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Nautically themed picture and photo frames

Wooden Rustic Beach Photo Frame - DGK7329

Measures 20 cms by 16 cms to hold a picture that is 12 cms by 8 cms and these have quite lovely detail with netting, life buoys, a sailing boat and resin pointer starfish. Shelf standing.

£5.95 each
£10 for two




Wooden Frame with Fish - DG6910

Nautical picture frame



These hand made nautical picture frames carry a seaside theme with the addition of the wooden fish and measure  27 cms by 30 cms. Home décor for the keen fisherman!


£12.95 each


Rustic Wooden Photo Frame Keepsake Box - DGTY8519


By popular demand, well not really, but occasional marketing sound bites should be used. We like them! 13 cms high and across and 9 cms deep. They have a lovely little picture frame on the lid and storage area below. We constantly sell out of these in the shop but have stocked right up for internet sales. Pretty nautical décor and made of wood. Look good alongside the rustic beach wooden storage tray.

£4.95 each



Wooden Beach Hut Photo Frame - DG7175


Chunky beach hut look for a photo frame - one for the beach hut perhaps and at 22 cms by 21 cms plenty of room for a picture of the whole family (with the sea in the background!) - a wooden nautical picture frame product that has been hand painted.


£8.95 each



Boat Shaped Photo Frame DGZY158

Boat shaped photo frame

This Boat Shaped Photo Frame comes with a little stand on the back and shades of blue nautical colours with a wooden starfish and real cockle shell -  the inner picture area is about 10 cms by 5 cms. An ever popular hand made line which really shouldn't be this inexpensive.

18 x 10 cms

£4.99 each
£8 for two



Wooden Boat Frame DGBW21

Our best selling photo frame on the Quay - this has a wall hanging hook on the top at the back and is made of wood. with a rustic effect around the nails screwed on to the brown wooden base. Inner photo size approximately is 15 cms  by 9 cms.

38 x 15 cms

£12.50 each
£20 for two



Rope Frame - DG7448

22.5 x 17.5 x 2.5 cm


£9.99 each


Bamboo Effect Beach Hut Picture Frame - DG7398

New for 2015 - these are in bamboo effect and an unusual addition to our nautical effect beach hut frames. They are wall hanging or standing frames and as they are bamboo effect we like to think they are panda friendly too.


£13.50 each



 Large Wooden Yacht Frame - DG8702

What a great idea here! A yacht at 38 cms in height and 31 cms in width with a picture frame on the mast/sail. One we recommend and in a colour that will be popular this year.



 Giant Multi Wooden Picture Frame - DG6913

18 spaces for your 18 favourite pictures and this is 66.3 cms high and 36.5 cms wide. The biggest frame on our website!



Rustic Hanging Photo Frame - DG6902

This rustic hanging picture frame is 78 cms long and 22 cms across - please take a look at all our picture frames as there's something to suit every nautical style.



Beach Hut Photo Frame - DG7384


50 x 26 x 2 cms

£24.99 each



Beach Hut Photo Frame - DG7381


50 x 26 x 2 cms

£19.99 each



Beach Hut Photo Frame - DG7395

Beach hut style photo frame in wood and consistently our best seller for the last 2 years.

23 x 28 x 2 cms

£12.99 each



Wooden Lighthouse Frame - DG7412


It's a big colourful free standing lighthouse photo frame measuring 69 cms long by 22 cms widest.

£27.50 each


Wooden Boat Frame - DG7181

One of our best selling nautical picture frames over the years.

28 x 16 x 4 cm


£7.95 each


Rope Boat Frame - DG7449

18.5 x 16.5 x 3 cm


£7.99 each


Shell frame - DG4216

Small - 22 x 27 cms - £16.99

Large - 29 x 34 cms -£29.99





Shell picture frame - DG4219

Shell picture frame

20 x 25 cms



Beach Hut Frame - DG7385

Beach hut picture frame

25 x 30 cms



Beach Hut Frame - DG7393

23 x 28 x 2 cms



Beach hut frame - DG7397

23 x 28 x 2 cms



Beach Hut Frame - DG7383

25 x 30 cms