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Nautical clocks and barometer sets

Brass Instrument and Nautical Clock Information

We source all our brass instruments from the most reputable suppliers and all porthole instruments have hefty solid cast brass casings, hinged scuttle clamps, bevelled glass fronts and our trademark brass hands and black subsidiary indicators on light cream faces. The movements are all good quality - battery operated quartz for the clocks and silver aneroid for the barometers. We believe the quality to be excellent and the prices favourable. It is our policy to always match a price for a similar product of equal quality found for sale online in the UK. These items are not lacquered and require occasional polishing to maintain their shine or you can of course, in line with all things nautical, allow to age gracefully. All our nautical wall clocks with the exception of the tide clocks have bold Roman numerals and the barometers show millibars and inches of mercury. Clocks all use on AA battery - not provided. Please email or phone 01202 285163 regarding any further questions.


Ships Wheel Clock in Brass- DG6763N

24 cms diameter from spoke to spoke and apologies for having to go a little over £100 but still feel very good value for a machined brass clock set within the hub of a wooden brass ship's wheel. If you've nearly finished the nautical room then this will make the feature and we think that the recipient of this as a gift would be more than pleased!

£119 each


Ships Time Clock- DG7115N

Ships Time Clock

Ships Time Clock within a hard wood Ship's wheel and excellent interior nautical décor for those with a sea theme in mind.  External diameter is 63 cms tip to tip.  Porthole diameter is 19 cms. It runs on one AA battery which is not included for postal reasons. Lovely to look at and lovely to own, this Ships Time Clock is very unlikely to ever go out of fashion!

£195 each


Helmsman Rotating Ships Wheel Clock- DG6765N

The Helmsman's Clock - every serious sea dog of the seven seas should have one! Appropriately monuted on a pedestal so the wheel can rotate  while keeping the clock in a fixed position! Made of brass and the clock has a quartz movement. The wheel diameter is 25 cms and the height is 30 cms. Product requires 1 x LR1 battery which is not supplied.

£129 each


Welcome Aboard Clock with Nautical Centre - DGWE4

30 cms in diameter (to the canvas edg ) excluding the rope and takes one double AA battery. We like the inset map and nautical feel - it's actually a map of Europe and a happy edition to your nautical theme.

£9.95 each


Lobster Wall Clock - DGML2

Lobster "served daily" in pale blue and made of MDF.  We admit that this is one of our favourite clocks  and a bit larger than the rest as diameter is 34 cms. These have a hook on the back and a look on the front!

£12.50 each


Blue Ceramic Beach Hut Clock - DG15291

One for the beach hut, these blue ceramic beach hut style clocks will set the theme and keep the time in any nautical corner of a sea themed room, beach hut  or seaside themed outbuilding in your garden. These do not include the battery for safety reasons and this will be just one of those little double A things found in all good corner shops. Measures 22 cms by 22 cms, Also available in red.

£12.95 each



Beach Sign with Clock - DG15527

Part of a range and we have some lovely similar products online to include other beach signs  but as you can see this attractive wooden hand painted item at under £10 also has a clock (batteries not included for safety reasons). This measures 37 cms in length by 13 cms in height and stands on its own base. This does not include the fine weather or any part of Poole Harbour in the background and under distance selling regulations we confirm £9.95 is just for the clock.

£9.95 each


Beach Clock - DG7277

Our pretty colourful coastal style beach themed clocks are made of wood substitute and are just the right size for the corner of your beach hut or any seaside themed room - and they are for sale at a great price!

20 cms diameter

£7.99 each


Tide Clock - DGTC3

Our tide clocks with flags have the hours correctly placed and show high, low and half tides. They are wood effect and take one double A battery with a hook in the mechanism for hanging - the ultimate nautical wall clock for anyone with a beach hut at sea level!

8 inches circumference

£14.95 each


Hygrometer Nautical Clock DGW6818

Hygrometer Nautical Clock

Hygrometer Nautical Clock

Our nautical hygrometer and thermometer clocks are suitable for indoor or outdoor use, and are made of metal with a brass effect. Powered by a single double AA battery which is not supplied with the clock. Perfect in the vicinity of the barbecue and these have brackets on the back for ease of hanging. A classically designed nautical clock.

45 cms diameter

£45 each


Ships Time Brass Clock - DG15607



These lovely Ship's Time Brass Clocks can be wall or boat mounted and the diameter is 12 cms. A classy nautical addition to the nautical boat themed room, or the boat itself, we have also sold a few of these as brass clocks for a Brass Wedding Anniversary which in case you don't know is the 21st!

£69.95 each


Lifering Clock - 25cms

Lifering Clock

These lifering clocks have always been good sellers along the coast and run on just one standard AA battery. Only available in blue and white with a good quality canvas effect surround and roped to enable the buyer to hang not just proudly but easily.

Please note - This item is a canvas off white rather than "brilliant" white, in line with the colour one would expect a "canvas white" to be. Please bear in mind that colours may vary slightly.

25 centimetre diameter

£12.95 each
£20 for 2



Lifering Knot Clock - DG15397

Lifering Knot Clock

Our lifering knot clocks and all other clocks with the rope surround are to be hung from the rope for a more authentic nautical look. Nice detail to be found in our knotboard clock and these are powered by one Double A battery which can be found in any reputable supermarket, service station or market stall but not within the packaging of this item.

30 cms

£13.95 each
£25 for 2


Brass Code Flag 7 Cities World Time Clock 30cm - 95000

Brass Code Flag 7 Cities World Time Clock

This nautical table clock is quite stunning and will prove a talking point in any nautically themed home or perhaps on your boat.



Ship's Wheel Clock 48cm - 95001

Ship's Wheel Clock




Brass Anchor Code Flag Clock - 95004

Brass Anchor Code Flag Clock




Radio Silence Clock 12cm - 95008

Radio Silence Clock




Brass Clock 12cm - 95010

Brass Clock




Circular Glass Paperweight Clock 10cm - 95018

Circular Glass Paperweight Clock




Clock, Thermometer and Hygrometer on Wooden Stand 31cm - 95032

Clock, Thermometer and Hygrometer on Wooden Stand




Clock and Barometer Set - 36cm (95005)

Clock and Barometer Set




Tide Clock - 22cm (95007)

Tide Clock




Rope Ship's Wheel Clock - DG7450

Rope Ship's wheel clock

32 x 28.5 x 5 cm


£13.99 each


Rope Clock - DG7433

Rope clock

40 x 30 x 5 cm


£14.95 each


Yacht Club Clock - DG7245

Yacht Club Clock

One of our favourites. These super harbour clocks stand 40 cms high on a wooden plinth and the face of the clock is light cream. These make a superb nautical addition to a maritime home and stand 40 cms high and the width is 27 cms. The anchor style brass surround has a distinctive strong and impressive case.

£199 each


Cockpit Clock and Barometer Set - DG5076

Clock and Barometer Set

These beautiful cockpit clock and barometer sets are available mounted on a mahogany effect board surround. They measure 24 cms in length and 14 cms in height. One for behind the bar or on the boat?

£159 each


Diving Helmet Clock

Diving Helmet Clock

Based on the cumbersome but beautiful 19th century diving helmets and made of brass and copper with a mahogany stained wooden base. These take one SR626SW battery and are 11 cms tall and 9 cms wide. Popular nautically themed feature pieces for a waterside or inspired home, this is the ultimate nautical clock.

£92.50 each


This larger model with an increased level of detail stands an impressive 20 cms tall and is 25 cms wide. They take on AA battery. Free postage offered with this size.

£205 each


Cabin Tide Clock - DG7104

Cabin Tide Clock

The faces of our tide clocks have Arabic numerals and a single quartz movement powers all hands. Flange diameter is 14 cms, the dial is 8 cms and the depth excluding the scuttle clamps is 5 cms.



Beach Clock DGSM5

An inexpensive, sea themed, beautifully coloured and detailed clock. We see seahorses, yachts, starfish and more on the wood effect clock face which is economically powered by one of those double A batteries again, which we can not unfortunately supply. Great for the beach hut!!

29 cms diameter

£8.99 each
£16 for 2




Ship's Propellor Clock DGW9735

Ship's Propellor Clock

Ship's Propellor Clock

These measure an impressive 65 cms in diameter and are made of distressed metal with the hanging hook on the back by the top propellor. Just takes a double AA battery which is not included for logistical reasons. The clock face "New York" has a faded rusty look to it too and the overall effect is impressive. Best recent question - how fast does the propellor turn?

65 cms diameter



Ship's Wheel Clock DGZY157

Ship's Wheel Clock

Here by public demand! This comes with a Quartz clock which requires one double AA battery. We don't supply the battery and this has more to do with Royal Mail telling us off than our purse strings - great clocks though made of wood and measuring 35 by 35 cms centimetres with netting, seashell and a wooden starfish!   

35 cms diameter

£19.95 each OUT OF STOCK


Clock in Wooden Lifering - 14cms

Clock in Wooden Lifering

These are smaller wooden lifering clocks with the roped surround to help you hang the clock and create extra nautical impact. Please bear in mind that these are only 14 centimetres in diameter and take a standard AA battery to run. The smaller size makes these a perfect smaller item for nooks and crannies around the home rather than as a centrepiece nautical clock. A very popular maritime themed gift or practical furnishing for the home.


£9.95 each
£18 for 2




Ship's Wheel Clock - DGBAT885

45 cms diameter

£88 each




Ship's Wheel Clock - DGBAT975

One of the most popular items in our nautical clock range, this makes a lovely clock gift.

45 cms diameter

£88 each



 Wooden Ships Wheel Clock -  DG7416

In rustic whites and blues and set in a wooden ship's wheel we particularly like this line and with a 52 centimetre diameter you'll not be needing your reading glasses to notice that its time for a dip in the sea. Depth of about 2.5 cms and runs on a single battery which we're not allowed to supply for postal reasons these days but it's the double A one, often found at the supermarket check out.