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Ships in Bottles

Ships in Bottles make truly unique gifts, and the art of making ships in bottles goes back centuries. We're often asked, "how do they do this?" but we never let on! They do look best grouped in twos and threes and we have selected these ships because they are of similar size and do display well together.


Ship in Oval Bottle on Stand - DG15213

Ship in oval bottle on a wooden fixed stand and measuring  15 cms in length.



Sail Ship in Round Upright Bottle - DG15212

There are 14 steps, none of them simple, to build a ship in a bottle. Option 2 ..Traditional Sail Ship in round upright bottle measuring  14 cms in height. Comes in its own box with ship inside.



Cutty Sark in Triangular Bottle - DG15209

Cutty Sark measuring 12 cms in triangular traditional bottle sitting in a glass bottle with cloth sails. Even a name plate thrown in for the price!



Mini Cutty Sark Ship in Dimple Bottle - DG15206C

Mini Cutty Sark Ship in Dimple Bottle measuring 9 cms in length. Cloth sail, it's own little name plate and wooden stand attention to detail for a competitive price. We have several other named and anonymous boats and ships in bottles so do take a look at them all and am sure we have something here for you.