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Fish themed nautical gifts and decorative items

Tony the Tin Seahorse - DGS6856

Measures 48 cms in height and 15cms wide, excellent tin based nautical décor and aspirational sea themed wall art.

£24.95 each


A school of seahorses - DGS6923

Measures 20 cms long and 10 cms high. What a lovely little ocean themed ornament. We still have some rare seahorses here off Studland Bay and this happy little line at 20 cms is just the right size to fit in to all nautical nooks and crannies.

£9.95 each


Just Keep “Shoaling” Wall Art - DGS6881

Measures 50 cms wide, 27 cms high and approximately 5 cms deep. A very clean look and these  look best up on the wall on their own  in their own special place. Currently launching  some very pretty wall art in nautical style and continuing to  lead the way in retailing seaside design. Can't see exactly what you are after? It's always worth e mailing and we will try and reply with a friendly e mail.

£22.50 each


Tin School of Fish on Long Base - DG5763

Tin School of Fish on Long Base


Tin fish on a wooden base. We sell lots because this is a lovely item! Measures 38 cms long by 13 cms in height.

£22.50 each



Small School of Sprats - DG5837

Small School of Sprats Decorative Art


The Small School of Sprats on a driftwood base is an interesting little item measuring 10 cms in width by 8 cms in height. Shimmering sprats in silver on a piece of driftwood and sells well alongside our hanging school of sprats on driftwood. Sprattus are small oily swimmers better known by their common name of "sprat". They are prevalent in the Baltic sea so we will sit back and wait for the orders to come in from Finland, Latvia and Lithuania. Excellent shipping prices to Poland too. This small school of sprats is not edible.

£8.95 each



Swirl Twin Anchovies Wall Art - DG6122

Swirl Twin Anchovies Wall Art


A little bit different. The theme is anchovies  and this just shows one type ( there are over 140 varieties ).  The anchovy  doesn't have it so good and out of sympathy why not buy one?  They're a significant  food source for anything predatory where they choose to swim. On the wall in your living room we feel they can relax and safely watch Blue Planet! Measures 43 cms in length and 36 cms high.

£29.95 each



Wanda the Whale - DG5791

Wanda the Wooden Whale


She's wooden and perfectly poised on a stand  for nautical interior decor.  We don't like to be beaten on price so very willing to refund postage and difference if found less expensive elsewhere. Measures 29 cms by 22 cms and 9 cms deep.

£19.95 each



Set of Five Fish as Wall Art - DG6123

Set of Five Fish as Wall Art


Metal wall art, always a great seller and our individual fish make for great wall decor. Measures as follows. Largest at 24 cms  being fed less all the way down to 15 cms.

£23.95 each



Large Brown Crab Wall Art - DG6128

Large Brown Crab Wall Art


Measures 45 cms by 36 cms and a whopping wall art crab for a special wall. Great nautical decor and chunky piece of art. A crab has to always figure somewhere in the nautical theme.

£59.95 each



Large White Crab Wall Art - DG6127

Large White Crab Wall Art


With a click of the mouse you can add more than a touch of coastal flair to your beach themed home  with this wonderful crab metal wall art sculpture.   As you can see from the picture this of all crabs is eye catching and unique and worthy of its place on the wall. Measures  45 cms by 36 cms.

£49 each



Hungry Big Fish Wall Art - DG5757

Hungry Big Fish Wall Art


These are cool, mouths wide open and three on the wall art. Made from reclaimed distressed wood. Measures 42 cms long, 11 cms high and the depth off the wall is 7 cms. Very unlikely that your neighbours will have one and probably only because they have never visited Dorset Gifts online. We are being supplied more of these than other retailers who aspire to our collection, so if we are being beaten on price please let us know and we will apologise.

£18.95 each



Trio of Seahorses Wall Art - DG6124

Trio of Seahorses Wall Art


Silver tin trio of seahorses – best seller last year and probably going to be a few sales this year too. Our supplier ethically sources small manufacturers to work on their unique designs here in the UK and this makes us very pleased to partner with them as we can inform exactly where these were manufactured and to the buyer, you can rest assured that these have been produced in an environment where the manufacturer and workers benefit as much as the end user. These measure 34 cms in height and 23 cms in width.

£24.95 each



Vertical Tin School of Fish - DGSJ4884

Vertical Tin School of Fish


This shoal of fish standing vertically on a wooden base and measuring 38 cms in height and 20 cms in width looks great as a single shoal but we must say, we saw three of these lined up together and the fish and tin sparkled. The Vertical Tin School of Fish will brighten up any empty corner or surface.

£22.50 each



Metal Mackerel Wall Art - DG3081

Metal Mackerel Wall Art

Metal Mackerel Wall Art

You'll need a bit of room and a plain wall for this Metal Mackerel Wall Art piece. You'll also need to be open minded about just how much each fish really resembles a mackerel. If you have picky fishermen in your saeside cottage, just refer to it as wall art or better still "fish" wall art. These measure 51 cms in height and approximately 40cms across and mackerel or no mackerel, we recommend you purchase one. They're great!

£29.50 each


Silver Resin Fish - DG8802

Our silver resin fish stand upright on their own and are 18 cms long and 13 cms tall with a depth of about 5 cms. Anglers amongst you could perhaps inform us of the species of fish!  He's looking handsome though and with apologies he doesn't have any green sheen, that's the reflection of the trees behind us!  

£12.95 each
£25 for 2



Silver Resin Long-tailed Fish - DG8804

I'm quite sure that while snorkelling in the Maldives, I have been overtaken by one of these - and with both eyes fixed on me! Our resin silver long tailed fish measures 21 cms in length, 15 cms long and at £15.95 you can save the airfare.

£15.95 each


Silver Resin Lobster - DG8806

Super sized for a classic nautically themed decoration at 36 cms long,  8 cms high and 15 cms wide. One of our best sellers this year.

£24.50 each
£45 for 2



Silver Resin Plaice - DG 8807

In our range of resin silver sealife our plaice is the only item that can be wall hung with an area on the back large enough for a nail. It measures 33 cms long, 23 cms high and 5 cms thick. Looks shiny!

£18.95 each
£35 for 2



Shoal of Fish around a Pole - DGSJ5761

Shoal of Fish around a Pole

It's a shoal of fish around a wooden pole and the loo roll or toilet seat are not included. In fact, we are not completely sure why the loo roll is there as it doesn't fit perfectly due to EU legislation regarding loo roll holder sizes.

In any case, it's a thought and not a particularly beautiful one although the item itself at 40 cms in height probably is perfect for not pulling a back muscle. Any alternatives use suggestions please email to .   Beautifully carved in wood.


£29.95 each



Seahorse and Marlin Pair - DG55286

We like the size of our seahorse and marlin pairs and the price of course is for the pair. They measure 22 cms in height, are very detailed and are made of resin. Predominantly white with some yellow on the bodies. Unusual and very good sellers.


£4.95 for the pair



Distressed Wooden Racing Fish on Base - DGSJ5766

Distressed Wooden Racing Fish on Base

These Distressed Wooden Racing Fish on a Base look impressive at 47 cms  in length and the fish have the look of being in a race. A wooden product  with the wood having that distressed look. The entire ornament is 30 cms high and 11 cms deep.


£49.00 each



Energetic Wooden Fish on Wood - DGSJ4882

Energetic Wooden Fish on Wood

Our wooden energetic fish look good in pairs and measure 31 cms wide and about the same in height. The depth is about 11 cms.  These have recently been used as nautical wedding table centres not once, not twice, but three times. Not only confined to weddings though, these Energetic Wooden Fish on Wood will enliven any empty space.


£29.95 each



Hanging School of Sardines on Driftwood - DGSJ5839

Hanging School of Sardines on Driftwood

We don't have many sardine products and seeing as Cornwall is a major destination for our merchandise we have sourced these driftwood hangers at 15 cms in length with several little sardines on them to set a Cornish scene, although sardine numbers aren't what they were we will try and keep our stock numbers up!  This Hanging School of Sardines on Driftwood hanger is about 7 cms high  and the depth is just over 2 cms and is one of our favourite driftwood hanging fish items.


£7.99 each



Hanging School of Sprats - DGSJ5838

Hanging School of Sprats

After the success of our hanging school of sardines (which can be seen above) we put our thinking caps on and someone mentioned sprats. Dorset Gifts proudly presents the “hanging school of sprats” beautifully presented on driftwood and measuring 15 cms in length, approximately 7 cms in height and 2 cms deep. One for the kitchen?


£6.95 each



Marine Life Groyne - DGSJ5832

Marine Life Groyne

Our sealife marine groynes are all things nautical and when we first saw these we thought they were the perfect height at 13 cms. These Marine Life Groynes are made of wood, they are 13 cms wide and about 4 cms deep.


£18.95 each



Brown Wooden Fish in Threes - DG6905


Brown wooden hand carved fish measuring a very respectable 30 cms in length and coming to your door probably by Royal Mail and hopefully in 3 to 5 days.

£10.95 each



Blue Nautical Cloth Hanging Fish Bunch - DG7207


An addition to our hanging fish range and made of cloth extending to 45 cms from the top to the bottom. They are about 7 cms wide and are often purchased alongside our other hanging fish.

£9.95 each



Big Wooden Fish with Hooks - DG7420


A feature fish product with three hooks and a fishy look about it. Made of wood and from the top of the fish to the bottom of the hook we are looking at a depth of 30 cms. Our fish is 61 cms long. Got a fish restaurant? Sea theme? Just like fish? We have pondered and guessed at what type of fish this is and are up for answers on a postcard. We have some great fish products at Dorset Gifts and this one is some way up the ladder, but can't confirm it's a salmon ladder - yet.

£24.95 each



Giant Wall Hanging Wooden Fish - DG6923


This one's a whopper! A giant indeed at 67 cms in length, handmade and hand painted in the right colours and there for pride of place on your wall! It's 50 cms deep too so will cover all but the biggest holes on the wall. Fast seller in the bricks and mortar shop too.

£29.25 each



Wooden Fish Bunch - DG6915

Wooden Fish Bunch


At 33 cms in length these hand made small bunches of fish fit in nicely with a lot of our nautical products. Hand carved in wood and not at all edible but quite charming to look at. This wooden fish bunch would be an excellent addition to a stylish kitchen.

£12.95 each OUT OF STOCK



School of Fish Wall Art - DG2552 

School of Fish Wall Art 

Decorative fish wall art

Metal / tin school of fish wall art measuring a whopping 54 cms long and 21 cms in height. Plenty of space here for the whole school and swimming attractively in unison! This decorative school of fish wall art makes an ideal decoration for a fish restaurant.

£24.95 each



Aqua Sand Blasted Fish - DG4856


Our sand blasted aqua hanging fish are robust and pretty enough for bathrooms. beach huts, nautical themes, but not for hanging from your car rear mirror ... please. 14 cms long and 4.5 cms high.

£3.95 each



Roped Handled Glass Jar with Fish - DG4242


Roped hanging glass votive with fish helping to set the scene for a great nautical look.  9 cms high and 7 cms in diameter - another winner!

£2.95 each



Wooden Fish Name Card Holder - DG4830


For the nautical table, or meeting and made of wood. Our little wooden fish card name holders are 17 cms high and 8 cms across so shouldn't need too much ink. It's all about the detail!


£2.50 each



Wooden Leaping Fish - DG5012


Our distressed looking wooden fish come on a base of three in varying leaping positions!  24 cms long and 20 cms high.






Large Blue School of Fish on Driftwood - DG5105


A full 30 cms of driftwood based fish to really brighten up a nautically decorated area of home - these are approximately 7 cms in height with lots of fish - look best when eating haddock or plaice (with a dry white of course).


£14.95 each



Wooden School of Fish Wall Art  - DG3060

Wooden school of fish

Here we have some wooden wall art and this popular school of fish measure in at 55 cms in length by 17 cms in height. The wall art sits about 7 cms deep. With a lovely "washed" style to each fish this piece of sea inspired art will certainly feature prominently in your home. Also suitable as wall decoration for a fish restaurant - supply your own chips!

£32.50 each
£60 for 2




Rustic Fish Wall Hook - DG15463

This wooden fish hook with three hooks is hand painted in wood with real shells and nautically styled rope . Rustic sea blue, light blue and white set the theme and the hooks drop 5 cms beneath the wooden fish. Two hooks displayed on the back for hanging.

38 cms long x 18 cms high 

£7.99 each
£15 for 2



Wooden Rustic Fish Pair

Wooden Rustic Fish Pair with Floats


These come in pairs (two on a string) and are of course for hanging in kitchens, bathrooms or elsewhere in the home or garden room. They are attached to a rope from which the nautically minded can choose where to hang them. We do see lots of these grouped on work surfaces, bathroom areas etc so don't feel bad about not dangling them if you're going for a more horizontal decorative look! They're made of wood and note the rustic colour and starfish design on each fish. A "hard to find" design and why not take advantage of the cheaper quantity price and hang two or three sets together?


£8.99 each
£15.00 for 2
£20 for 3


Natural Finish Bunch of Hanging Fish (5) - 74321

Natural Finish Bunch of Hanging Fish

Natural Finish Bunch of Hanging Fish


These hanging fish ornaments are unique lines for the kitchen or seaside bathroom and can of course be hung in bunches from the ceiling or walls. Nice off white colour and not even slightly edible! Another of our best selling lines and this sell well alongside our "naive" style boats. Ideal if you are looking for beach decorations.

17 x 9 x 4cms

£7.95 each
£14 for 2
£20 for 3


Rustic Fish Door Stop - DGNAUDOO

Rustic Fish Door Stop


The things we use in our house to keep the doors open! Although we recommend and sell our very own nautical knot door stops and beach hut door stops, these are the more traditional style we're often asked for and are the ones to be wedged! Your nautical theme home will be enhanced by the fish peering back up you from floor level. Practical inexpensive nautical decor. Made from wood!

20 cms long, 10 cms at their highest and 4 cms wide.

£4.99 each
£8 for 2
£11 for 3


Fish Thermometers - 78381

It gets hot in our shop. We own and retail from an old Grade 2 listed building so our working conditions incorporate small windows, lots of lights and lots of machinery for the ice cream and drinks part of the business. We hang these pretty little wooden fish thermometers from the beams and in the heat of the Summer the ceiling flashes red with mercury and our fish too are overworked! These come in white and blue with a string attached for hanging from ceilings or walls. Give our fish an easier life in your home!

23 x 5 x 1cms

£5.99 each
£10 for 2


Freestanding Fish - DG7537

Freestanding Fish Ornament


This free standing fish ornament looks good on a desk or window sill in a beach themed house.

35.5 x 6.5 x 17 cms

£10.99 each



Metal Fish with Capiz Finish - DG8594

Metal Fish with Capiz Finish

This stunning finish of metal fish is individually sculpted and have been handcrafted with a capiz shell finish - chosen for the quality of the workmanship and beautiful colouring.

65 high, 54 cms across and approximately 10 cms deep.

£59.95 each


Swimming Fish - DG7549S


50 cms long and 7 cms high.

£19.99 each



Zander Fish Cushion 70cms - DGZANDER


All our gloss finished polyester fish cushions have a multitude of uses and are very lifelike. Some of our customers even take them fishing with them.

They're famous too as they made an appearance in The Apprentice in November 2016 opposite our shop on Poole Quay. One of the tasks was to sell these exclusively at the Poole Quay Boat Show. Unfortunately the charming young man (who didn't win) got fired but we think it was more down to the fact that we were selling them cheaper in our shop. I suppose it was raining too.

Anyway, we digress, and these are very popular and have made good TV!  The fish of your choice is printed on both sides and yes, they have a multitude of uses. Although they are well stuffed cushions they are often bought just for décor and can brighten up a nautical room. A great present  for children too as are CE tested for children aged 3 upwards.

At 70 cms length the lesser spotted Zander cushion (in our waters! )

£18.95 each



Sea Bass Cushion 70cms - DG56136


All our gloss finished polyester fish cushions have a multitude of uses and are very lifelike.

At 70 cms length. we bring to you the sea bass cushion.

£17.95 each



Salmon Cushion 85 cms - DG56134


At 85 cms in length we have the salmon cushion.

£19.99 each



Rainbow Trout Cushion 60 cms - DG56126


At 60 cms in length, ladies and gentlemen... .the rainbow trout cushion.

£14.95 each



Mini Trout Cushion 36 cms - DG56120


Here we have the 36 cms trout cushion at just £8.95

£8.95 each



Blue Seahorse Cushion 40 cms - DG56116


We even have a seahorse cushion, in blue at 40 cms high - best seller so far!

£8.95 each



Mini Clown Fish Cushion 36cms - DG56118


It's a mini clown fish cushion at 36 cms.

£8.95 each



Koi Carp Cushion 60 cms - DG56140


Koi Carp - 60 cms - you may need one of our nautical birds to go with this cushion?

£18.95 each



Cod Cushion 75cms - DG56130


And it's cod - everybody's favourite! These are 75 cms long. I could have managed that in one sitting in the good old days.

£17.95 each



Carp Cushion 60 cms - DG56129


Our carp cushion is 60 cms long.

£18.95 each



Silver Resin Crab - DG8800

Our new range of resin silver sealife has sold out twice and we are trying hard to keep these in stock! The crab at a respectable 23 cms in length should have plenty of meat on it! He's 17 cms deep and 4 cms thick!


£17.95 each
£30 for 2


Rustic Hanging Fish - DGNAUFIS5

Rustic Hanging Fish

Rustic Hanging Fish

Rustic Hanging Fish


You'll find other hanging fish ornaments on our site but these rustic hanging fish have been included for their size and look as good loose on a table in the kitchen as hanging in the corner of the bathroom. They're a whopping 70 centimetres in length from the rope at the top to the end of the very last fish and come in a rustic brown and white design.

£18.99 each
£30 for 2



Will the Wooden Whale on a Stand - DG5020


Yes, we know he's not a fish but in the absence of a dedicated marine mammal page, we don't think he'll mind being here. He's Will, and he's a big wooden whale to make an equally big statement at a place of your choice in your home. Actually, he's not so big - 31 cms long and about 21 cms high, so not intrusively large, probably the perfect size for an ornamental whale!

£19.95 each OUT OF STOCK