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Unique, popular, collectable and at a fraction of the price some West End department stores are retailing these pretty glass boats for. All our decorative boats are imported locally and they make a fine gift for lovers of the ocean. We offer special prices for 6 or more items which can be picked from any listed item in this Glass Boats section. Please email requirements to for a special small bulk price order.


Glass Sail Boats Set of Three- DG17300 

Glass Sail Boat Models

Glass sailboats have been problematic over the years for several reasons and one is that manufacturers chop and change the designs. Supply issues do mean many of these can go out of stock and we're aware that these are popular for many uses, not least as pretty nautical centrepieces for beach themed events. These have been our very best sellers for a few years now and stand 15 cms high. They are, of course made of glass embedded in metal and we are now selling in assorted colours and in sets of three. Do you only want one? There's a birthday present here too then! Consistently strong selling line in our shop and the best coloured set of boats.

£27.50 for a set of three
£50 for 2 sets