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Sea Bird Models and Guests

Bird Models

A couple of decades ago we opened the doors at Dorset Gifts. We stood on the doorstep and looked over Poole Harbor. Three herring gulls were enjoying someone's discarded chips on the beach opposite the shop.

I said to Lisa, "Let's sell those."

She replied that she didn't really want to sell chips.

I replied, "Let's sell seagulls."

She told me that herring gulls were protected and retail internet was just around the corner and it would be difficult to post them. So we sourced ethically carved sea bird models.

Of all our products we get most compliments for our carved seabirds. Please take a look and we guarantee our prices are the very best for handmade seabirds.

We have several resin birds too, which are great value but if you can stretch to a hand painted or carved bird it will look great for ever.


Christopher the Corpulent Seagull - DG6579

We think he's been on the chips, and are bird lovers so we aren't going to give you his waist measurements. He stands 24 cms in height and is made of resin and wood a fine looking specimen and all those chips were paid for but not by him.

£9.95 each



Hand Carved Kingfisher - DGANDKI

Beautifully carved, in fact hand carved and hand painted by our selected few. Standing on a wooden base too and 25 cms high, 13 cms deep and 7 cms wide. Such brightly coloured birds and seen darting around river banks – if you are lucky.

£19.95 each



Pure Wool Turnstone - DGS7893

12cms x 8cms x 5.5cms

New item - now in stock, description to follow.

£8.95 each


Sam the Gull on Pebble - DGS7880

9cms x 13cms x 7cms

New item - now in stock, description to follow.

£8.95 each


Susan the Gull on Pebbles - DGS7879

9cms x 13cms x 7cms

New item - now in stock, description to follow.

£8.95 each


Pure Wool Puffin - DGS7897

12cms x 8cms x 5.5cms

New item - now in stock, description to follow.

£11.95 each


Pure Wool Sandpiper - DGS7894

12cms x 8cms x 5.5cms

New item - now in stock, description to follow.

£9.95 each


Puffin On Pebble - DGS7878

9cms x 13cms x 6cms

New item - now in stock, description to follow.

£8.95 each


Resin Standing Puffin - DG7648

16cms x 14cms x 8cms

New item - now in stock, description to follow.

£6.95 each


Puffin on Rock - DG7661

18cms x 12cms x 8cms

New item - now in stock, description to follow.

£8.95 each


Poole Seagull - DG8750

27.5cms x 18cms x 7.5cms

New item - now in stock, description to follow.

£9.95 each


Cornish Seagull on Stand - DG8783

14cms x 4cms x11cms

New item - now in stock, description to follow.

£7.95 each


Flying Resin Seagull - DGL6579

A seagull on the hunt and  in flight.  These are a great design made mainly of resin and an unusual swooping angle for sea bird lovers. Measures 24 cms in height and  15 cms across.  One of our best value sea birds.

£22.95 each



Sandpiper Bird - DGS7359

Made of wood, 12 cms high and 10 cms wide. Another interesting bird and an unusual one for our ever growing collection of mainly seabirds. It’s important that our wading seabirds have different length bills as it cuts out the competitipon for food. Sandpipers are found on most of the world’s land surfaces except our driest deserts and the Antartica. Perhaps that’s why we don’t get many orders from Antartica and the Sahara. These are often see Wintering along the South Coast of England but can be seen all over the UK.



Dunlin Bird - DGS7360

A dunlin is a small wader which travels vast distances – they breed in the Arctic but do winter in Poole Harbour, those seeking more sun continue on to Spain. “Dun” is an old English name for “brown”. Rather a nice model standing 17 cms in height and widest is 12 cms.



Avocets Date Night - DGS6916

Avocets Date Night - made of wood and only 15 cms long so very adaptable. The height is around 11 cms. Choose your space, these look great anywhere.




Five Shore Birds - DGS7265

Five of these birds enjoying the shallow tide and set on some beach driftwood. Height 12 cms and width 14 cms. Seabirds made of tin and very much looking like waders.



Three Shore Birds - DGS7322

18 cms by 18 cms



Avocet Bird Model - DG7571

Avocet bird model

Beautifully hand crafted and individually made by artisan families.

Poole Harbour with its average depth of 3 feet is an excellent stomping ground for these lovely birds. They love the muddy shorelines to dabble for food.

Fussy eaters by all accounts - but aren't we all on the down on the South Coast.

31 x 23 x 10.5 cms



Curlew Bird Model- DG7594

Curlew bird model

Similar to sandpipers, their bills are like tweezers so they can search though the mud for food.

These birds are now moving towards endangered status but back in the 1940s, butchers in the West Country would quite likely have them for sale in their shops.




Ringed Plover Bird Model - DG7573


Plover bird model

These small pretty waders feed with the 'run, stop and tilt action.'

I've tried it at a Fancy Dress Party but it played up with my digestion a little.

We are seeing less of these on coastal marshes and wetlands now. A lucky sight around Britain and when we see them in the harbour we know Spring has arrived.

13 x 13 x 6 cms



Carved Double Puffins - DG7572

These are always great sellers. When Puffins get together on lovely Summer nights they develop identical markings.Their beaks change apparently.

Our designers have done well with the beaks here and they are definitely courting. Also known as sea parrots, an interesting fact about puffins is that they can dive to 60 meters but hold their breath for only 30 seconds.

In the UK our puffins are sadly in decline due to food shortages related to climate change.

34cms long by 20cms wide



Robin Redbreast - DG7576

Robins are relatively unafraid of humans which is why we can get closer to these beautiful birds than any other in our gardens.

The gorgeous friend and perhaps someone you once loved looking over you.

If they survive their first year which is extremely hazardous due to territorial disputes, they can live to be nearly 20 years old.



Huge Sitting Seagull - DG8330

40 cms long and 25 cms in height - big enough to confuse the real McCoy. As requested, here is our second largest seagull ever to be  listed online. The biggest one is still under construction. Made of plastic/resin composite and very life like - there's a few real ones down here on Poole Quay who will vouch for that!



Large South Coast Seagull - DG8331

This one has been tried and tested. At 30 cms in height when put on one of the benches outside the shop the herring gulls show her some respect. However .. she is very pretty, especially the way she has her head slighly turned out of the wind. Made of resin.  She's a good 23 cms wide too!



Stoneware Pelican - DG5684

Stoneware pelican with metal legs and a unique look!  Measures a healthy 19 cms  and we are pleased to report those delicate looking feet are not only attractive but very sturdy!



Ceramic Pauline the Pink Flamingo - DGQT5683

A pink ceramic flamingo measuring 26 cms in height and we've never had a flamingo on our website - certainly not in ceramic pink.  Great detail and a cool look to remind you of Africa or the Discovery Chanel.

£11.95 each


Ceramic Sidney the Stork - DG5682

Here we have Sidney, we were going to call him Margarine,  the ceramic stork and he's a beauty - 27 cms in height and a photogenic long legged bird! Light ceramic with metal legs, we sold the one in the picture two minutes after taking the picture and putting him on the shelf  here in our shop.

£14.95 each


Wooden Pelican - DG7168


By popular demand and sourced in wood at 35 cms in height is our free standing hand painted model pelican. Contemplated naming him Peter the Pelican, Paul the Pelican but wooden pelican is probably a suitable name for now although open to suggestions.

£9.95 each



Double puffins on rock - DG7246

Puffins bird model

10 x 10 x 14 cms



Diving Penguins on Hanger - DGS7413

£7.95 each



Wading Sanderlings - DGS6225

We like the way the oystercatcher seems to be sending the sanderlings on their way, perhaps back to the Arctic. Width 30 cms, height 7 cms and depth 1.5 cms. 29 grammes in weight.

£17.95 each



Seagull and West Country Pasty - DGS5865

The seagull steals the pasty - a dinky little hanger measuring 8 cms in height and 5 cms in width. The pasty is for decorative uses and is not to be eaten – these disclaimers are now part and parcel of internet retail. Inexpensive quirky nautical décor.

£3.95 each



Swooping Seagulls on Wood - DGS7411

Swooping seagulls on wood measuring 14 cms in height and 10 cms wide. The depth of this popular item is 4 cms. We have these on display in our shop on Poole Quay most of the time so if you are in Dorset pop in to view, if you spend over 30 quid apparently you get free ice creams. While eating the ice creams you are likely to be serenaded by plenty of real seagulls.

£13.50 each



Wood and Shell Bird - DGNS23

These beautiful seabirds, made of wood, are adorned with a little abalone shell decor on their main body creating a really different and interesting  look. Standing 30 cms from top to bottom  a nice sized nautical ornament.

£8.95 each


Seagulls on Lookout Groynes - DGS6215

Measuring 10 cm wide, 8 cms high and 2.5 cms deep. And we like these!  Text us on 07711247762 with your email to go on our Bargains List where we clear or acquire and sell unusual nautical items which often don't make it on to our website. Looking for seashells? Always worth a peep at our dedicated seashell site

£7.95 each


A Puffin Party on Wood - DGS6903

Our puffin party on wood measures 13 cms wide, 5 cms high and approximately 3 cms deep.  Pretty and unusual nautical décor, probably an item your neighbours can't easily find. We have lots of one offs in our shop if you are near Poole.

£9.95 each


Seagulls and Fish on driftwood - DGS6931

26 cms wide and 7 cms in height with a depth of approximately 3 cms these look out seagulls and fish fit snugly on the wooden base and sell most excellently as a stand alone touch of nautical decoration.

£22.50 each


Avocets in Reeds - DGS6941

12cms long by 9 cms in height. Made of wood. Quite unusual. How about these for a sea themed corner of the bathroom?

£9.95 each


Oystercatcher on Wooden Groyne- DGSJ6214

Oystercatchers are probably our best selling sea birds online and in our shop. These dainty wooden oystercatchers are made of wood with a good sized beak at 10 cms in height - a lovely little nautical touch. Looking best grouped together, and minimum height is 10 cms so if ordering more than one we will try to send in different sizes at a minimum of 10 cms. Unusual nauticalia and produced in small batches from sustainable sources.



Seagull with Catch of the Day - DGSJ6214

Charming wooden ornament of a small seagull with pale blue wings and two little fish beneath its' beak. Made of wood and ethically sourced. Looks pretty from all angles. We've had a few of these ducking and diving over our shop this year but mainly with chips for nutrition.  She/he measures 9 cms in height and 7 cms in width so won't fill the window sill but a couple of these in the corner will get noticed.



Six Puffins with Driftwood Groynes - DG4323


The driftwood has been shaped as groynes behind the six puffins making this 14 cms long nautical ornament a charming addition to the sea themed home. The height is about 10 cms - a pretty hand painted item.

£9.95 each
£18 for 2




Flying Puffins on Driftwood - DG4579

Puffins, they almost have cult status at Dorset Gifts and every now and then a new line comes along that creates interest. These small puffins designed in metal and standing on a driftwood base are about 15 cms wide and 13 cms high. Unusually, as we all know they like to hang about, these are designed in flight!

£14.95 each



Flock of Puffins on Driftwood

To avoid confusion we have titled these a flock of puffins - they are of course on driftwood.  Puffins have always been entertainment and are also known as the clowns of the sea, in fact the collective name is more correctly a "circus"  of puffins. Or indeed a colony! So we hope you are not confused but happy in the knowledge that the flock stands on a chunk of driftwood measuring approximately 18 cms in length and the height is near on 10 cms.

£9.95 each
£18 for 2




Sandbanks Seagull Windmill - DGK3896

Our Sandbanks  seagulls aren't that interested in chips. There are richer pickings after a day near the beach. Their wings fly around on these wooden windmills when the wind blows in the right direction. Like the real thing, these are made of sturdy stuff with a metal pole that needs to be gently pushed up in to the seagull's wooden undercarriage.

Approx 60 cms to the bottom of the pole and approx 40 cms across. Batteries not required, just a westerly wind will do the job.

£9.95 each
£15 for 2 items



Seagull T Light Holder - DG5014

Seagulls, seagulls everywhere. We have been on the look out for seagulls with t lights for nautical events and dinners recently and have sourced these wooden unique items standing an impressive 25 cms in height and not much short of 22 cms in width. Good value and we have had some customers buying these alongside our boat triple t lights. A sensible and "not to be beaten" price. If you can find these cheaper we will refund the difference.

£6.95 each



Metal Pelican on Stand - DG7325


This metal pelican stands a lofty 26 cms and at its’ widest is 18 cms. She even has a fish on the end of her beak. Are the pelicans still in St James Park? There used to be 4 and were a present from the USSR so presumably there are pelicans out there, but our one comes directly from a factory in China.

£14.95 each



Single seagull bird model - DG7582S

Seagull bird model

Nicely carved, made of wood and with one eye on a chip! This has been a top selling seabird for us for 15 years and there has only been one price increase!

20 x 24 x 10 cms



Winter Blackhead Gull - DG55435

These lovely seagulls are made of wood and carry superb detail. Blackhead gulls by the way, as you can see from the picture are not really blackheaded birds and these do become garden visitors during the coldest winter weather, hence their name.

Approx 6 ins high and 5 inches at its widest point



Mallard Duck Model - DG7590

Mallard bird model duck

8 x 7 x 15 cms



Double Oystercatcher Bird Models - DG7586D

18 x 11 x 33 cms



Dorset Seagull Bird Model - DG7652

Classic seagull model

Made of a light resin and is the best selling seagull for under a tenner in our shop.

17 x 18 x 8 cms



Oystercatcher DG52445

Oystercatcher bird model

Frequently found wading through far flung corners of Poole Harbour where their pickings can include some of the finest oysters in the world. In other parts of the world they may only get earthworms for dinner. A beautiful bird and our hand painted wooden oystercatchers offer an interesting alternative to the more vociferous seagulls we tend to sell in great numbers!

18 cms high

£11.95 each