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Bird Models

Our beautiful coastal and seabird models are hand carved and hand painted and we think represent great value for money. There are the usual bird models and the more unusual model birds too. We're trying to source a wooden egret model right now as we get a beautiful egret here at the quay that often flies over from Brownsea Island. Enjoy browsing through these beautiful models of birds.


Avocet Bird Model - DG7571

Avocet bird model

31 x 23 x 10.5 cms



Oystercatcher on Wooden Groyne- DGSJ6214

Oystercatchers are probably our best selling sea birds online and in our shop. These dainty wooden oystercatchers are made of wood with a good sized beak at 10 cms in height a lovely little nautical touch. Looking best grouped together, and minimum height is 10 cms so if ordering more than one we will try to send in different sizes at a minimum of 10 cms. Unusual nauticalia and produced in small batches from sustainable sources.



Seagull with Catch of the Day - DGSJ6214

Charming wooden ornament of a small seagull with pale blue wings and two little fish beneath its' beak. Made of wood and ethically sourced. Looks pretty from all angles. We've had a few of these ducking and diving over our shop this year but mainly with chips for nutrition.  She/he measures 9 cms in height and 7 cms in width so won't fill the window sill but a couple of these in the corner will get noticed.



Six Puffins with Driftwood Groynes - DG4323


The driftwood has been shaped as groynes behind the six puffins making this 14 cms long nautical ornament a charming addition to the sea themed home. The height is about 10 cms - a pretty hand painted item.

£9.95 each
£18 for 2




Flying Puffins on Driftwood - DG4579

Puffins, they almost have cult status at Dorset Gifts and every now and then a new line comes along that creates interest. These small puffins designed in metal and standing on a driftwood base are about 15 cms wide and 13 cms high. Unusually, as we all know they like to hang about, these are designed in flight!

£14.95 each



Flock of Puffins on Driftwood

To avoid confusion we have titled these a flock of puffins - they are of course on driftwood.  Puffins have always been entertainment and are also known as the clowns of the sea, in fact the collective name is more correctly a "circus"  of puffins. Or indeed a colony! So we hope you are not confused but happy in the knowledge that the flock stands on a chunk of driftwood measuring approximately 18 cms in length and the height is near on 10 cms.

£9.95 each
£18 for 2




Wooden Seagull Bird Model - 15118

Wooden seagull bird model

Well, they cause havoc along some coastal areas of the South West. In Looe you could lose a giant Cornish pasty to one of these in a second. In posh Padstow we've seen herring gulls flying with chips and laughing raucously at the holiday makers below! It's fair to say that their normal diet has changed in some busy coastal areas from small fish and carrion to battered cod and chips. These highly intelligent and inquisitive birds are far better behaved here in Poole but still have their moments. Much better we say to have a couple of the wooden seagulls on a shelf behaving themselves a little further inland!

21 cms

£8.99 each
£17.00 for 2


Two Birds in Reeds - DG5001

Two Birds in Reeds


Here's a great nautical idea. On a light wood base and beautifully designed, two wading model birds by reeds. Measuring 15 cms in length and 12.5 cms in height these waders compliment the single wader we also sell at Dorset Gifts. Any questions, we are always here to help at 01202 285163 and chances are you can catch us every weekend as we have one of those bricks and mortar shops which are apparently going out of fashion.

£9.95 each



Single Bird in Reeds - DG5002

Single Bird in Reeds

A single wading bird model with what they really like... reeds. A small interesting sea themed ornament standing 15 cms in height and approximately 8 cms in width. Made of a light coloured wood and another great little unusual design.

£5.95 each



Seagull T Light Holder - DG5014

Seagulls, seagulls everywhere. We have been on the look out for seagulls with t lights for nautical events and dinners recently and have sourced these wooden unique items standing an impressive 25 cms in height and not much short of 22 cms in width. Good value and we have had some customers buying these alongside our boat triple t lights. A sensible and "not to be beaten" price. If you can find these cheaper we will refund the difference.

£6.95 each



Wooden Pelican - DG7168


By popular demand and sourced in wood at 35 cms in height is our free standing hand painted model pelican. Contemplated naming him Peter the Pelican, Paul the Pelican but wooden pelican is probably a suitable name for now although open to suggestions.

£14.95 each



Metal Pelican on Stand - DG7325


This metal pelican stands a lofty 26 cms and at its’ widest is 18 cms. She even has a fish on the end of her beak. Are the pelicans still in St James Park? There used to be 4 and were a present from the USSR so presumably there are pelicans out there, but our one comes directly from a factory in China.

£14.95 each




Three Chunky Wooden Seabirds - DG4888


We have some exceptionally beautiful and unusual hand carved wooden seabird items and these chunky creatures stand happily on their own bases -  the tallest of the three measuring 30 cms to give some perspective. Do check out some of our avocets who have been carefully carved too. Please note the price is for all three - they come as friends!

£35 each



Wading Avocets on Wooden Base - DG4835


These beautiful avocets are hand carved and painted on a wooden base and deserving of the best window sill or shelf in the house. Sized at 37 cms in length and 23 cms at their highest (about 10 cms deep), we would certainly recommend but be sure to look at our other avocets and new birds  being added every month. Can't see what you need? We'll have it - give Jamie a call on 01202 285163.

£24.95 each



Wooden Bird - DGNS40

A new wooden bird model for our collection and do you know we don't have a name for this one. Wooden bird it is, then! She's hand painted and a lovely looker and if you're a bird expert please let us know what she is!

She's 20 cms high and 16 cms across. Clearly a digger with a beak like that. We're off to Poole Harbour to find a real one!

You can order this bird and the Wooden Sea Bird below for £18.

£9.95 each



Wooden Sea Bird - DGNS39

Another beautifully carved and painted sea bird and looks great alongside her similar slightly smaller friend above.

22cms high, 16 cms long and approx 5 cms wide

You can order this bird and the Wooden Bird above for £18.




Rebecca The Shore Bird - DGSJ4290

Rebecca The Shore Bird

Rebecca The Shore Bird

Beautifully carved is our Rebecca and we wouldn't swap her for any of her peers! She's looking back, as all the best wading birds do! Rebecca The Shore Bird - she's an attractive addition to any home!



Great Tit Model Bird - DG7564


11.5 x 5 x 16 cms



Single seagull bird model - DG7582S

Seagull bird model

Nicely carved, made of wood and with one eye on a chip! This has been a top selling seabird for us for 15 years and there has only been one price increase!

20 x 24 x 10 cms



Winter Blackhead Gull - DG55435

These lovely seagulls are made of wood and carry superb detail. Blackhead gulls by the way, as you can see from the picture are not really blackheaded birds and these do become garden visitors during the coldest winter weather, hence their name.

Approx 6 ins high and 5 inches at its widest point



Curlew Bird Model- DG7594

Curlew bird model




Plover Bird Model - DG7573


Plover bird model

13 x 13 x 6 cms



Tern Bird Model - DG7584S

Tern model bird

15 x 7 x 21 cms



Chough Bird Model - DG7587S

19 x 7.5 x 18 cms



Mallard Duck Model - DG7590

Mallard bird model duck

8 x 7 x 15 cms



American Wigeon Model Bird - DG7588

American Widgeon bird model

14 x 12 x 30 cms



Green Winged Teal Model - DG7589

Green Winged Teal bird model

10 x 9 x 20 cms



Double puffins on rock - DG7246

Puffins bird model

10 x 10 x 14 cms



Double Oystercatcher Bird Models - DG7586D

18 x 11 x 33 cms



Classic Seagull Bird Model - DG7652

Classic seagull model

17 x 18 x 8 cms



Oystercatcher DG52445

Oystercatcher bird model

Frequently found wading through far flung corners of Poole Harbour where their pickings can include some of the finest oysters in the world. In other parts of the world they may only get earthworms for dinner. A beautiful bird and our hand painted wooden oystercatchers offer an interesting alternative to the more vociferous seagulls we tend to sell in great numbers!

18 cms high

£11.95 each



Smiley Puffin Bird Model - DG3072

Smiley Puffin bird model

20cm x 20cm x 8cm