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Model Fishing Boats and Model Fishing Trawlers

Blue Fishing Boat Model- DG14229

Model Blue Fishing Boat

Model Fishing Boat

Blue Model Fishing Boat

Our blue model fishing boat and large trawler below are similar to boats seen all around the shores of Britain and make popular feature pieces in the home. All our model fishing boats come securely boxed with fixed stand included. Customers buying this blue fishing boat sometimes buy the trawler featured below.


£59 each


Model Fishing Boa
Model Fishing Boa


Set of Five Hand Painted Wooden Fishing Boat Models

Hand Painted Wooden Fishing Boat Model

Hand Painted Wooden Fishing Boat Model

We no longer sell these boats individually as so many people were re-ordering and asking for a set of them. In a small group they look nautically "perfect" on mantle pieces, window sills, bathrooms and of course, on the nautical furniture lines that you can view on this website. Often also used for table placements at weddings, where the wedding party have written guest names on the white hull. We've taken orders for dinner parties, fishing events, business meetings, maritime school displays, charitable functions and restaurant tables etc. A versatile line, a little more traditional than our alternative wooden boats above. For larger order discounts please email us at

These come in a set of five in red, yellow, green, black and blue.

Set of 5 at 7cms - £16.95
Set of 5 at 10cms - £18.95
Set of 5 at 12 cms - £19.95

Hand Painted Wooden Fishing Boat Model


White and Blue Fishing Boat - DG14221

These fishing boats are a nice fresh and unusually clean colour for a fishing boat. They measure 40 cms in length and are 35 cms high. 

35cms x 40cms

£59 each



Flat Bottomed Trawler - DG14215




A flat bottomed wooden fishing trawler, made of wood and 20 cms long by 14 cms high. We have many different fishing boats and this is one of the smaller ones but great in that it fits in to nooks and crannies!

£14.95 each



Blue Dorset Crabbing Boat - DG14223



How about a Dorset Crabber? Poole Harbour's a goodie for oysters and crabs and here is your very own 30 cms long and 28 cms high coastal crabber, made of wood and with great detail.

£26.95 each



Blue Trawler with Hanging Nets - DG14224

A blue fishing trawler, with hanging nets, approximately 30 cms long and 27 cms high and to be seen along our coast from here in Poole all the way down to Newlyn. We have other fishing boats of different sizes, but these are a nice size at 30 cms to fit in many places!

£26.95 each



Larger Fishing Boat Assortment - DG14218

Model Fishing Boat Assortment


£12.50 each
£45 for 4





Distressed Finish Trawler - DG14239

Model Distressed Finish Trawler

We see a lot of trawlers here on Poole Quay. Often taking shelter in the harbour away from the stormy seas. Occasionally we see them being towed by the lifeboat into the harbour and temporarily moored up in front of the shop. In fact, our 24 cms long models look more seaworthy than some of the trawlers arriving at the Port of Poole! It's a tough life on the waves but here's your little piece of it in the form of a detailed fishing trawler in three seafaring colours.


£19.95 each
£35 for 2
£49 for 3

If you wish to order more than one item, choose Mixed from the drop down menu and specify which ones you would like in the Special Request box in the shopping basket.





Trawler Assortment - DG14220


14 x 15 cms

£9.95 each




Gaff-rigged Breton style Fishing Boat - DGN6594

These Breton Style Fishing Boats were indeed also used in the UK or certainly in UK waters. The red sail is the Breton giveaway and the length of this fishing boat with sails is 56 cms.



Brixham Trawler - DGN7433

Brixham Model Trawler

A Brixham Trawler – they still copy the form of this trawler today. Our Brixham Trawler Model has Breton red and white sails  and this one is 52 cms in length and 49 cms in height.