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Crab Nautical Box - DG15582

Wooden crab box, part of a collection which also includes our puffin box and best selling mackerel box.  Measures 15 cms by 10 cms.



Puffin Nautical Box - DG15581

Puffin box!  Nautical rustic style box with two puffins standing guard. Measures 15 cms by 10 cms.



Single Mackerel Box - DG15580

Mackerel design wooden nautical box measuring 22 cms by 7 cms by 5 cms.



Wooden Mackerel Box - DG15579

Wooden double mackerel box, a practical cool and nautical gift for someone else or your house. Measures 22 xms by 14 cms by 6 cms.



Ceramic Starfish Box - DG5601

Our ceramic starfish box measures 12 cms across, 13 cms long and about 8 cms in height and is the sister product of our ceramic scallop box. Great for nautical table décor and of course the starfish comes off when opening the lid.