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Nautical Mirrors and Driftwood Mirrors

Driftwood Sunburst Mirror - DG7817

Driftwood Sunburst Mirror

This driftwood sunburst mirror measures a whopping 60 cms in diameter and comes with a lot of packing! Great driftwood look with all the pieces growing out and giving the sunburst look. It’s made of wood! This Driftwood Sunburst Mirror is great nautical décor for a beach themed home.

£59 each


Sand and Sea Mirror with hooks - DG15503

Sand and Sea Mirror with hooks - Nautical Mirror

Beach hut style mirror painted in wood  and part of our "sand and sea" range, these  are 47 cms in height and  29 cms across.  With our customers in mind we have thoughtfully included a couple of hooks under the mirror because that's the type of company we are. We are expecting this to be a best seller and to significantly increase the national retail spend for the coming quarter. We have lots of other mirrors but this is definitely being entered in to the "mirror of the month" awards.

£19.95 each


  Wooden Ship's Wheel Mirror - DG7419

Wooden Ship's Wheel Mirror

Wooden Ship's Wheel Mirror

This rustic looking wooden ship's wheel mirror is a whopping 74 cms diameter. This wooden ship's wheel mirror is a great new line for this season and approximately 3 cms deep.



Blue and White Ships Wheel Mirror - DGN52437

This blue and white mirror which started its life off as an alternative to our “all white” ships wheel mirror of the same size  is 43 cms in diameter. It is of course made of wood with a hanging fixture on the back. We occasionally get asked if these can be painted a different colour and the answer is yes but why would you want to? Recommended and good selling line.



Large White Wooden Nautical Mirror -  DG9086

Large nautical mirror

Part of our East 96 range and that's what it says on the tin or rather the mirror in the top left hand corner. This large white wooden nautically designed mirror measures 80 cms in height and 60 cms across, probably 3 cms deep and we try and pack to perfection. If indeed this is a style you like please don't hesitate to drop us an email for the rest of this range, not all of which we sell online. We have hooks on boards, wooden stools, wooden shelves, drawers and even trunks all indelibly stamped somewhere with a navigational nautical design. Fancy a bedside table  - we've got the look for you. But back to the mirror - this Large White Wooden Nautical Mirror is a handsome addition to any nautically themed bathroom or bedroom.

£69 each


Beach Hut Style Wooden Mirror - DG7179

Beach Hut Style Wooden Mirror

Plenty of seaside detail on this beach hut style wooden mirror which measures 46 cms in height, 21 cms across and the depth from the wall will be 5.3 cms. With its little lifering and fishing net this Beach Hut Style Wooden Mirror can't be anything but nautical.

£23.50 each


 Wooden Heart Mirror - DG6919

Wooden Heart Mirror

Our wooden heart mirrors are 38.5 cms in height and width and a couple of centimetres deep. We think they have a romantic and nautical look. Like all mirrors they travel well as we wrap them securely! A nice addition to your nautically themed downstairs toliet.



 Wall Hanging Rustic Wooden Mirror - DG6900

Rustic wooden mirror

Large wall hanging rustic wooden mirror measuring 55 cms in height and 35 cms across. Looks the part with DG6902 picture frame. Makes a great nautical look mirror for a rustic bathroom.



Driftwood Heart Mirror - DG7816


Drfitwood heart mirror

A driftwood frame heart shaped mirror that will complement any nautically themed room. This rustic looking wooden heart shaped mirror with a driftwood surround looks good in any coastal themed room.



£49 each


Metal Porthole Mirror - DG8521

Metal Porthole mirror

Ahoy there shipmates! This porthole mirror with a metal frame will make you think that you are a passenger on board the QM2. Though you may be wondering why there's a strange person looking into your cabin from outside.

If you are going on a cruise and have an inside cabin then hanging one of these metal porthole mirrors on your wall will give you the illusion of having a sea-view cabin! The Metal Porthole Mirror is the quintessential nautical mirror.

26 x 26 x 8cm

£49 each


Dinghy Mirror - DG7436

Dinghy Mirror


This delightful dinghy mirror will add a nautical touch to any hallway with its feature decorations of a ship's wheel, oars, seashells and nautical rope. The Dinghy Mirror is a very popular line so if you are looking for a boat shaped mirror, look no further.

44 x 25 x 4 cm


£23.50 each


Castaway Driftwood Mirror - DG3176

Nautical Driftwood mirror

Driftwood mirror

These beautiful, handmade, individually produced, rustic driftwood mirrors have had each piece of wood very selectively sourced. The castaway driftwood mirror frame measures 60 cms by 40 cms and the mirror itself measures 27 cms by 18 cms.

£85 each


Large Boat Mirror - DGZY58

Large boat shaped mirror

Large Boat Mirror detail


We have sourced a limited number of interesting large boat mirrors. They are hand painted wood with nice nautical detail. There are 2 hooks on the back for wall hanging. Size of the Large Boat Mirror is approximately 45 cms in height and 22 cms width. Importantly (in our house anyway) not a heavy item to handle, weighing in just under 2 kilos. These large boat mirrors make absolutely lovely nautical decor.

£39 each
£75 for 2



Shell frame mirror - DG4212

Shell frame mirror

This is an attractive seashell frame mirror which would look great in any beach themed room. The sea shells are arranged around the edge of the mirror making a nice frame for the mirror itself. If you are looking for seashell bathroom decor, this shell frame mirror makes a great addition.

48 x 38 cms



Mirror Life Ring - 15396

Mirror Life Ring

Mirror Lifering

A more practical line in amongst our offering of life rings - this one comes in blue or red and has a mirror to the centre. It's canvas covered and approximately 30cm across. The ideal seaside gift!

£12.99 each
£22 for 2




Quayside Mirror in Blue - 33712

Quayside Mirror

These charming Quayside Wooden Mirrors with blue painted frames follow a similar theme to the Quayside wall hooks we sell. They are brightly coloured with cottages, ladders and a fishing boat. They'll create interesting nautical decor in your home. These are often dispatched heading seawards to the buyer's bathroom but also look great near or alongside the Quayside Wall Hooks which we sell for entrance halls.

60 x 48.5 x 3.5cm

£49 each OUT OF STOCK


White Ship's Wheel Mirror - DGZYC4

White Ship's Wheel Mirror  - Nautical Mirror

This white ship's wheel mirror is approximately 40 cms in diameter and part of a new range now on the shelves, with fishing net, shells and wooden fish and even some glass in the centre to check on your appearance! This White Ship's Wheel Mirror makes a great nautical mirror for your bathroom.

40cms diameter

£19.95 each