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Coral made of Resin

And so the story goes, when my importer first  displayed our lovely resin coral at a West Country trade show he was nearly lynched as it's so beautiful some customers thought it was the real thing. There were a few stand offs and he replaced the word "resin" with "fake" as in that part of the West Country "resin" is a word more popularly associated with a class 2 drug.

This artificial coral is extremely lifelike and exceptionally beautiful and we also have the resin clam which looks stunning either way up. It's also a great accompaniment around real seashells and as standalone nautical decor.

It's going to be a winner this year for truly unique nautical decor and wedding displays. Endless uses in fact!

We also have a clam shell and starfish in resin on this page.

Resin Lace Coral - DG7693S

19 x 7 x 17.5cms

£8.99 each


Resin Lace Coral - DG7693L


26.5 x 8 x 23 cms

£17.99 each
£35 for 2



Resin Cats Paw Coral - DG7694L


24 x 20 x 11cms

£14.99 each
£25 for 2



Resin Cats Paw Coral - DG7694S


15 x 13 x 7.5cms

£8.99 each
£15 for 2



Resin Brush Coral - DG7696L


30 x 19 x 16cms

£24.99 each
£40 for 2



Resin Brush Coral - DG7696S




15 x 10.5 x 13cms

£12.99 each
£25 for 2



Silver Resin Tonna Shell - DG8801

Silver resin tonna sea shell

Not one of the larger items in our range of silver resin sealife, these are made to look like tonna seashells and can be displayed with the lip down or the lip up!  Approx 12 cms long, 9 cms high and 6 cms deep. We think these silver resin tonna shells display best with some of the other smaller resin sealife pieces.

£6.99 each
£12 for 2



Silver Resin Murex Shell - DG8803

Silver resin murex shell

These pretty murex resin silver shells look good with the lip facing up or down. They measure 10 cms across, 7 cms high and 6 cms deep. A good accompaniment to this shell would be the silver resin tonna or how about alongside our silver resin lobster? It's the look!!

£4.99 each
£8 for 2



Silver Resin Trumpet Triton - DG8808

Designed to look like one of the worlds most beautiful seashells - the trumpet triton. It's impressive in size at 28 cms long, 10 cms high and 8 cms deep - could be used as the feature shell if displayed with the tonna and the murex shell.

£17.95 each
£35 for 2



Silver Resin Bursa Bulba Shell - DG8809

Resin silver bursa bulba shells are chunky at 14 cms long, 10 cms high and quite deep at 8 cms. A compact medium sized resin silver sealife ornament. Can also be displayed lip down.

£14.50 each
£25 for 2



Resin Clam Shell - DG7695

Resin Clam Shell

Clam shell made of resin.

31 x 26 x 10cms

£27.95 each
£50 for 2



Hanging Resin Starfish - DGNS19

These are made of resin and from the top of the rope to the bottom of the starfish measure in at 22 cms - realistically based on a knobbly starfish, interesting sea life decor for inside the home.

£4.99 each
£8 for 2



Large White Resin Starfish - DG7697

These are the largest resin starfish we sell and extremely lifelike – they are quite often purchased alongside our resin coral and measure a healthy 30 cms in diameter. Great nautical décor for inside or outside the house.

£9.95 each


Resin Starfish - DG55879

To add to our resin collection, we are also selling resin starfish in a rustic Orange or blue - and looking good alongside our resin coral.

13 cms

£2.99 each
£5 for 2