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Nautical Brass Gifts including Brass Compasses and Brass Clocks for Anniversary Gifts


Brass Instrument Information

We source all our brass instruments from the most reputable suppliers and all porthole instruments have hefty solid cast brass casings, hinged scuttle clamps, bevelled glass fronts and our trademark brass hands and black subsidiary indicators on light cream faces.

The movements are all good quality - battery operated quartz for the clocks and silver aneroid for the barometers. We've included the ever-popular bosun's whistle on this page. We believe the quality of all our products to be excellent and the prices favourable. It is our policy to always match a price for a similar product of equal quality found for sale online in the UK.

These nautical brass gifts are not lacquered and require occasional polishing to maintain their shine or you can of course, in line with all things nautical, allow to age gracefully. All our clocks with the exception of the tide clocks have bold Roman numerals and the barometers show millibars and inches of mercury. Clocks all use on AA battery - not provided.

Incidentally, if you know someone who is celebrating their 21st wedding anniversary, then a brass gift from this page might be just the job. Lots of good gift ideas for seafarers here. Please email or phone 01202 285163 regarding any further questions.


Brass Pocket Sundial - DG4568

Brass pocket sundial

This brass pocket sundial is a completely self-contained portable instrument, with a compass for alignment and lid for protection. The gnomon is set for latitudes around 50 degrees North, so will be at its most accurate where it is being shipped from ... the South of England, as well as Northern Europe, Canada and so on. At these latitudes it is a functioning time indicator in as much as sundials can be! The diameter of the brass pocket sundial is 7 cms, the height is 3 cms and it is made of chunky solid brass. Buy a brass pocket sundial for your boss and you may always have an excuse for being late for work. Also a lovely nautical gift for Dads. We can engrave the lids with a name, initials or company logo – please email for details and costs.

£49 each


Walking Stick with Telescope - DG5862

Walking Stick with Telescope

Walking Stick with Telescope

At some time in the future we are all going to be able to make use of one of these walking sticks, and to take your mind off the day and improve its' nautical appeal we have designed  one with a useful telescope on the top. The elegant walking stick with telescope makes an excellent gift, although you may not be thanked! Handy for birdwatchers. 92 cms long attached.

£89 each

Walking Stick with Telescope


Forty Year Brass Calendar Paperweight with Marble Base

Brass calendar paperweight

A unique nautical paoerweight, and for the years up to 2051!!! The ship's wheel and engraved ship sets it up beautifully. Weighing in impressively at over 200 grammes and 3 inches (8 cms) in diameter! This forty year brass calendar is a classy maritime gift for under a tenner!

£9.95 each


Brass Hand Bell - DG15630

Brass hand bell

We're on the money with our solid brass handbells which have been used on ships but also by landlubbers worldwide and notably in my life by Mrs Stokes many years ago at Heston Infants School. She could welly one of these. This nautical brass bell is recommended nautical decor for our discerning clients.

22cms (nearly 9 inches) high, 9cms at its widest.

£14.95 each
£28 for 2



Porthole Flask - DG2196

Porthole hip flask

The glass porthole let into this Sheffield pewter hip flask serves two purposes: so that the etching of HMS Victory inside the flask can be viewed and perhaps more importantly to check how much of your favoured tipple remains. The Porthole flask makes a great marine gift for men or indeed women who like a drink. Measures 10 cms in diameter, 11 centimetres in height and can hold an ample 140 mls of grog. Nice nautical gift for dads.

£37.50 each


Bosun's Whistle - DG 15660

Bosun's Whistle

Bosun's whistle

Also referred to as a Bosun's Call, those in the know wil tell you that Bosun's Whistles were an important piece of kit on boats in days of old, where the whipping winds and high jinks of the crew could make it very hard to hear commands from the deck. The high pitched call of the bosun's whistle would stop the crew in their tracks. A bit like a latter day smoke alarm in the kitchen when you've burned the sausages just after daybreak. Now these whistles for bosuns are mainly used for ceremonial purposes and we sell these as nautical gifts for display although they work perfectly. A great gift idea for the seafarer in your life.

13 cms



Henley Megaphone - DG2141

Henley megaphone

They say Sir Francis Chichester never sailed without one, nor should any helmsman or sailing master! This gleaming brass loud-hailer's resonance is calculated to give optimum clarity and range, and is popular with Thames Rowing Club and other rowing clubs all over the Britsh Isles. Get yourself a Henley Megaphone!

31 cms long

£52.50 each


Cast Handbells

Nautical cast hand bells


Our nautical cast handbells have been machined smooth, polished to a bright shine and lacquered for protection. The turned wooden handles have been varnished with a brass fixing nut on top. These come in four sizes. We can engrave these for presentation purposes – please email for a quotation.

DG 5087
Diameter 8 cms , height 14 cms £21 each

Diameter 9 cms Height 16 cms £27 each

Diameter 12 cms Height 22 cms £37 each

Diameter 15 cms height 28 cms £77 each



50 Year Brass Calendar in Wooden Presentation Box - DG15652

50 Year Brass Calendar



9 cms in diameter and presented in a nautical wooden box - this 50 Year Brass Calendar is another good selling small brass nautical item.

£14.95 each


Brass Desk Compass - DG15643


Another useful brass compass gift for those of us not quite sure where we are heading. Very nice left on the desk though. 6.5 cms diameter.

£14.95 each


Captains Magnifier in Wooden Box - DG15655



The brass magnifier itself is 8 cms long (approximately 3 inches) and how impressive that such a manageable instrument can make stuff look so big! With a nautical wooden presentation box too - one for the Captain's table.

£29.95 each


RMS Titanic Pocket Brass Compass - DGN3801

Titanic Pocket Compass


Brass RMS Titanic Pocket compass approximately 8 cms in circumference. A replica of course, though an excellent piece of Titanic memorabilia, this Titanic Pocket Brass Compass is sure to thrill any nauticalia fan.

£19.95 each


Captain's Brass Hand Bell - DG15631



Captain's Bell and 13 cms in length from top to bottom - nice ring to it too, with "Captain" engraved on the bell itself. A great nautical brass bell for your nautically themed home or boat.

£9.95 each


Small Brass Ship's Bell - DG15620

Brass ship bell



Our smaller but not so small brass ship's bell measures 13 cms from top of the bell to its base and is a more affordable identical version in all but size of our larger ship's bell. This small brass ship's bell is an ideal addition for a nautically themed entrance way or in a nautical bar. Time please ship mates with this Brass Ship's Bell!

£32.50 each


Ship's Bell - 10cm (15250)

Ship's Bell




Cockpit Clock and Barometer Set - DG5076

Cockpit Clock and Barometer Set

These beautiful cockpit clock and barometer sets are available mounted on a mahogany effect board surround. The Cockpit Clock and Barometer Set measures 24 cms in length and 14 cms in height. This makes a great gift for any boat lovers. One for behind the bar or on the boat?

£159 each


Cabin Tide Clock - DG7104

Cabin Tide Clock

The faces of our tide clocks have Arabic numerals and a single quartz movement powers all hands. Flange diameter is 14 cms, the dial is 8 cms and the depth excluding the scuttle clamps is 5 cms. The Cain Tide Clock - one for the serious nautical enthusiast.



Brass Compass DG95650

Brass Compass

Brass Compass

Small but attractively designed brass compass which makes for a styish gift. Made with a brass surround and flat bottom with a felt base. This will look great on Dad's desk. For those of you that have not been inspired to buy on our description, here's a compass joke... what's long and yellow and always points North? A magnetic banana. Please see our other nautical small brass pieces in this range which make nice nautical gifts for boat owners.

7cms diameter

£6.99 each
£12 for 2



50 Year Brass Calendar DG97426

50 Year Brass Calendar

50 Year Brass Calendar

A simple to use 50 year brass calendar. One of our favourite brass items and great as a nautical room or desk feature or alongside any of our other brass items on this page. Engraved with a ship's anchor and boat... simply place the year over the month and you're off. These fifty year brass calendars also have a velvet base.

5 cms diameter

£6.99 each
£12 for 2



Brass World Timer DG97428

Brass World Timer

Brass World Timer

Brass World Timer

An interesting small brass gift which tells all the times around the world! Rangoon, Dawson and Denver have found their way on to the map on these brass world timers and these make for a nice nautical touch in any such themed room or home.

6cms diameter

£6.99 each
£12 for 2



Wooden Presentation Box for our Compasses -  DG15640 

If you require a presentation box for our compasses and timers, these will fit perfectly.

9cms across.



Brass Sextant - DG15649

Brass sextant

Brass sextant in wooden box

What would you do with a brass sextant in a wooden box? Fancy sighting the sun at solar noon? What's your latitude? Many stars in the sky tonight? And what is my precise geographical position? Or do you just want a nautical addition to your maritime collection presented in a lovely wooden box with brass inlay? This brass sextant fits the bill. A lovely piece that can be used as nautical office decor, this brass sextant also makes the perfect gift for the sailor in your family as it comes in an attractive wooden box.

14cms across and 8cms high


Brass sextant in wooden box


Brass Sand Timer - DG15656

brass sand timer

This brass sand-filled egg timer is another quality brass product and useful too, unless you don't like eggs. Measuring 8 cms in height and it does of course come with sand!

8 cms high




Brass Keyring

Brass keyrings

Brass keyrings

Brass ship's wheel keyrings

Our brass keyrings are of optimum quality and follow the nautical theme. These make great stocking fillers or wedding favours for a nautically themed wedding.

If you are ordering more that one, please choose 'Multiple' from the drop down menu and specify which designs you would like in the Special Requests box at checkout.

Diving Helmet DG15701 - £4.99 each
Port Lamp  (Red) DG15704 - £4.99 each
Starboard Lamp (Green) DG15705 - £4.99 each
Ship's Wheel DG15707 - £4.99 each

£9 for 2
£12 for 3



Brass diver's helmet keyring


Diving Helmet Model - DGBAT733

Diving Helmet Model


This striking diving helmet model looks great as a focal point in an office, for shop window displays or any nautical interior design. We've also seen these Diving Helmet Models used in nautical pubs and upmarket fish restaurants.




Antique Effect Diving Helmet Model with Stand - DGBAT886

Antique Effect Diving Helmet Model with Stand





Diver's Mark V Helmet - DG7121

The dome diameter is 32 cms and this diving helmet weighs in at 37 pounds. This full size reproduction is so complete that detailed examination is necessary to detect it is not original. These are made from solid brass and copper and recall the days when divers struggled on the ocean bed in equipment heavier than themselves. This helmet could be easily illuminated as background lighting.

Full Size Diver's Mark V Helmet - DG7121
£1250 each



Small Diver’s Helmet - DG7124

A miniature version which is of course less detailed and 17 cms high. This small diver's helmet is made from solid brass and copper. Based on the US MkV model - it measures 5 inches across and weighs a pound.

£110 each


Brass Toilet Sign - DG15685

Brass Toilet Sign




"England Expects" Plaque 10cm - 95808

England Expects Brass Plaque




King's Shilling Tankard - DG2199

King's Shilling Tankard

This King's Shilling Tankard has a double glazed bottom with a genuine King’s Shilling, which will date from the reign of King George V or VI, sandwiched between the layers. The story of the press gangs is pressed deep in to one side with a blank panel on the reverse. The press gangs would pay their recruits a shilling to join the Royal Navy and would often have got them drunk in order to sign up. The capacity of the King's Shilling tankard is 570 mls (one pint) and it weighs 430 grams.

£49 each
£90 for 2



Brass and Copper Diving Helmet - DG7123

Brass and Copper Diving helmet. 26 cms top to bottom.  This is a replica and not for trying to see if it works when fun is being had at a beach party. Like the originals this is made from solid brass and copper. It wouldn’t be too tricky to illuminate these and make a “centre feature”.