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Balinese 100 cms Bookcase - DGBI100

One of our Indonesian boat bookcases made of a soft wood and available only in this rustic brown colour. These are 100 cms in height and don’t just look good standing up as these can be laid down on their hull too.

£79 each
£150 for 2



Ship in Oval Bottle on Stand - DG15213

Ship in oval bottle on a wooden fixed stand and measuring  15 cms in length.



Sail Ship in Round Upright Bottle - DG15212

There are 14 steps, none of them simple, to build a ship in a bottle. Option 2 ...Traditional Sail Ship in round upright bottle measuring  14 cms in height. Comes in its own box with ship inside.



Cutty Sark in Triangular Bottle - DG15209

Cutty Sark measuring 12 cms in triangular traditional bottle sitting in a glass bottle with cloth sails. Even a name plate thrown in for the price!



Mini Cutty Sark Ship in Dimple Bottle - DG15206C

Mini Cutty Sark Ship in Dimple Bottle measuring 9 cms in length. Cloth sail, it's own little name plate and wooden stand - attention to detail for a competitive price. We have several other named and anonymous boats and ships in bottles so do take a look at them all and am sure we have something here for you.



Crab Nautical Box - DG15582

Wooden crab box, part of a collection which also includes our puffin box and best selling mackerel box.  Measures 15 cms by 10 cms.



Puffin Nautical Box - DG15581

Puffin box!  Nautical rustic style box with two puffins standing guard. Measures 15 cms by 10 cms.



Single Mackerel Box - DG15580

Mackerel design wooden nautical box measuring 22 cms by 7 cms by 5 cms.



Wooden Mackerel Box - DG15579

Wooden double mackerel box, a practical cool and nautical gift for someone else or your house. Measures 22 xms by 14 cms by 6 cms.



Wooden Duo of Whales - DG6159

Our hand carved wooden duo of whales are excellent nautical wall décor and unusual too as certainly not to be found up and down any high street. These are designed by a small UK team who have high standards and are very easy to deal with!!  A recommended product for all whale lovers.

25 cms by 16 cms by 36 cms.

£32.50 each


Duo of Blue Whales - DG5752

Majestic blue whales as wall art. Not as big as the real thing but you wouldn’t want it to be! Made of distressed reclaimed tin and excellent coastal themed art. Measures 33 cms in length, 21 cms in height and 7 cms off the wall.

£23.50 each


Hungry Big Fish Wall Art - DG5757


These are cool, mouths wide open and three on the wall art. Made from reclaimed distressed wood. Measures 42 cms long, 11 cms high and the depth off the wall is 7 cms. Very unlikely that your neighbours will have one and probably only because they have never visited Dorset Gifts online. We are being supplied more of these than other retailers who aspire to our collection, so if we are being beaten on price please let us know and we will apologise.

£18.95 each



Marseille Trawler Wooden Wall Art - DG5783


Not sure why we have named it a Marseille Trawler but gives it a certain ring and this is unusual nautical wall art favoured by a well known designer or two. Measures 39 cms long and 37 cms high.

£32.95 each



Tin School of Fish on Long Base - DG5763


Tin fish on a wooden base. We sell lots because this is a lovely item! Measures 38 cms long by 13 cms in height.

£22.50 each



Small School of Sprats - DG5837


An interesting little item measuring 10 cms in width by 8 cms in height. Shimmering sprats in silver on a piece of driftwood and sells well alongside our hanging school of sprats on driftwood. Sprattus are small oily swimmers better known by their common name of "sprat". They are prevalent in the Baltic sea so we will sit back and wait for the orders to come in from Finland, Latvia and Lithuania. Excellent shipping prices to Poland too. Not edible.

£8.95 each



Swirl Twin Anchovies Wall Art - DG6122


A little bit different. The theme is anchovies  and this just shows one type ( there are over 140 varieties ).  The anchovy  doesn't have it so good and out of sympathy why not buy one?  They're a significant  food source for anything predatory where they choose to swim. On the wall in your living room we feel they can relax and safely watch Blue Planet! Measures 43 cms in length and 36 cms high.

£29.95 each



Wanda the Whale - DG5791


She's wooden and perfectly poised on a stand  for nautical interior decor.  We don't like to be beaten on price so very willing to refund postage and difference if found less expensive elsewhere. Measures 29 cms by 22 cms and 9 cms deep.

£19.95 each



Set of Five Fish as Wall Art - DG6123


Metal wall art, always a great seller and our individual fish make for great wall decor. Measures as follows. Largest at 24 cms  being fed less all the way down to 15 cms.

£23.95 each



Large Brown Crab Wall Art - DG6128


Measures 45 cms by 36 cms and a whopping wall art crab for a special wall. Great nautical decor and chunky piece of art. A crab has to always figure somewhere in the nautical theme.

£59.95 each



Large White Crab Wall Art - DG6127


With a click of the mouse you can add more than a touch of coastal flair to your beach themed home  with this wonderful crab metal wall art sculpture.   As you can see from the picture this of all crabs is eye catching and unique and worthy of its place on the wall. Measures  45 cms by 36 cms.

£49 each



Scandi Chic Sailboat Wall Art - DG6125


We like Scandi - the name and the image. Especially when Scandi wood mixes with metal. If you're looking for something unique and beachy it's currently on your screen. Our designers, who come up with the very best of designs, have the edge and rarely continue production for more than three seasons.  So if you are after the Nordic look but not insistent that there is a resin Viking waving at you, could this be that piece of wall art?Measuring 40 cms by 45 cms.

£47.50 each



Rustic Gecko Pair Wall Art - DG6121


Measures 52 cms by 25 cms. Geckos - usually found in warm climates but also in the UK and made of tin. Did you know that real ones can't blink? They also lick their eyes to keep them clean and moist. Not ours though, they just look cool as wall art, especially our rustic brown ones.

£29.50 each



Whale Wall Art in Blues - DG4836


The design is based on a sperm whale and handmade from reclaimed soft wood. Beautiful whales. These wooden  rustic whales make the perfect sea themed wall art and are finished in distressed blue and brown paint. We aim to have the best price on the internet for this product so please let us know if you think  our price may be being beaten, Measuring 58 cms in length by 31 cms in height and 3 cms off the wall. Two hooks on the back for easy hanging. Did you know whales are pregnant for 18 months?

£15.95 each



Three Leaping Dolphins Wall Art - DG4886


Nothing like a super pod of dolphins leaping from the deep blue. Always an amazing sight.  Ours have that rustic silver look and terrific as nautical wall art. Measuring 41 cms in length, 23 cms in height and comes 6 cms off the wall.

£23.50 each



Trio of Seahorses Wall Art - DG6124


Silver tin trio of seahorses – best seller last year and probably going to be a few sales this year too. Our supplier ethically sources small manufacturers to work on their unique designs here in the UK and this makes us very pleased to partner with them as we can inform exactly where these were manufactured and to the buyer, you can rest assured that these have been produced in an environment where the manufacturer and workers benefit as much as the end user. These measure 34 cms in height and 23 cms in width.

£24.95 each



Ollie the Octopus Trivet - DG6177

21 cms in diameter and these weigh in at approximately 240 grammes. Part of our best selling nautical trivet range.

£17.95 each


School of Sardines Trivet - DG6176

Measures 28 cms by 20 cms and weighing 276 grammes. We do very well with these trivets – especially at Christmas and have several other types, made of metal and a lovely nautical practical gift.

£23.50 each


Large Swirl of Fish Trivet - DG6246

A bit bigger and more unusual than our other trivets. And we have several which make great nautical presents. We think this would be great to serve fish on! Measures 28 cms by 20 cms – weighs 305 grammes.

£24.95 each


Rustic Brown and Blue Wooden Floats - DG6381


Measuring 60 cms in length from rope to bottom of the buoy and a contemporary style. These rustic colours are taking off this season. Sold individually and please look at our other wooden floats which have been successfully sold online for 10 years and for 35 years in our shop on Poole Quay (where we sell ice creams too !)

£11.95 each



Grandmas in Swim Suits - DG55398

They’ve been in the design stage for several decades but are finally here to compete, and compete they shall, with our other large sitting ladies which have been best sellers for many years. These ladies are the next generation up and as we find with that generation, are looking sprightly no doubt from a healthy lifestyle, not much red meat and growing their own vegetables. We find it refreshing when down on the seafront in the Winter to often see several of these braving the elements and long may they continue. Made of resin and we are selling the pair, one in blue and one in red for £9.95. They stand 13 cms high. They are sitting to be placed on the edge of shelves.



Metal Pelican on Stand - DG7325


This metal pelican stands a lofty 26 cms and at its’ widest is 18 cms. She even has a fish on the end of her beak. Are the pelicans still in St James Park? There used to be 4 and were a present from the USSR so presumably there are pelicans out there, but our one comes directly from a factory in China.

£14.95 each



Glass and Metal Sun Wall Hanger - DG7838


Glass and metal sun wall hanger measuring 42 cms eide and 56 cms in height. It’s got that look of the setting sun. We could concentrate on one of these in the sun lounge, with a cold lager watching the sun that fat old sun heading down.

£19.95 each



Driftwood Sunburst Mirror - DG7817

Measures a whopping 60 cms in diameter and a lot of packing! Great driftwood look with all the pieces growing out and giving the sunburst look. It’s made of wood! Great nautical décor for a beach themed home.

£59 each



Three Turquoise Resin Starfish - DG8728T

Resin starfish measuring 18 cms across and tied together with a piece of rope. We sell these here in turquoise but look out for our listing of deep blue ones too. These will survive in the garden or in the bathroom as nautically themed decor. Also very popular for nautically themed weddings.



Three Deep Blue Resin Starfish - DG8728B

Listed too in turquoise and of course in the popular deep blue here too and measuring 18 cms across being sold in a bunch of three. Great nautical decor for the home, bathroom or for nautically themed occasions. A realistic colour too.



Rope Knot Lamp - DG8920

This quirky rope knot lamp has been the best seller for living rooms over the last couple of years and adds charm and style to nautically themed homes. Although these come with our shades we do find that our customers often change these especially when ordering a couple so if shades not really required please let us know. We sell some great nautical lights in our online store so please take time to browse through the alternatives.

44 cms in height with shade and 16 cms wide.



Twisted Rope Lamp - DG8918

Medium sized rope lamp and part of a successful well received range which have been selling well for three years now. These measure 45 cms in height and are 20 cms in width. UK fittings for electric sockets so not suitable in EU or USA unless with adaptor. It’s a good look especially for nautically themed bedrooms and houses. We call them “twisted” so they are “twisted twisted – by the pool” It’s getting late here listing these items.



Traditional Nautical Rope Lamp - DG7916

An addition to our other rope lamps our is this rope lamp in a traditional style for all you traditionalists. if you’re mnot a traditionalist please scour through our non traditional lamps of which there are a great many. The height with shade is 42 cms and width and depth is 18 cms. Are you traditional in the type of lamps you prefer in a nautical scheme? This could be for you.



No. 67 Float Lamp - DG7910

It’s No. 67. It’s made of wood. It’s 50 cms high with shade. It’s great value. It’s recommended. It’s got real rope décor.



Dock Post with Rope Lamp - DG7904

Wooden nautical lamp to look like a wooden dock post with fisherman’s rope. Stands 69 cms high with shade and is 35 cms across. Unusual nautical décor and we have seen these looking good in fishermens’ cottages.



Seagull Lamp Shade - DG8902

Our seagull on a post lampshade is on here to cover all eventualities. Looking good with a lifering, post, boat and ... seagull. We do get asked for everything on these so this is a four in one. Stands 58 cms high with shade that is included. It is 35 cms at widest.



Boat Shelf with Three Drawers and Lamp - DG7922

Standing 157 cms including lampshade and 42 cms at widest, this lovely nautical piece is 42 cms deep too and there are three drawers at the base of the boat. You have shelves, you have drawers and you have lighting, now all you need are socks (from our nautical range).



Scallop Style Lamp - DG8910

Scallop style lamp with shade and measuring 49 cms in height with shade and the width and depth is 35 cms. A little different and best seller this year so far.



Ceramic Starfish Box - DG5601

Our ceramic starfish box measures 12 cms across, 13 cms long and about 8 cms in height and is the sister product of our ceramic scallop box. Great for nautical table décor and of course the starfish comes off when opening the lid.