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Nautical Bathroom Decor Accessories

Decorations for nautically themed bathrooms


Abalone Shells - QT4070

Abalone  Large Shell

These abalone shells are also known as ear shells and of oval shape with an iridescent inside surface. These strong abalone shells are mainly found in the cold waters of the Southern Hemisphere and will enliven your bathroom, making a superb soap dish or "stand alone" decoration.

Available in two sizes.

15cms and up

- £9.95 each
- £18 for 2


- £14.95 each
- £28 for 2




Metal Seahorse Toilet Roll Holder - DG8638

Nautical toilet roll holder with seahorse

This classy metal seahorse toilet roll holder will brighten up your nautically themed bathroom and is a great coastal bathroom idea.

18.5 x 4 x 7 cm

£5.99 each


Metal Seahorse Towel Rail - DG8637

Metal Seahorse Towel Rail

Matching our loo roll holder above, this Metal Seahorse Towel Rail is another good maritime bathroom accessory for your nautical or coastal themed bathroom.

40.5 x 15.5 x 5.5 cm


£12.99 each


Wood and Shell Dish - DG7401L

These are a great idea as the shell has been encased to make them sit flat on a surface. We do sell a lot of abalones for use as bathroom sea shell soap dishes and they fit this purpose, but the rivershell dish can make life easier for the cleaner and designer with its flat bottom! The rivershell within has been pearlised. Lots of uses for the interior designer! A contemporary nautical bathroom gift with its place in the living room or kitchen too. Great sea decoration and nautical bathroom accessories.

£9.99 each



Wooden Basket with Fish - DG55956

With a roped handle and pastel blue and whites (plus the fish) and measuring 23 cms across and about the same in height, this nautical basket has many uses not least as a nautical spare toilet roll holder and a perfect accessory in the nautical themed bathroom.

£15.95 each
£30 for 2


Life is Better Loo Roll Holder - DGL8792

Measures 28 cms in height, 9 cms wide and 18 cms deep. Made of wood. Loo roll probably not included. A whimsical piece of nautical bathroom decor.

£9.95 each OUT OF STOCK



Nautical Loo Roll Holder - DG7171

Nautical toilet roll holder

As nautical toilet roll holders go this isn't large enough to rest your arm on but it's a toilet roll holder with nautical presence, one with little seaside touches which should make the time you spend in the bathroom, a pleasant one.

You can use this nautical loo roll holder to brighten up the smallest room in the house and don't forget some shells to place on the shelf or stroke while going through the motions. A nice touch for a coastal style bathroom or nautical decor bathroom.

27 cms long x 14 cms wide x 10 cms deep

£10.99 each
£20 for 2




Nautical Tea Light Holder

Nautical Tea Light Holder

And when you have a soap dish, toothbrush holder and soap dispenser in your nautical bathroom collection - perhaps a little ambience is the order of the evening and in the absence of a live goldfish in the bath, how about our nautical tea light holders? The clear nautical tea light holder is a great coastal bathroom accessory design idea and very nice.

2 inches high x 3 inches diameter