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Rustic, Naive and Metal Model Yachts


Dinghy with Red and Blue Sails - DG75142

A whopping 19 cms high and 16 cms across and we're selling at a special price to clear - how about one of these stylish wooden dinghies for £2.95 or 2 for £5?

19 cms x 16 cms

£2.95 each
£5 for 2


Rustic Yacht - DG7606


Nicely sized rustic style small yacht. We like the off white sails and detail of these boats. 31 cms high, 19 cms long with a maximum depth of approximately 3 cms. Interesting detail and hand painted with a colour that would blend well with other nautical blues and whites. Simple but stylish seaside decor.

31 x 19 x 3 cms

£5.99 each



Rustic Blue and White Sailing Boat - DG 15425

Rustic Blue and White Model Sailing Boat

Rustic Blue and White Model Sailing Boat

Our blue and white painted and distressed rustic model boats are made of wood with cloth sails. We think they're perfect for lovers of all things nautical. One of several lines on this page from the same range and selling very well. These look great in a coastal bathroom.

21 cms

£7.99 each


Blue Striped Yacht - DG7191L

These yachts are pleasantly put together and made of wood held to a fixed base and with cloth sails. The detail includes rope, shells and a resin starfish. She stands at 40 cms in height and 26 cms wide so a winner for window displays. Our best selling rustic style yacht in this size bracket - go on shipmates, add one to the shopping cart!

£9.95 each


Racing Yacht No 95 - DG55588

Another great value small racing yacht, well - 20 cms long so not really that small and great value at under a fiver.

All our boats are made of wood, some really lend themselves to personalisation, perhaps to be adapted for wedding table or nautical dinner décor.  This one particularly, with space for personalisation has been singled out a few times by our customers.

£4.99 each


Lateen Rig Sailboat - DG55191

These should cost more! At 19 cms in length our lateen rig sailboats offer excellent value, especially if required in bulk and do please call us for a quotation if this is the case. 

Lateen boats date back to the Roman times and allow the boat to tack against the wind. These are often seen as dhows in the Indian Ocean - bring a little bit of the Indian Ocean home!

£4.99 each


Wooden Sail Boat with Blue/Red Hull - DG7411

We like the colours and we like the funky look - we are seeing a lot of these "different" nautical boats on offer and this has a particularly colourful look to it and interesting shaped hull.  31 cms long and 26 cms high - one for the window sill?

£13.50 each


Yachts With Seagulls - DG3492

These are available in two colour schemes, Light Blue Stripes with Plain White or Dark Blue Stripes with Plain Dark Blue.

17cm x 15cm x 2.5cm

£6.95 each



Metal Yacht Twin Sails

Metal Yacht Twin Sails

Large 36 x 8 x 29cms - DG8513L - £29 each
Medium 31 x 23cms - DG 8513M- £25 each


Metal Giant Boat - DG 8590

We had a lot of interest in our metal boats last year so this year we have introduced a couple of new lines with beautiful colours and which we think will sell very well. The giant boat stands 73 cms high  and is 55 cms at its widest. Individually and not machine made and a lovely nautical addition to your home.

£69.95 each


Three Metal Sailboats on Stands - DG17346

Metal Boat Models



We sell these metal sailboats in sets of three (they look nice together!)  Each measures 25 cms high and 17 cms long.

£29.95 per set of three



Set of Three Sail Boats - DG3507

13cm x 13cm

£19.95 for a set of three
£35 for 2 sets of three



Chunky Boat with Red Flag - DGSJ4328

Chunky Boat with Red Flag

A keenly priced small wooden chunky boat which often gets personalised due to size and colour of the hull. It measures 5 cms in width and 4 cms in height. The boat measures 17 cms from the bottom of hull to the red flag.

£2.50 each
£4 for 2


The Chunky Boat DGJM12

And they are chunky with wooden sails and deck in four colours. The wooden sails are fastened with rattan rope and these are a little different to the norm. We consider all the colours rustic in light blue, darker blue, sea green and medium red. Popular as a boat ornament for the bathroom.

15cms high 10 cms long.

£4.99 each



White Yacht - DGZYC19

Simple white shabby chic New England size yachts approximately 16 cms in height. Pretty table decor. Please email us if you require a quote for these in large quantities.

16 cms high

£3.99 each
£7 for 2


Small Yacht - DG7065

Smallish rustic shabby chic New England style yacht with a light stripe in the sail and off white and blue hull. Stands 22 cms high and is 16 cms in length, approximately 4 cms wide. Stylish yacht and we expect this to be a strong seller this year especially as a boat ornament for bathrooms.

22 x 16 x 4 cms

£5.99 each



Pair of Resin Yachts with Sails - DG11197



These are sold in pairs as each is slightly different and these are a nice size at 12 cms in height. Made of resin, although they do have a wooden look to them. The price is for two!

£8.95 for the pair



Narbonne Blue Boat - DG4944



Narbonne Blue funky wooden boat and part of a range - please email us at for all the new designs. These are 20 cms high and 11 xms wide - a new look!




3 Wooden Boats on Wheels - DG5013



A new theme - a wooden decorative nautical piece with three boats being carried on wheels. 20 cms long and 20 cms high.




Model Boat with Blue Sail - DG7534

Model boat with blue sail

20 x 12 x 2 cms

£3.99 each
£7 for 2




Naive Style Items

You'll see a few mentions of "naive" styles over the listings below. You'd be far from "naive" if you made a purchase as the term refers to Naive Art, an approach to painting and design which uses little scientific perspective but lots of bright colours. Consequently these items offer refreshingly simple design - we refer to their appearance as the St Ives look - and they'll sit comfortably in any surroundings and are great nautical decor items.


Naive Style Boat - 62625

Naive Style Model Boat

This decoartive model boat has a wood hull and metal sail, with red stars on the sail.
12.5 x 13.5 x 3cm

£5.99 each
£10 for 2



Metal Yacht - DG8599

Metal Decorative Model Yacht

A little smaller than the metal giant boat but still with lots of detail and 54 cms high and 40 cms across.

£29.95 each OUT OF STOCK


Pair of Wooden Ahoi Boats - DG7214

This is the price for 2 boats and the reason for this folks, is we keep getting left with either one or the other. Both designs look great and better in company. They’re not small either and measure 35 cms in height and are approximately 17 cms wide. We like “Ahoi” written on the sails and we like the colours. Great for the bathroom!

£9.95 for a pair
£18 for two pairs