considered using for sailing in. Not even in the bathroom please.

Dimensions are:
90cm high x 38cm wide x 19cm deep
60cm high x 30cm wide x 14cm deep

Two Row Boat Bookcases - £149




Row Boat Bookcase
Row Boat Bookcase

Row Boat Book Shelves

Row Boat Book Shelf


Wooden Boat Shelf with Hooks - DG7409

Wooden Boat Shelf with Hooks

Wooden Boat Shelf with Hooks

Wooden Boat Shelf With Hooks

This wooden boat style shelf with hooks is a very popular item both online and in the shop. It looks great in any nautically themed hallway or kitchen. One of our recommended lines but tricky to photograph! These shelves have 4 hooks and measure 63 cms in length with the depth of approximately 38 cms so a dual purpose boat for storing and hanging! Not deep or long enough to interfere with the hallway and we have had customers placing one of these above the other, so a small discount for two. Makes a great boat shelf for toiletries in a nauitcal bathroom.

63 x 43 x 38 cm

£26.50 each
£49.00 for 2